авансцена; передній план The surrounding light, such as that reaching a television screen from light sources in a room. When the environment is a room, the term can be taken as equivalent to "room light".
аварійний вихід Area at which delegates, guests or visitors are received on arriving at a venue.
аватар used to relay from one session hall to another hall with both video and audio
автонавантажувач Stand with no services or facilities, meaning that these all have to be hired at an additional cost.
Адвокат Viral marketing refers to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives through self-replicating viral processes.
адміністратор конференції Committee formed on a temporary basis to discuss a specific item.
адміністрування Group of people, frequently including one or more members of the main committee, meeting outside of the main committee, with responsibilities for specific areas of activity.
адреса для кореспонденції; поштова адреса A document issued by a bank per instructions from a buyer of goods, authorizing the seller to draw a specified sum of money under specified terms
АйПад (iPad) A social media forum where people can join, make friends, post comments, videos and other items to allow interaction and comment,
АйТі; інформаційні технології (IT) File transfer protocol – a Web based application for sharing large file downloads
айТюнс (iTunes) Any device which produces patterns of light and shadow or various pieces of equipment that go before a light
АйФон (iPhone) Portable storage device, that can hold information for use in electronic equipment
акредитаційна форма  Department within an organization responsible for distributing information on the organization’s activities to the press.
акредитаційний бейдж Title given to the person handling all press and media-related activities excluding advertising.
акредитація  A negotiable ticket or voucher; a pass or ticket.
акредитив The number of servicings to be paid for, whether or not they are actually consumed; usually required 48 hours prior to the event.
Активна мова Process of translating one language into another while the speaker is speaking, generally using some form of voice transmission installation.
Алгоритм A screen with live tweets grouped around a hash tag or twitter account to capture and show live social media activity
альтернатива(и); право заміни Take-down and removal of exhibits.
альянс, союз Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.
а-ля карт Amount paid as a reward for special service, sometimes obligatory in the form of the "service charge" but often optional in the form of a "tip".
Американський прийом Airline designated by a country to serve international routes (Convention Liaison Council).
Амфітеатр A webinar is used to conduct live meetings, training, or presentations via the internet.
анаморфотна лінза Machine which can be used both for recording tapes and for playing back prerecorded tapes.
Англійський сніданок Food or beverages, whether or not for sale, for informal consumption.
Андроїд Room with one queen-size bed suitable for one or two person(s).
Андроїд Маркет Large bed usually measuring 22x 33cm (60 x 68 inches).
анімація (слайди) Plastic box containing a video- or sound recording tape.
апгрейд; підвищення класу Tour arrangements combined and sold at a single all-inclusive price. All the arrangements are made by an agent at an inclusive price.
АПП – Мобайл Person attempting to travel on a flight without a confirmed reservation.
Апп стор Guest holding confirmed sleeping room reservation sent to another facility because of overbooking.
аудит Sum of money or items of value received as gifts.
аудитор Those persons who work in the congress’ auxiliary services and have been identified by the organizer and the contracted firm (if any) whose names are clearly stated in a previously prepared register.
Аудіо реле A travel which involves all participants come to a multilateral gathering organized around a previously established advertised theme.
Аудіовізуальний Small microphone.
аудіовізуальні засоби A place where mail and messages are received, kept or transmitted.
аудіоконференція Regular corning together on a representational basis of several hundreds – or even thousands – of individuals belonging to a single professional, cultural, religious or other group. A congress is often convened to discuss a particular subject. Contributions to the presentation and discussion of the subject matter come only from members of the organizing body. Frequency: usually established in advance and can be either multiannual or annual. Most international or world congresses are of the former type while national congresses are more frequently held annually. A congress will often last several days and have several simultaneous sessions.
афіліація Article cut from a newspaper or magazine.
АшТіЕмЕль (HTML) Also known as a message board, a forum is an online discussion site. It originated as the modern equivalent of a traditional bulletin board, and a technological evolution of the dialup bulletin board system.
багатоканальний Intercommunication system using headphones and microphones for communication between adjoining or nearby studios or offices.
багатоканальний; мультиплексний Recorded disc containing images and sound.
багатоколійна конференція Group of specialists in a particular field.
багатонаціональна зустріч Session where participants take an active part in the work.
базовий готель Guest who stays at facility beyond stated departure date.
Бали/Показники підвищення кваліфікації Speech given to close a meeting. This may often include the result(s) of the meeting (recommendations).
банер Wooden platform used to carry goods.
банкет Short-term rental space.
банківська гарантія Fixed payment with no extra costs to be added.
банківська тратта; банківський чек Person appointed to control the finances of an event or organization; normally chairman of a finance committee or its equivalent.
банківський переказ Guarantee on the part of a bank that it will pay in the event of default, so that no enquiries regarding the solvency of the person or body in question are needed.
банківський платіж Person or auditing body authorized to examine statements of account for accuracy.
банкінг Process of obtaining money and funds from additional sources other than registration fees.
безвідсоткова позика Amount payable for attendance at a meeting; may vary according to level of participation, type of membership, or date registration is submitted.
бездротова система передачі перекладу інфра-червоним каналом Person who interprets into another language oral presentation(s) made during a meeting.
бездротовий мікрофон Instrument which converts sound into electrical signals.
безкоштовний бар; оплачений бар Actual number of meals served at a food function.
безоплатна передача; пожертвування Partial payment to secure product or service
безперешкодний; доступний людям з обмеженими можливостями Work performed on overtime.
бейдж; іменний бейдж Groups whose constituencies are made up of civil servants, elected officials and service providers to Government entities.
БекТайп The inerface to the virtual audience during a Live Streamed event
Бенефіціар, вигодонабувач zooomr is a online photo sharing service similar to Flickr.
бізнес центр Hard smooth dark surface used for drawing or writing in chalk.
біла маркерна дошка Tables lined up in a row, one behind the other on each side of centre aisle with chairs facing head table.
Білборд Meetings Incentives Conferences & Exhibitions
більшість process of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, especially an online community, rather than from employees or suppliers.
Бітлі (Bitly) Voice over Internet Protocol – Is a Web based application that allows users to make free voice and video calls over the internet
блек тай; смокінг; вечірня сукня;  Music accompanying the arrival or departure of guests.
Блекбері All extra nights spent by the participant other than overnight meeting stays.
Бліп.ТВ (Blip.TV) A term encompassing several different types of voting, embracing both electronic means of casting a vote and electronic means of counting votes
Блог Is a hand-held, portable, two-way radio transceiver.
Блог Ток Радіо (Blog Talk Radio) Is a video camera that feeds its images in real time to a computer or computer network, often via USB, ethernet, or Wi-Fi
Блог/форум заходу Is an electronic device for reading printed barcodes, it consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones
Блогер (Blogger) Second generation of the World Wide Web incorporating new features and functions to allow for more user generated content
блок Room containing two single beds.
Блю-рей The means of travelling between two cities.
Блютус The means of travelling within a city.
Боксі (Boxee) Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop that is transmitted over the Web and is more likely to be interactive (audience participation)
борг restaurant at which customers fetch the food and drink
БордРідер (BoardReader) A media presentation broadcast over the Internet either live or on demand
брифінг (зустріч/нарада) Participatory meeting designed for discussion, fact-finding, problem solving and consultation. As compared with a congress, a conference is normally smaller in scale and more select in character – features which tend to facilitate the exchange of information. The term "conference" carries no special connotation as to frequency. Though not inherently limited in time, conferences are usually of limited duration with specific objectives.
бронювати Menu with price stated for each item offered, as opposed to a fixed price for an entire meal.
брошура Printing process.
будка перекладача Person who conducts terminology work specifically in the context of meeting organization.
бюджет Professional Conference Organizer
бюджетний план-графік One to whom a lease is granted; holder of a lease.
Бюлетень Yammer is a business communication tool that operates as an internal Twitter-like messaging system for employees within an organization. It is used to provide real-time communication and reduce the need for e-mail.
бюро з розселення Food purchased by the piece, usually for a reception. Prices may be quoted individually, by the dozen, or for 50 or 100 pieces.
бюро знахідок Public area in hotel or hall for assembly or registration.
вага брутто Decorating with drapes – Hollow metal pipes are used for support; booth drape is usually 8 feet high.
Вай-фай (Wi-Fi) A post on Twitter of no more than 140 characters
Вай-фай (Wi-Fi) turn over and over on itself into a cylindrical shape, eg banner
вантажник-монтажник Individual at the meeting site but not necessarily involved with the meeting sessions. Generally spouse or other family member or relation of the delegate attending a meeting for the social content of the meeting programme.
вартість приміщення, номеру Booking of a particular type of room for specific dates.
Веб 2.0 (Web 2.0) An online central forum that enables communication and interaction based of a pre-defined profile
Веб-аналітика Tumblr lets users share content in the form of a blog. Users can post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, or email.
вебінар A complete mobile computer, integrated into a flat touch screen device
вебінар TweetDeck is an application that connects users with contacts across Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and more.
Вебкамера A device used to allow for seamless switching between several devices and presentations
веб-трансляція See tablet
ведучий Person employed on a temporary basis to work on staff registration and information desks or in meeting rooms at a meeting and generally assist delegates.
великі букви; прописна буква Material to be, or in the process of being, set up for printing. Not to be confused with the everyday use of "copy" as opposed to "original".
вентиляція; провітрювання Chairs that nest on top of each other when in storage.
вечеря Designated day when the facility will release a block of rooms to the general public.
вечірній зовнішній вигляд Tour to a manufacturing plant of interest to the meeting.
вибір The formal opening of a meeting.
видання The process of interpreting on a simultaneous basis in a low voice to the participants, usually seated next to the interpreter.
виділений на доповідь час Practice run held in advance of an event.
виїзд Form for exhibitor requesting handling of materials.
Виїзний PCO (professional conference organizer) a secondary product derived from a manufacturing process or chemical reactio
виїзний захід Evening meal forming part of the official programme.
Викладацький склад shipment of goods
Виконавчий директор (C.E.O.) Country that invites an event to take place within or under its jurisdiction.
виконавчий комітет functionality whereby visitors (tourists) are attracted to places (destinations) of historical, cultural or national interest 
виконавчий комітет, керівник Board for a geographical area of a society or federation, often synonymous for host committee.
виконавчий секретар Committee in charge of co-ordinating the organization of the event.
вимоги до доповідей; вимоги до презентацій Printed or typed document with blank spaces for insertion of specific required or requested information.
вимоги по площі Hours during which an exhibition is open to the public or trade visitors.
вимушене покращення умов Preferred time for guests to arrive at hotel.
виписка за рахунком Subjects to be discussed at a meeting.
Вир підтримки громадськості Eventbrite is a provider of online event management and ticketing services. Eventbrite is free if your event is free. If you sell tickets to your event, Eventbrite collects a fee per ticket. 
виробник виставкового обладнання This insurance usually covers loss or damage attributable to fire, smoke, explosion, or forces of nature. It can also cover water damage.
виселення Room rate with no meals included.
високий сезон Amount charged for the occupancy of a room.
висота стелі The organizer or promoter of an exhibition; responsible for the letting of space, financial control and management of the exhibition; sometimes an agent acting in this capacity.
виставка 62press release; press communiqué
виставка для громадськості; споживча виставка Brochures or other items needed for promotional purposes.
виставка на відкритому повітрі Advertising to the public in journals, newspapers or magazines or on radio, television or film.
виставка постерів Reports on particular topics which, while closely related to the subject of a meeting, do not strictly refer to the matters under discussion. They are usually dealt with at a sitting or a session of their own.
виставкова шафа; вітрина Exhibit space with aisles on two sides.
виставковий зал Union of a society, firm, or political party with another, but without loss of identity.
виставковий підрядник Temporary supply of electricity to a stand to which electrical goods can be connected.
виставковий центр Identifying tag used for official authorization.
виставлення рахунків напряму Phrase used to indicate not only endorsement but normally also a measure of responsibility for, or guidance in, the organization of an event.
витрати Senior member of the committee of honour.
витрати на оренду приміщення Donated financial or material support.
відвантажувальний майданчик Space/stands located outdoors.
Віддлер (Viddler) Technorati is a popular blog search engine that also provides categories and authority rankings for blogs.
Відеоблог A tag cloud is a visual depiction of user-generated tags, or simply the word content of a site, typically used to describe the content of web sites.
відеодиск Projection of an image onto the front surface of a light-reflecting screen from a projector placed within or behind the audience.
відеоконференція General and formal meeting of an association, club, organization or company attended by a specified proportion at least of its members for the purpose of deciding legislative direction, policy matters, the election of internal committees and approval of balance sheets, budgets and the like. An assembly generally observes certain fixed rules of procedure. Frequency: usually held at a set time and place on a regular basis, most General Assemblies are held on an annual basis and refer as AGM.
відеомагнітофон System for sending handwriting, and hand-drawn graphics, over a telephone line. The sender may use either a light pen or a digitizing tablet, and the appropriate image will appear on a television monitor at the remote location.
відеоплеєр Optical instrument for projecting an image onto a screen.
відеопроектор Microphone which picks up sound primarily from the direction in which it is pointed.
відеореле Is a mobile phone , with more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary feature phone.
відеострічка Electronic device which displays script to the speaker, usually on a screen not visible to the audience.
віджет A tweetup is an organized or impromptu gathering of people that use Twitter.
відкладена реєстрація The price paid by the organizer to the owner of the meeting facilities.
відкритий квиток; квиток з відкритою датою Private room bar setup where guests pay for drinks individually.
відокремлена подія building in which royalty, or people of great importance, live; or historic building open to the public
відповідальний за скликання Committee of a permanent nature, defined by organizational by-laws, which meets for a specific purpose.
відправка поштою Admission card confirming a booking and registration.
відправлений до іншого готелю гість Room or suite of rooms used to entertain guests.
відхилення від маршруту Last session of a meeting in which the subjects which have been discussed are summarized and conclusions may be announced.
Відшкодування Document showing estimated dates when items of anticipated income and expenditure fall due and what sums of money will be due on those dates.
візит Programme of organized events, not directly related to the subject of the meeting.
візитер Title given to the person in charge of and co-ordinating the promotional activities of an event.
Вікі Twitter is a platform that allows users to share 140-character-long messages publicly. User can “follow” each other as a way of subscribing to each others’ messages. Additionally, users can use the @username command to direct a message toward another Twitter user.
Вікіпедія A Twitter Chat is a chat or discussion that is held on Twitter and is open to all users. Questions are prompted from the user hosting the chat, while anyone else can respond using a particular hashtag. The hashtag is the marker for someone participating in the chat. HubSpot has its own chats hosted every other Tuesday via the hashtag #inboundchat.
вільний стиль одягу Tour to a workplace of interest to meeting participants.
Вімео (Vimeo) Timeline is the new Facebook format for personal profiles. It is essentially a digital scrapbook of a user’s life, displaying their profile in an actual timeline format so they can see at exactly what point in time something a story occurred.
Віртуальний ЕмСі (майстер церемоній) A system setup for attendees to send texts to an advertised number and the texts can be live displayed on the projection screen as live feedback to the proceedings or voting etc
Вірусний маркетинг A trend is seen on every social network. Facebook shows what is trending when multiple users are sharing the same link or discussing the same topic. Google+ highlights trending topic when a user conducts a search. Twitter has a section to the bottom right of its home feed which clearly shows what topics and hashtags are trending in tweets. And LinkedIn shows what industries (in LinkedIn Today) that a certain story is popular.
вітальний коктейль Complete booth package offered to exhibitors on a rental basis.
вітальний прийом; вітальна вечірка Portable display that can be set up on top of a table.
віце-голова; заступник голови Company or individual professionally engaged in organizing meetings.
внутрішній переговорний зв’язок; двостороння переговорна система Portable microphone that hooks around the neck.
внутрішній стенд self-supporting and independent exhibit material.
вогнетривкий Temporary supply of water to a stand.
ВордПрес (WordPress) Twitter Search is a search engine operated by Twitter to search for Twitter messages and users in real time.
всеохоплюючий тариф Rate inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner, in addition to room.
всесвітня зустріч Assembly composed of all the members; fully constituted; fully attended.
встановлені вимоги; посібник з формування цінової пропозиції; запит на комерційну пропозицію Money repaid.
встановлення розцінок Person or organization which offers a lease.
Вхідний маркетинг Follow friday is a trend via the hashtag #ff every Friday on Twitter. Users select other usernames and tweet them with #ff in their post, meaning they recommend following those Twitter users. People tweet at their favorite brands, colleagues, celebrities–you name it!
газетна вирізка Binding process by which pages are glued together.
гарантійний внесок A currency is usually described as convertible if the holder can exchange it freely for another currency.
гарантоване пізнє прибуття Short interval between sessions during the morning or afternoon at which tea is served.
гарантований резерв Private room bar setup where drinks are paid for by a sponsor or are included in the fee paid.
гардероб Stand at which an official gives information.
гардеробник The principal officer responsible for overall administration of an organization.
гарнітура Adjustable support for positioning microphones or lighting fixtures.
генеральна асамблея (Computer-generated) list of names pre-registered with a group.
генеральний підрядник; офіційний підрядник;  Visitor to an exhibition representing a specific trade or profession.
генеральний секретар Group of people who decide or carry out the strategies and policies established for the organization of an event
Гібридний захід A Cloud based application for sharing file downloads
гід Committee which assesses submitted papers to decide which are suitable for presentation and allocates them to appropriate sessions.
гілка; зубець large temporary structure, eg tent, usually whose walls are not solid but canvas
гість, що затримався Reservations confirmed in writing.
глибина сцени; дальній план Neon lamps, with diffused light tubes as opposed to incandescent lights.
Гобо A production method that projects an image directly onto a building and can give the illusion of bringing the building to life
Говала (Gowalla) An ebook is an electronic version of a printed book. However, most ebooks are not actually available in print (unless you print them). These are typically published in PDF form.
години роботи Document for official authorization.
голівка Television set with direct audio and video input used for checking on the operation of a transmitter.
голова; головуючий; Appointment on a permanent basis within a group, organization or body.
голова; президент Committee to carry out policy and strategy for the organization of an event.
Голос через IP; VoIP; Голос через Інтернет-протокол refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue
гонорар; винагорода Estimated total income and expenditure divided into subject categories and arranged by principal heads of income and expenditure.
гостьова доповідь; доповідь на замовлення Formal written record of a meeting.
гостьова програма; програма супроводжуючих осіб; програма для других половинок Show rooms, (marts – US), and similar space for product displays leased on a long-term basis.
гранти, субсидії Outstanding invoice not yet paid.
групове бронювання Combination of interconnecting rooms generally containing a sitting room and double/twin bedroom(s), as well as a bathroom.
груповий інклюзив-тур In hotel industry, the percentage of total number of available sleeping rooms actually occupied.
групові обговорення Sessions scheduled at the same time.
губний мікрофон Headphone with a built-in microphone.
Гугл Документи (Google Documents) Delicious is a free online bookmarking service that lets users save website addresses publicly and privately online so they can be accessed from any device connected to the internet and shared with friends.
Гугл Хром (Google Chrome) Creative Commons is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright. It provides free licenses and other legal tools to mark creative work with the freedom the creator wants it to carry, so others can share, remix, use commercially, or any combination thereof.
Гугл+ (Google+) Digg is a social news website that allows members to submit and vote for articles. Articles with the most votes appear on the homepage of the site and subsequently are seen by the largest portion of the site’s membership, as well as other visitors.
дата закриття реєстрації; дата закриття прийому заявок Policies which determine allowable reasons and time lines under which fee for a meeting or show will be refunded in whole or in part.
дата зустрічі Denotes person’s rank, office, sex or, in women, matrimonial status.
двомісний номер для одного гостя Means of transport, i.e. buses, coaches, cars, etc.
двомісний номер; дабл Insurance against accidents that occur in the course of travel to or from a meeting.
двоспальне ліжко Light breakfast usually consisting of juice, roll or pastry and a hot beverage.
двосторонній голосовий зв’язок Lens adapter designed to produce a wide-screen image.
двосторонній усний переклад A connection to Internet through a local access provider. It can be an analogue, a digital or an Ethernet network access.
дебати Discourse given before an audience, especially for educational purposes.
дебіт Legal agreement between two or more parties.
декорація; оформлення стендів Barrier that prevents sound from carrying to and from adjacent rooms. Usually a permanent wall.
делегат Voluntary (unpaid) member of the committee responsible for recording decisions and keeping records of discussions.
делегація Either a person chairing a meeting or presiding over an organization on an unpaid basis or one not performing such a function but accorded the title as a mark of special esteem.
Делішез (Delicious) Blogger is a free blogging platform owned by Google that allows individuals and companies to host and publish a blog typically on a subdomain. Example: yourblogname.blogspot.com
демонстраційний матеріал Stand within a row of similar stands, i. e. with only the front opening onto an aísle and with other stands on either side.
демонтаж Board or video screen listing the days events.
демонтаж; розбирання Wooden or metal board fixed horizontally either on legs or on a wall. Usually with display material and possibility of making purchases.
денний тариф Booking form for reservation in a hotel for use by participants.
депозит Money received.
ДжіПіЕс (GPS) Provides the delivery of applications and centralised access to information via a centralised platform via the Internet based around the concept of infrastructure convergence
Джумла (Joomla) Google Chrome is a free web browser produced by Google that fully integrates into its online search system as well as other applications.
Диверсифікація means of transport
Директор з продажів (ДП) Committee who supervises all the matters relevant to the official authorization to cover an event.
диригент the bit-rate of available or consumed information capacity expressed typically in metric multiples of bits per second. 
дискусійна група Meeting of a number of experts in a particular field at which papers are presented by specialists on particular subjects and discussed with a view to making
дискусійний бланк Reproduction of documents.
диспут-семінар Informal session with no specific agenda.
дистанційний мікрофон; дистанційний передавач Microphone designed for positioning on the clothing of the user.
дистанційний усний переклад Person who translates meeting documents into other languages.
діапозитив Unidirectional type of microphone that accepts only narrow-angle sound.
діапроектор Closed electric circuit.
діапроектор-карусель Closed electric circuit within a building or auditorium which relays sound to a hearing aid.
Діг (Digg) Blog Talk Radio is a free web application that allows users to host live online radio shows.
Діскус (Disqus) BoardReader is a free search engine that allows users to search for keywords only in posts and titles of online forums, a popular form of social networking.
довідник експонента Company or individual participating in the exhibition with a stand or booth.
довідник конференції Form for presentation of a poster for inclusion in a poster session; submitted for assessment and screening by a selection committee.
додаткові витрати; побічні витрати Accommodation rate inclusive of breakfast in addition to room; referred to as ‘B and 8" in the UK, where such arrangement may be offered in a hotel, in a boarding house or even in a semi-private residence.
додаткові ночівлі Airlines moves passenger into higher priced seating at no extra charge.
доповідач Organization and management.
доповідач; лектор Person appointed to give specialist or expert information on a particular event, or generally.
доповідь; матеріали доповіді Printed volume of meeting papers available prior to or at an event.
Доповнена реальність Wikipedia is a free, web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia project supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Its millions of articles have been written collaboratively by volunteers around the world, and almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the site.
допоміжні служби Individual at a meeting facility responsible for overall direction of sales staff.
дорадчий комітет; консультативний комітет
дороговкази compulsory
доступ до Інтернету Using both sight and sound eg combining radio and television techniques.
дохід A person who is employed to take care of people’s coats, hats or luggage in the cloakroom (cf cloakroom).
Дохід personnel
дошка Rows of chairs separated by a centre aisle slanted in a V shape facing head table or speaker.
дошка оголошень Form on which all charge transactions incurred by a registered guest are recorded.
дошка повідомлень Categorization of organization or businesses by professional discipline or primary areas of interest for the purposes of sales analysis or assignment.
драпірування – труби та тканина Suspended panel for decor or graphics. May be cloth or rigid material.
дрес-код Activity to liven up the audience prior to show time.
Дроп бокс (Drop Box) A mobile application that can be donwloaded and used directly from the users personal mobile device or it can be a web-based application that can be accessed via a smartphone that is specifically formated for smartphones
Друге Життя; Секонд Лайф (Second Life) Pandora is a social online radio station that allows users to create stations based on their favorite artists and types of music.
Друзі Craigslist is a popular online commerce site in which users sell a variety of goods and services to other users. The service has been credited for causing the reduction of classified advertising in newspapers across the United States.
дублікат Slide projector fed from a circular drum and consequently not requiring constant manual replacement of slides. Often remote-controlled.
дугове світло; дугова лампа Two quarter-round tables joined to make a half circle. Seating locations for honoured guests and/or meeting presenters.
Е-конференція /Захід; електронна конференція/захід Is a type of interaction associated with the use of audience response systems, to create interactivity between a presenter and his/her audience. Systems for co-located audiences combine wireless hardware with presentation software, and systems for remote audiences may use telephones or web polls for audiences watching through television or the Internet.
екран That which adorns, an ornament.
екран перегляду Artist’s or designer’s indication of how a printed piece should look.
ексклюзивний підрядник Exhibition of products and services that is not open to the general public.
екскурсія до конференції; екскурсія після конференції; екскурсії до та після конференції Activities performed for the enjoyment of others.
екскурсія; тур Actual amount of salable space available for or used by exhibit booths/stands.
експедирування вантажів Socket into which a telephone can be plugged for external communication.
експедиторська фірма Submission of a name (person, organization or company), for election or appointment to a specific role or function.
експертна група Working meeting aiming at finding a solution and a result to some problems or questions pending.
експо director of an orchestra
експонент Prepared statement released to the news medía.
експортна ліцензія Company which fabricates displays.
електричний вихід; електрична розетка A permanent or portable raised platform used for seats of honor or speakers lecterns.
електронна вказівка Area of a stage closest to the audience, as opposed to upstage.
електронна дошка Ä^S^#fi(    L )
електронна дошка-планшет Control of apparatus, such as audio visual equipment, from a distance.
електронна книга Boxee is a social video application that allows users to watch online videos on their TVs and computers. Users can share and watch videos from a variety of online videos sources for free.
електронний платіж Signature of person(s) with authority to sign cheques and contracts on behalf of the organization.
Е-постер; електронний постер Used to overflow from one session hall to another hall with audio only
Е-постер; електронний постер throughout the city
Е-публікація; електронна публікація a ruling to which you should abide
естафетний переклад; двостадійний переклад Language officially to be used for a meeting, e.g. for the publication of proceedings.
етнічний obligatory or requirment to abide by the rules of the association/meeting
ефект присутності income
Європейський план (ЄП) Time between sessions when refreshments are served.
єдиний тариф Guest requesting accommodation or service without a prior notice.
Єлп (Yelp) An unconference is a facilitated, participant-driven conference centered on a theme or purpose. The term "unconference" has been applied, or self-applied, to a wide range of gatherings that try to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference, such as high fees and sponsored presentations
Ємність A close collaboration for smooth coordination.
журавель Film or tape which has been printed from the original copy.
за келих Room with two double-size beds suitable for two or four persons.
за особу To move to a lesser accommodation or class of service – to change to an inferior standard.
за підтримки…; за спонсорства… Provision in a contract stating the terms on which the contract may be cancelled.
за пляшку Bed normally measuring 130 x 32cm (5x 78 inches) for 2 persons. "Standard double bed" is referred to in UK a 4’6" x 6’^"
за штуку/порцію Guests arrival before confirmed reservation date and/or time.
заводка, зав’язка Microphone designed for use in contact with the lips of the speaker.
загальна інформація Exact image of copy as distinguished from reverse image or negative.
загальний обсяг квадратних футів (квадратних метрів)/загальний метраж Period necessary for the preparation of the conference and exhibition venue before the arrival of the delegates and exhibitors.
загальноміський Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology enriching the real world with digital information and media, such as 3D models and videos, overlaying in real-time the camera view of your smartphone, tablet, PC or connected glasses
заголовок A collection of all details relative to a meeting’s needs. This will include sleeping room information, billing arrangements and meeting requirements including food, beverage and audio-visual.
задній фон WordPress is a content management system and contains blog publishing tools that allow users to host and publish blogs.
зазіхання Contractor or agent responsible for providing an exhibition shell scheme.
заїзд Transfer of exhibits from point of arrival to exhibit site. May also include storage.
Закладки Any screen with an aspect ratio greater than 4:3
заключне засідання; заключна зустріч A group of expert advisors assembled especially to answer questions of immediate or current interest.
заключне слово; заключна промова A group of specialists organized by a business enterprise, governmental body, etc. and commissioned to undertake intensive study and research into specified problems.
закордонні національні зустрічі A symposium which forms part of a larger event (cf symposium).
закупки Large trade exhibition
зал засідань комітету; зал засідань правління Service providing security arrangements, such as checking delegates’ credentials, searching hand luggage, protecting equipment and patrolling congress and exhibition areas.
залаштунки Sound balance control assisted by computer.
заливка світлом Is a type of video projector for displaying video, images or computer data on a screen or other flat surface showing a 3 dimentional picture
замовлення на місці Individual representing show management responsible for managing the exhibition area on-site (enforcing rules, responding to requests, etc.).
заохочувальна зустріч The market segment comprised of groups or individuals that work for a given company and are traveling for business reasons at the company’s expenses.
записуючий магнітофон Electric rod which casts an illuminated spot on the wall, blackboard, screen, etc. to draw attention to a particular feature.
записуючий плеєр Image projected on the back surface of a screen placed between the viewer and the projecter.
запрошений доповідач Member of committee in charge of convening participants.
запрошення Person interpreting a conversation between two or more persons from one or more foreign languages into his mother tongue and vice-versa.
запрошення (картка) Translation technique that uses the computer as a tool for the solution of problems.
зарахування на рахунок; зарахування грошових коштів Money paid out.
заселення That time of year when travel and hotel rates are at their lowest.
засідання "причіпний вагон"; екстра-сесія Meeting of a group of people with a particular knowledge or responsibility on an area of activity to advise them of the details of their involvement.
засідання на споріднену тему Conference bringing together three or more people in two or more locations using voice-only telecommunications. The term teleconference is sometimes used as a synonym for audioconference although it has a wider meaning.
засідання правління Small group sessions within a meeting organized to discuss specific subjects.
застереження про розірвання Written authorization for payment to be made from a bank account.
захід за технологією відкритого простору A small or secondary meeting of specialists who have a specific commun interest (cf seminar.)
захід, що проходить після конференції Programme of events organized for the entertainment of participants.
зацікавлені особи a form of reconciliation between disagreeing parties
заява на розміщення в готелі; форма резервування номера A service concerned with organizing activities which are mainly related to the artistic and intellectual side of civilization.
заявка на презентацію доповіді Language into which interpretation is provided.
заявка на презентацію наочного матеріалу Printed items, such as books, magazines, newspapers and meeting documentation.
заявка на презентацію стенду
заявка на презентацію фільму The language being used by the speaker.
заявка на трансфер експонатів A supplier of exhibition services or goods (eg stand fitting, electrics, furniture, floor covering, labor, drayage signs, etc.).
збірка авторефератів Final summary of meeting events.
збірник доповідей Shortened version of the meeting programme giving basic information in a way which is easy to refer to and convenient to carry.
звільнення від відповідальності Signed authority to proceed with the payment of an invoice or refund.
звільнення від відповідальності An item entered on debtor side of an account (oppos. of "credit"). To take one sum away from another.
звіт з надходжень та витрат A person who is employed to assist people in parking their motor vehicle in a designated area.
звіт по конференції Instructions regarding the required format to be used for the version of the paper to be published.
зворотня проекція; рір-проекція First aid provision.
звук Process of adjusting a camera, telescope or the like so as to ensure that the image it provides is sharp.
звуконепроникна стіна Tables set up in a square (or rectangle) with chairs placed around perimeter. Centre inside tables is hollow.
Зв’язки Bitly is a free URL shortening service that provides statistics for the links users share online. Bitly is popularly used to condense long URLs to make them easier to share on social networks such as Twitter.
здійснення контактів Formal speech given at the commencement of a meeting to welcome participants; usually given by an eminent person.
з’їзд Registration received before a pre-defined date, usually offering a lower fee.
з’їзд a company or individual in receipt of an instruction or task who subsequently passes on all or part of the task to a third company or individual
зміна декорацій Board on which messages are displayed.
зміни-переробка Bodies contributing product or financial support to an event in return for propotion of the company name or logo. Bodies simply allowing their names to be used in endorsement of an event will more usually be referred to as ‘patrons", though the distinction is not rigid.
Знайди мене A system which allows more than one picture to be shown on the screen at any one time.
знаки; покажчики Compilation by organizations of all function sheets, resumes, scripts, instructions, room set-up diagrams, directory of key personnel, forms, and other material relating to the event.
зниження категорії Light meal for small discussion groups, without a break from working sessions.
знос (в результаті тертя) A wiki is a website that allows the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser, allowing for collaboration between users. 
зовнішній стенд Total amount of furniture and equipment available for show.
зона стендів Company retained by general contractor to provide services.
зохо (zoho) A URL is most popularly known as the "address" of a web page on the web (e.g. http://www.example.com)
зумр (zooomr) A video blog is a blog the produces regular video content often around the same theme on a daily or weekly basis. An example of a successful video blog is Wine Library TV.
зустріч Incomplete registration where the fees or full payment have not been received.
зустріч напередодні Top level presentation.
зустрічі на урядовому рівні A meeting which forms part of a larger event (cf meeting).
Зчитувач штрих-коду The nights spent by the participant: – during the meeting ;
зшивання втачку Physical computer device usually based on a cathode-ray tube or liquid crystal display on which information is displayed.
зшиття скобами внакидку Computer capable of being carried about readily from place to place and used away from the owner’s home base. In order of increasing size the main subcategories are: handheld/pocket, notebook, laptop.
Івентбрайт (Eventbrite) Bookmarking online follows the same idea of placing a bookmark in a physical publication–you’re simply marking something you found important, enjoyed, or where you left off to continue reading later. The only difference online is that it’s happening through websites using one of the various bookmarking services available, such as Delicious.
ієрархія Any event which is arranged for the period immediately following the conference proper.
іменна картка Small letter, as distinguished from a capital letter.
імпровізований склад This insurance usually covers loss or damage caused deliberately or accidentally by third parties during loading, unloading, transhipment, transport and exhibition.
імпровізований склад
імпровізовані посиденьки  Customs and procedures dealing with formalities, precedence and etiquette.
ім’я; ім’я при народженні Method of charging for services on a cost-plus basis.
індуктивний передавач для слухових апаратів; індуктивна петля Lounge for speakers to relax and to prepare their presentations.
індустрія зустрічей top of, or an international meeting of senior representatives, normally associated at governmental level
інклюзив-тур Formal dress requiring white tie and tails for men and formal evening dress for women.
Інстаграм (Instagram) Foursquare is a social network in which friends share their locations and connect with others in close physical proximity to each other. The service uses a system of digital badges to reward players who “check in” to different types of locations.
інсталяція Partition units (walls, doorframes, etc.) in standard sizes, used for building stands in the sizes desired in a given context.
інститут An official body (cf board) which manages the affairs and administers the funds of an institution or organization.
інструктивна нарада Meeting of a restricted group before the official assembly in order to finalize preparations.
інструкції для доповідачів Courteous written request for attendance at a function for which no charge is made.
інструкції для стендових доповідачів Formal closing of a meeting.
інструкції з підготовки документів; вказівки для авторів Invitation to potential guests, visitors, participants to attend an event.
інструкції приєднання Handing out or mailing of documents.
інтегрована зустріч The educational aspects of an event.
інтегрований семінар A meeting open to all those in attendance at a convention.
інтегрований симпозіум Special session for activities, needs, or situations that are different from those normally and originally prepared for.
інтерактивна сесія; інтерактивне засідання Question and answer period.
інтерактивний зв’язок Small microphone, with or without wire, which can be moved easily.
Інтерком; селектор;  Is an optical disc recorder that uses Optical disc recording technologies to digitally record analog signal or digital signals onto blank writable DVD media.
інтерком; селекторний зв’язок; внутрішній телефонний зв’язок Microphone designed for use at a substantial distance from the mouth of the person speaking.
Інтернет-кафе Conference which is held electronically via the internet
інформаційне агентство Cards collected from attendees, requesting information about exhibitors.
інформаційний бюлетень Guidelines for those presenting an oral presentation.
Кабаре one who speaks in favour of another
кабельна система трансляції усного перекладу Oral translation from one language to another.
кабіна звукорежисера Microphone on a short stand placed on a table for seated speakers.
кабіна перекладача An electronic version of the traditional boards, and is displayed on screens.
канал Microphone used for transmitting radio waves.
карта делегата Container for meeting documentation.
Картинка в картинці A device that allows the audience to listen to the speaker in simultaneous interpreted languages
картка конгресу; картка доступу System which can be transported and set up in any venue without the need for built-in booths or electric circuits.
картка розсадки A meeting organized through Open Space Technology.
картки зацікавленості Production of high-quality documents including text, graphics and pictures using computer equipment. This may be accomplished through the use of application software on general-purpose systems or by means of a dedicated system. In an office environment, the process is termed desktop publishing.
карусельний магазин; поворотний магазин; карусельний барабан; поворотний барабан Surface onto which images are projected by a film or slide projector.
касета Type of front projection screen surface which is rigid and allows only narrow-angle viewing.
касетний програвач Equipment which projects an image onto a screen by passing light through a transparency.
каталог  виставки; довідник виставки; каталог ярмарки Distributor or agent of main exhibitor sharing the same stand or booth.
кафедра Permanent, non movable seats in a meeting room or amphitheatre.
кафетерій a circular building with seats rising in tiers around a central open space
Кванткаст (Quantcast) A lurker online is a person who reads discussions on a message board, newsgroup, social network, or other interactive system, but rarely or never participates in the discussion.
квиток на вхід; вхідний квиток; квиток Soundproof cabin in which the interpreter works.
кейтеринг Facility’s standard, pre-established guest room rates.
керівний комітет
кишенькова/коротка програма Ticket to be used for admission to an event.
Кік (Qik) LinkedIn Today is LinkedIn’s own version of a social news service. Every industry on LinkedIn (marketing, journalism, technology, etc.) has its own LinkedIn Today. Stories are selected based off which ones are posted and shared the most by users of LinkedIn.
кількість мов синхронного перекладу Language into which a speech or document is translated.
кімната доповідачів Movable barriers that partition large areas into smaller areas. May be sound-resistant, but not necessarily soundproof.
кімната з ліжком королівських розмірів To change to a superior standard.
кімната засідань Agency handling the transmission of mail.
кімната першої допомоги; пост першої допомоги Maximum number of people allowed in any given area, or maximum number of people that a setup can accommodate in a function room.
кімната попереднього перегляду Mechanical electrical connector.
кімната преси Information of interest to all participants.
кінопроектор Type of screen surface used for front projection.
кінцевий звіт Document containing detailed instructions for submission of papers for assessment and selection by the committee.
кінцевий рахунок; підсумковий баланс Employee of the venue in charge of stage facilities.
кінцевий строк демонтажу Glass-enclosed case for articles on display.
кінцевий строк перебування Rooms with common walls which do not have connecting doors.
Кіоск, палатка the body of ministers of a government
клавіатура Preliminary mock-up for a publication, made up in correct size and number of pages, showing the position of the various text elements and illustrations.
клавіша Definitive placement of text and illustrations on the page in accordance with the predetermined layout.
класифікація готелів (Liquor) drink served and charged for by the number of drinks served.
Клаут (Klout) Global Positioning System – allows the user to navigate to a certain destination
Клаут (Klout) Google Documents is a group of web-based office applications that includes tools for word processing, presentations, and spreadsheet analysis. All documents are stored and edited online and allow multiple people to collaborate on a document in real-time.
клейове скріплення Electronic device that modulates and demodulates signals transmitted over data communications facilities. Most commonly seen as an interface between computers and telephone networks.
клієнт без бронювання Assortment of foods, offered on a table, self-served.
клопотання Schedule of events, giving details of times and places.
ключова презентація An event, such as a graduation ceremony, local festival, etc., that draws its audience primarily from local market.
ключове звернення; програмна промова Meeting event as part of a programme which is offered to its participants to reward a previous performance.
ключовий доповідач; ключовий спікер Title generally conferred upon the chief administrator of the entire event.
кодоскоп Those facilities within the perimeter of the organization where the meeting takes place; it includes the installations and services both in the auditorium and outside.
коктейльна вечірка; прийом Dinner jacket and formal evening dress; can include national dress.
Кола AddThis is a social bookmarking service that provides a code users can put on their websites so that when people visit that site, they have the option to share via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Its analytics service can show you which pages are trending, where people are interacting with your brand, and what they’re saying about your content on Twitter.
колективне обговорення Generic term for all types of meetings which bring together three or more people in two or more locations through telecommunications. Sometimes specifically means a meeting using voice-only telecommunications as opposed to a videoconference.
Колективний Розум An API is a documented interface that allows one software application to interact with another application. An example of this is the Twitter API.
Коллекта (Collecta) An algorithm is a set of formulas developed for a computer to perform a certain function. This is important in the social sphere as the algorithms sites like Facebook and Google use are critical for developing content-sharing strategies.
колоквіум The time of the year when the meeting takes place.
команда Person appointed to note and record the proceedings of sessions and to write précis (summaries) of the papers presented, for a final summation session.
команда перекладачів Person who translates a speaker’s words into his mother tongue (and possibly vice-versa), either in full or in summary, when the speaker has finished what he was going to say or pauses to allow interpreting.
Коментар An avatar is an image or username that represents a person online within forums and social networks.
комітет A group of people, geographically local to the venue, who carry out the strategics and policies established for the organization of an event.
комітет з відбору матеріалів Group of people who carry out the strategies and policies to be implemented
комітет з перевірки повноважень; мандатний комітет
Комітет нагляду за акредитацією Person explaining a given topic in an informational session either verbally or in visual form (e.g. poster).
Компіт (Compete) BackType is a social media analytics company that helps companies measure their social engagement. Previously, the service started as a blog comment search engine. 
Комплаєнс; обов’язковий до дотримання background staging
компліментарний номер; компліментарна кімната; безкоштовна кімната; безкоштовний номер Twin/double room occupied by one person, paid for at a negotiated rate.
компліментарний; включений у вартість; безкоштовний Payment by means of electronic funds transfer, e.g. using a credit card at a point-of-sale terminal.
комп’ютеризоване друковане видавництво; комп’ютеризована публікація у друку; комп’ютерна верстка Prepared version of a speech.
комп’ютерна стереофонічна система визвучки конференції Microphone attached to a lectern.
комп’ютерний проектор; мультимедійний проектор Projection of video productions whether by monitors or on large screen.
комп’ютерний текст Motion put forward for adoption; once adopted, has binding force.
конвеншн бюро Person taking part in the activities of a meeting.
конгрес 1. Total number of attendees for a given period 2. Total number of exhibitors for a given period.
конгрес-тур 1. Number of sleeping rooms actually occupied during a particular night.
конгрес-хол; палац з’їздів; конференц-центр The act of choosing; the power or opportunity of choosing; alternative.
кондиціювання повітря/клімат-контроль Chair with an attached writing surface.
Конкурс a receiver of benefits
конспект Daily information sheet for participants during event.
консультант One who presents a paper, either verbally or in a visual form (e.g. poster).
консультант point of reference demonstrating a particular level
континентальний сніданок Complimentary rooms which a facility provides without charge based on the number of rooms picked up and occupied by a group.
контракт оренди; договір оренди Display of products.
контракт; зобов’язання; лист-договір Payment made in token of personal involvement in an event.
контроль витрат; управління витратами Destination Management Consultant.
контрольний примірник Work submitted for inclusion as an oral or poster presentation, often in response to a call for papers; not an invited paper.
конференс-дзвінок; колективний дзвінок Exhibition of products or services in a specific area of activity held with the objective of promoting business.
конференція Process of signing up for an event on the day of, or at the site of, the event.
конференц-розстановка; розстановка для зали засідань Fixed equipment.
концентрація ділової активності An intensive session specially instituted for the application of such modifications and additions as are necessary to keep a particular subject up-to-date.
координатор Speaker who sets forth the theme of the meeting.
координатор дебатів Body appointed by the Governing Board or General Assembly to manage the affairs of a society, association, etc., on a day-to-day basis.
координаційний комітет
копір; ксерокс Meeting site. Premises where the meeting will be held.
копія (примірник) Short report of discussions that have taken place in the meeting hall.
корпоративна зустріч A complete and methodical treatment of the specialist areas to be updated for post-graduate students. The duration of such a course varies and a certificate of participation is usually awarded upon completion.
корпоративний туризм Meeting on a similar or related subject taking place either concurrently or, shortly before or after main event.
кошторис Company that provides transportation in a locale, i.e.motorcoaches, rental cars, railroads, etc.
країна походження Fee collected from traveler by host country at time of departure.
Краудсорсинг, пошук методом гребінки entertainment provided at which guests are at a table;
кредит Complete description of requirements.
Крейгліст (Craigslist) Blip.TV is an online video sharing site that provides a free and paid platform for individuals and companies who host an online video show.
критерій splitting of a larger group into a number of smaller ones
Кріейтив Коммонз (Creative Commons) Blog is a word that was created from two words: “web log.” Blogs are usually maintained by an individual or a business with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.
круглий стіл The theme is arranged according to the main field of specialised knowledge that is dealt with during the sessions. The fundamental theme is proposed by the organizer with reference to the title of the meeting.
культура seated at round tables, either fully occupied;  or half occupied facing stage/screen
купон Number of copies printed.
кур’єр Appointed personnel with specific tasks.
курси підвищення кваліфікації Special sitting for the demonstration of particular practical methods.
кутовий стенд; кутовий павільйон Amount of stand/booth space required by individual exhibitors.
лазерна указка A print or inscription on a special transparent sheet of paper made visible by means of a overhead or slide projector.
Лайк; вподобання (Like) Google Reader is an RSS reader that allows you to aggregate various blogs and sites and collect updates to new content in one location. You can log on whenever you choose, and the latest content from multiple blogs will be in one stream so you don’t have to navigate to each site individually.
лайфкастинг; трансляція життя; життя в ефірі Google+ is Google’s new social network. It differs in that it promotes social sharing that is more similar to how people share in real life by providing features such as one that limits who you are talking to, creating 1-on-1 conversation.
ланьярд PCO that is contracted to move with the meeting for whom they are engaged
легкі закуски та напої; буфет   Person who has booked a room or a place at a meeting but does not arrive to take up the room or place.
лекція Registration received at the meeting and generally incurring payment of a penalty fee.
лицьова табличка; заголовок; фронтальна полоса; знак павільйону/стенду One of a group of four or more exhibit spaces with aisles on all four sides.
ліжко королівських розмірів Waiter offers food platter to guests who help themselves.
лінійний мікрофон; направлений мікрофон Person who calls cues from the control room.
ЛінкдІн (LinkedIn) An event with both live and virtual attendees
ЛінкдІн (LinkedIn) A social trend in which people use technologies to get the things they need from each other, rather than from traditional institutions like corporations. 
ЛінкдІн Тудей; ЛінкдІн Сьогодні (LinkedIn Today) A Hangout is a video service on Google+ that allows you to video chat with up to 10 Google+ users are a time. You can name these chats, watch YouTube videos during them, open a Google Doc with colleagues, and much more.
Логістика a principal or standard by which something is judged
лого; логотип Plan put forward for consideration or acceptance.
локація Address to which correspondence is sent.
майбутні бронювання Choreographed display of garments by models.
майстер-клас; воркшоп The destination where the meeting takes place.
майстерня; семінар-майстерня Area with display of posters.
макет Preliminary decision setting out a framework within which detailed provisions may be established by means of later individual decisions.
макет First version of a paper or document which is subject to further amendment.
максимальне навантаження перекриттів;  допустиме навантаження Plan showing space to be occupied by the exhibition: the areas intended for stands/booths and those for passageways and services.
маніфест money or goods owing
машинний переклад; комп’ютерний переклад; переклад комп’ютерною програмою Language from which a speech or document is translated.
медичні послуги System that controls the temperature and humidity of the air in a room.
медіа програвач; медіа плеєр An area where computers are stationed to allow delegates to access the internet
медіація; посередництво national representation in another country
Мем HootSuite is a social media management system that helps brands streamline campaigns across social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ Pages. Teams can collaboratively monitor, engage, and measure the results of social campaigns from one secure, web-based dashboard.
менеджер з питань надання харчування Association, corporate body, town or other party that invites an event to take place within or under its jurisdiction.
менеджер зі зв’язків з громадськістю; PR-менеджер Serve as evidence of the financial capability of an indemnitor (supplier) who has executed an agreement in favour of an organization.
мертва зона Projection of different images on different screens at the same time.
метод оплати; форма оплати Document incorporating the statement of income and expenditure and the budget at a given date.
метрдотель Inclusive gratuity specified by the restaurant/hotel management and shown in the bill.
меш-ап; солянка; гібрид hiis a social network focused on the youth market. It is a social entertainment destination, with a focus on delivering a fun and entertainment-driven social experience online to users around the world.
митний брокер Eminent person who, for endorsement purposes, heads an event, an organization or a list of supporters.
миттєві повідомлення No, not your pals you play poker with on the weekends. We’re talking Facebook friends. These are individuals you consider to be friendly enough with you to see your Facebook profile and engage with you.
міжміський транспорт Room with a patio or balcony overlooking a garden or water.
міжнародна зустріч A discussion within a forum (cf forum).
міжнародна зустріч technology which allows a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance of being present, or to have an effect, via telerobotics, at a place other than their true location
міжнародна зустріч level of seating, eg in a cinema or theatre
мікрофон Text moving horizontally across the bottom of a video screen.
мікрофон ближньої дії; передавач ближньої дії Microphone mounted on an extension. Often used in Q&A sessions.
мікрофон з гарнітурою Live information relayed to signs around the venue that can display the conference programme and show what is going on inside session rooms. Can also be instantly updated with new information eg replacement speakers or session changes
мікрофон на кафедрі Area where sound is muffled or absent.
мікрофон на стійці Apparatus that converts electric currents or waves into visible or audible signals.
мікрофон на штанзі Audible effects.
мікшування напливом; перекриття напливом; поступовий перехід Magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus in which the recording medium takes the form of a magnetic tape.
мінімальна стиковка Time at which guests departing on that date should have completed their check-out.
міні-мікрофон Expert in particular craft or technique, usually in relation to audiovisual, mechanical or electrical equipment or appliances.
Міністерство electronic poster
місце зустрічі Movable interior wall.
місце народження Changes made by the client after any part of the production process has begun. Usually billed as extra charges.
місце призначення Hard smooth white surface used for drawing or writing in water-soluble felt pen.
місце проведення зустрічі Booking received after the stated deadline, usually incurring payment of a penalty fee.
місце проведення конференції; місце проведення конгресу To give approval or agreement to a certain subject matter or event.
місце проведення; майданчик Control that adjusts variations in the light level in a room.
місцевий захід Session added on to the end of the day’s programme, usually after dinner, to accommodate extra papers or an extra plenary lecture.
місцевий комітет a function or activity that is not supported by any other function or activity
місцевий організаційний комітет Person who presides over panel discussions and forums.
місцевий транспорт Prescribed minimum time to leave one flight and board another. Set by airlines to allow time to transfer baggage.
місцевий транспортний оператор A non profit umbrella organization that represents a city or geographic area in the solicitation and servicing of all types of travelers to that city or area… whether they visit for business, pleasure or both.
місцевий/національний організаційний комітет
місцеві зустрічі; внутрішньонаціональні зустрічі A session at which precise instructions are given and participants informed thoroughly (cf briefing).
місцеві зустрічі; внутрішньорегіональні зустрічі the ability to keep going continuously or to leave a lasting legacy that will continue
місцеві зустрічі; субрегіональні зустрічі activity to bring people together to work as a team
множинні зображення; багатоекранна проекція Magnetic tape used in video equipment.
мобільна система для синхронного перекладу Oral translation of a speaker’s words into another language, either in full or in summary and conducted when the speaker has finished what he was going to say or pauses for interpreting.
мова оригіналу Lighting of room separate from stage lighting.
мова перекладу With two or more communication bands (receivers).
мова першоджерела; мова доповіді; мова оригіналу Audio system permitting two-way communication.
модем; Модулятор-ДЕМодулятор Symbol identifying an organization or event.
модератор Group of members responsible for establishing and enforcing the rules and regulations of a society or association.
модний показ Normally a formally seated dinner in the evening with sometimes speeches given in the presence of or by a VIP (Very Important Person).
модульний експонат Passageway for people to pass between two rows of stands facing each other, between the stands and the walls of a hall or from one level to another.
модульні панелі Space in which stands are laid out.
мозковий центр, фабрика думки, мозковий трест, експертна група 1. International/intercontinental: a meeting of an organization with multi-national membership that is available to meet on more than one continent. 2. International/Continental: a meeting of an organization with multi-national membership that is available to meet on only one continent.
мозковий штурм General term indicating the coming together of a number of people in one place, to confer or carry out a particular activity. Frequency: can be on an ad hoc basis or according to a set pattern, as for instance annual general meetings, committee meetings, etc.
мольберт Equipment storage area at show site, usually draped off area in exhibition hall/unsold space.
Монітор доповідача; комфорт-монітор Is a type of video projector for displaying video, images or computer data on a screen or other flat surface with 3 dimentional picture.
монітор; контрольний приймач Apparatus used for projecting photographic slides onto a screen.
моніторинг соціальних ЗМІ Quantcast provides website traffic and demographics for websites. The tool is primarily used by online advertisers looking to target specific demographics.
мотивація учасника Identifies the country where the person has full rights by birth or naturalization.
музика зустрічі/прощання Dates) set for dismantling.
мультимедіа Area from which technician operates sound system in a room.
Мультимедійний проектор YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. Three former PayPal employees created YouTube in February 2005. In November 2006, YouTube, LLC was bought by Google Inc. for $1.6billion, and is now operated as a subsidiary of Google. YouTube is the largest video sharing site in the world.
навколишнє світло Raised platform on which a speaker stands or sits.
навушники Pan-tilt device on which a camera is mounted.
Навушники/гарнітури для перекладу Blog space setup for a particular event where attendees can leave thoughts and feedback on any aspects of the event through a number of threads
навчальна група Day devoted to the study of a particular subject or subjects.
навчальний день The number of days from the opening session to the closing session. Additional days for optional excursions are not included.
наглядовий комітет Voting representative at a meeting.
накладання Equipment for the recording of images and sound on a magnetic tape in the form of a video.
накрита на столи їжа Amount charged for the occupancy of a room, usually at a reduced rate and negotiated as a group rate by the meeting organizers.
намет; шатер alternative direction in business from your core activity
наочна демонстрація It allows two or more groups of participants, situated in different locations, to converse while seeing each other and showing, if needed, images, graphics and documents.
напівпансіон; скорочений американський план Tour sold at a price covering all costs (transport, accommodation and related services) for the full duration of the trip.
нарощування маси посилань Gowalla is a social network in which friends share their locations and connect with others in close psychical proximity to each other.
настільна презентація Removal of rubbish from building or stand areas.
настільний дисплей and/or services ordered up front.
настільний мікрофон Technique whereby, with the help of a microphone and an amplifier, the volume of the human voice is amplified.
наукова зустріч Referring to the number of groups and attendees meeting in a city during a specific time frame.
наукова програма Admission card confirming a booking and registration to a meeting.
науковий комітет directional tool of indication providing information as to where people should go
науковий секретаріат One of two or more persons appointed as chairman/president on an equal footing.
науково-дослідницький центр 1. Domestic/national: a meeting of an organization with membership from a single nation available to meet in only that nation. 2. Domestic/Regional: a meeting of an organization with membership from a single nation available to meet in only a given region of that nation. 3. Domestic/sub-regional: a meeting of an organization with membership from a single nation available to meet in only a given sub-region of that nation.
національна зустріч A session which is similar to another session involving the exchange of information (cf parallel session).
національність Unbudgeted expense.
нашийний мікрофон; мікрофон-підвіска; Device enabling sound to be intensified.
негатив; зворотня копія Written copy of spoken material.
недоплата Statement of income and expenditure following the end of an event.
незакритий рахунок Accurate account of the financial position at any given date showing all credits annnd debits within heads of income and expenditure.
неконференція Social media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.
ненаправлений мікрофон Apparatus for transmitting radio waves through space.
необладнаний стенд; порожній стенд Scale plan of the floor area of an exhibition.
непередбачувані обставини a large outdoor board for advertising
неплатник To make a reservation.
несезон Reduced rate (often 1/2 of the regular rate) for a room used part of the day, including the period after check-out time.
неформальна зустріч The building and environment area where the meeting takes place.
низький сезон The charge placed on wine, beer and liquor brought into a facility but purchased elsewhere. The charge sometimes includes glassware, ice and mixers.
нова реєстрація Contract clause which limits liability should a performance be prevented due to disruptive circumstances beyond control. Usually inclement weather does not apply.
номер для розваг (Liquor) drink served and charged for by the full bottle. Organizer owns any bottle on which the seal has been broken.
номер з верандою; веранда Procedure for guest departure including account settlement.
номер-люкс Conveyance which travels back and forth over a particular route, especially a short route or one connecting two other transport systems.
номінація Person who speaks on behalf of a group.
ноутбук; портативний комп’ютер Lettering generated by a computer.
ночівлі Division of a convention bureau responsible for assisting organizers handling hotel reservations for meeting attendees.
обід; ланч; другий сніданок Number of rooms reserved for one group.
обладнання стенду Use of floor space outside exclusive booth area.
облаштування приміщень Screen intended to provide information and to notify participants who are called away for urgent reasons during the session, without disturbing the meeting.
обмеження часу виступу Plan or other document showing where individuals should be seated for an event. Particularly applies to a banquet or on a platform at a meeting.
обмінний ваучер; путівка Sport shirt (possibly with jacket) for men; resort wear for women.
обмінність Signed authority to proceed with an item of expenditure.
Обов’язковий the development of individual national heritage eg music, science, art etc
Обслуговування в російському стилі Departing guest who fails to pay for accommodation.
обслуговуючий персонал конгресу European term for a travel professional who supervises arrival details and escorts tours.
овербукінг; надмірна кількість бронювань Reception for conference participants hosted by local or governmental authorities or other officials.
огляд майданчику Meeting participation available to organizations or individuals from one nation, meeting in that nation.
огляд пам’яток; екскурсія містом Exhibition space with booths at back on each side.
оголошення зустрічі Document describing and promoting the advantages of an item or service.
односпрямований мікрофон; кардиоїдний мікрофон Speaker system that connects the control room with the studio.
ознайомча екскурсія International meeting with a minimum of 100 participants from at least four countries.
ознайомчий візит; виїзд на підприємство Drink served as an introductory gesture of welcome.
оновити Adjustable lamps with direct or high intensity light.
Опера Instant messaging (IM) is a form of real-time, direct text-based communication between two or more people. More advanced instant messaging software clients also allow enhanced modes of communication, such as live voice or video calling.
Операційний директор (C.O.O.) Expert who provides advice and assistance to a client on specific assignments. For very large projects, a consulting firm may be retained rather than an individual.
опис майна One of two or more exhibit spaces back to back with an aisle on three sides.
опікунська рада A number of persons associated in some joint action; a definite number of persons working together.
організатор промислової виставки A group of people appointed for a specific purpose.
організаційний комітет
організаційний секретаріат Group of people from the host country, city or region of an event.
організаційні деталі; інструкції з підготовки Suspension of the meeting either indefinitely or until a later date.
організація дозвілля An informal social gathering.
оренда стендів Small exhibit on tables; often used in combination with posters.
орендатор Principal executive officer of a company.
орендний тариф Cleaning services to individual stand areas.
орендні тарифи; вартість оренди Pamphlet containing information for potential exhibitors and other interested parties on the conditions, technical points, cost of exhibition space and floor plan of the exhibition.
орендодавець The office responsible for the administrative, clerical and secretarial affairs surrounding planning, and management of a conference (cf conference).
оригінал-макет; графічний оригінал; типографічний оригінал Short account of a speech, debate or discussion.
Орієнтир; базис zoho is a suite of online web applications geared toward business productivity and collaboration.
Оркут (Orkut) Joomla is a content management system (CMS) that enables users to build websites and online applications.
освітлення приміщення Microphone designed particularly for use close to the mouth of the speaker.
освітня програма Display of material, usually scientific, accompanied by authors or researchers.
освітянська зустріч Session which has some correspondence, similarity, or analogy of subject and aim and is simultaneous with another session.
оснащення на місці Process of supplying or removing air by natural or mechanical means to or from any space.
особа, що супроводжує; супутник; відвідувач  Person selected to deputize for, or assist, the chairman in controlling and managing either a committee or a meeting session.
остаточна програма Identification card to enable exhibitors to gain access to an exhibition.
острівний стенд; стенд у проході Total cost of hiring an exhibition space, whether or not it includes ancillary services (security, connection to water, electricity supply, etc.).
офіційна вечеря A government document which permits the "licensee" to engage in the export of designated goods to certain destinations.
офіційна квитанція Preliminary calculation of the cost of work to be undertaken.
офіційна мова A special line reserved to a specific usage (language, speech on walkie talkies, etc).
офіційний авіаперевізник Booking for events taking place at a future time.
офіційний прийом Tour which can be purchased by individuals at an additional cost.
офсетний друк Printed volume containing summaries of accepted papers.
офшорна зустріч A seminar which forms part of a larger event (cf seminar).
охоронець Person or company which provides customs clearing services to shippers of goods to and from another country.
пакет документів конференції; інформаційний пакет; пакет документів конгресу Meeting of event organizers and hotel personnel prior to arrival of guests, at which time details of the programme are reviewed.
пакети Stand-up social function with only canapés and beverages.
пакетний план Company or individual who plans the logistical arrangements in connection with an exhibition.
Палац electonic publishing
палет; піддон Stand constructed with plywood or similar material as opposed to one formed by drapery only.
Пандора Klout is a measure of social influence. The service allows users to connect various social accounts such as Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, etc., and then provides every user with his or her Klout score. The score is out of 100–the higher the score, the more inlfuence you have on the social world.
панельна зустріч; панельна дискусія Meeting or series of meetings of specialists who have different skills but have a specific common interest and have come together for training or learning purposes. The work schedule of a seminar is aimed at enriching the skills of the participants.
Панчбоул (Punchbowl) Inbound marketing is a style of marketing that essentially focuses permission-based marketing techniques that businesses can use to get found by potential customers, convert those prospects into leads and customers, and analyze the process along the way. Inbound marketing leverages tactics such as SEO, blogging, social media, lead generation, email marketing, lead nurturing, and analytics. It is in direct contrast to outbound marketing, which utilizes traditional interruptive marketing tactics such as direct mail, trade shows, print and TV advertising, and cold calling.
параболічний екран Room where speakers can check their slides, overhead sheets and video tapes.
паралельне засідання Informal gathering, not necessarily social.
паралельні засідання Group of experts meeting on an equal basis to review and discuss specialized, professional matters, either in closed session or, more frequently, before an audience and with a public discussion with a view to arousing awareness of the issues being debated, or to prompting political, institutional, social or other action.
паркувальник Executive responsible for financial affairs of an organization.
пасажир зі списку очікування Where several hotels are used for one event, the hotel where the main administrative and hospitality functions are located.
пасивна мова Interpreting both ways: from and into the foreign language.
пасивний спостерігач; пасивний користувач; луркер A hashtag is a tag used on the social network Twitter as a way to annotate a message. A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a “#.” Example: #yourhashtag. Hashtags are commonly used to show that a tweet, a Twitter message, is related to an event or conference, online or offline.
патрон; покровитель Member of a meeting audience who participates in discussion during a meeting session.
первинна версія; перший варіант List of delegates registered to attend an event.
перегородка Series of tables set up in the shape of a T with chairs set all around except at head table.
передавач Situation where room lights are turned off or video screen becomes black.
передній стенд;  Process of assigning space to exhibiting companies.
переклад пошепки In the sense of a service provided, as distinct from an administrative unit, the translation of written material from one language to another.
перекладач переговорів Initial language in which a document is drafted or a speech delivered.
перелік делегатів; список делегатів Application to put a question during a meeting session to a particular speaker and on a specific subject; usually to be submitted in advance of the session.
перелік експонентів; список експонентів Presentation of an event via the medía or other outlets, emphasizing its benefits and desirability.
Перелік необхідного функціоналу Word/phrase usually printed at back of title page and bearing signature and date on which publication was approved as ready for press.
Перелік необхідного функціоналу
перелік учасників; перелік присутності Document or letter sent to all registered delegates confirming that they are fully registered for the event giving details of where and when they register their attendance, confirmation of residential accommodation, bookings for special events, etc.
перемикач Type of display screen
Перенос зустрічі Identifying card worn by attendees to a meeting.
Переносити Vimeo is a popular video sharing service in which users can upload videos to be hosted online and shared and watched by others. Vimeo user videos are often more artistic, and the service does not allow commercial video content. 
переносний мікрофон System for message transmission by radio.
переплетення Computer-based system for writing, editing and formatting letters, reports and books.
перерва для відновлення сил Busy times of year during which hotels normally charge higher rates.
перерва на каву Time of year at which hotel occupancy is lowest and bargain rates are usually offered.
перерва на чай The provision of food and beverages.
перехресне паралельне засідання Conference with parallel programme session when participants have the choice to follow one or the other road or to jump from one track to the other during the duration of the meeting.
період монтажу; час для монтажу Items which can be supplied on hire to stands, e.g. lighting, shelves, carpet, etc.
Пермалінк; постійне посилання Lifecasting is a continual broadcast of events in a person’s life through digital media. Typically, lifecasting is transmitted through the internet and can involve wearable technology.
перша допомога Free of obstacles hindering the movement of disabled persons to all public areas within a building.
петличний мікрофон; мікрофон на краватку A microphone that is held by the individual – can be wireless or wired
петличний мікрофон; нагрудний мікрофон Audio and/or visual system used for the purpose of broadcasting or visualizing speech, music or other sounds or images to a large audience.
петля Meeting place in venue for individual appointments of delegates.
письмовий перекладач конференції Run-through of technical aspects of a show such a lighting, sound, special effects. Sometimes called "tech-check".
ПіАр; зв’язки з громадськістю; PR Written document issued by an organization which contains requirements for their future events.
під егідою Movement of funds between banks or from one bank account to another.
під патронатом Payment format issued by a bank.
підведення води; водопостачання Exhibit constructed with interchangeable components.
підвісні елементи Board giving exhibitor’s name in an exhibition or indicating the purposes of service desks in a conference reception area.
підготовче засідання Discussion with a moderator and two or more participants on a certain subject.
під’єднання до електрики; джерело подачі електроенергії Unassembled exhibit material requiring on-site assembly.
підкомітет those persons or organisations who have an interest in a given project or investment
підмостки Exhibited goods and/or services ordered on-site.
підпис вповноваженої особи A member of the security service who is employed to protect building, people, etc.
підсилювач Gradual changing of one picture or sound or colour to another.
підсилювач голосу Area, property or specific facility to be used for meeting.
підсобні приміщення Board displaying one or more notices or warnings.
підсумкова кількість Booking and or payment to attend a meeting. Inclusion as a participant in an event; booking and payment to attend a meeting.
підсумкова кількість Name by which all immediate family members are known. Women usually (but not always) adopt their husband’s family name upon marriage.
підтверджене бронювання Full-course meal menu at a fixed price.
підтвердження замовлення Interpreting system operated by radio waves and hence without wire or cable connections to the headsets.
підтвердження реєстрації; квитанція Actual cost of a travel programme excluding mark-ups or commissions.
підтвердження; підтверджене резервування All non-intellectual oriented meetings.
підтримка Generally a comprehensive collection of meeting documentation within its container.
пізнавальний візит; візит для ознайомлення Educational and/or social events planned for spouses and guests of meeting participants.
пізня реєстрація Clause in contract ensuring that a group or company will not be responsible in the event of a claim.
Пінг-технології See tablet
плазма See smartphone
плакатна панель Area in hotel or meeting venue offering various office facilities.
план виставкового простору List of exhibiting firms, usually with locations.
план наповнення приміщення; план розстановки Machine for photocopying documents.
план столів; план розсадки Rate covering all elements in the cost of a room, including gratuities and taxes.
план території Complete alphabetical list of exhibitors, their products and, often, their headquarters and sales points; usually incorporates a floor plan and advertising.
план-маршрут; Platform dimensions of width, length and height vary by facility used to create a stage.
планувач зустрічі (US) A committee of inspection, control.
Планшет A type of social media
планшетний комп’ютер A series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are downloaded via the web
платіжне доручення Process of maintaining levels of expenditure within the budget.
платний бар Plan showing location of tables at a banquet or dinner. Usually accompanied by an alphabetical listing showing at which tables individuals should be seated.
пленарна асамблея A meeting of the governing body of an organization.
пленарне засідання Group of participants debating separately within some types of meeting. Similar to a working group but with no expectation of reports or papers.
пленарне засідання Contribution made verbally.
побічний продукт to decline to use ones vote
повна вартість A professional organization/establishment formed to promote education, literature, art, or the like.
повний пансіон; американський тарифний план Ticket which travellers exchange for prepaid services such as accommodation, meals and tours.
повний текст Reversed form of original art or type.
повністю обладнаний стенд; Basic charge for a square metre of exhibition space.
повноваження на платіж Process of obtaining the true price of an item of expenditure.
поворотна платформа Stand equipped with all services and facilities such as electrics, fascia, carpet, lighting, etc.
повсякденний одяг; діловий костюм; Organized outing to a specific place of interest.
податок на виїзд Phrase used to indicate endorsement of an event by an eminent individual or body.
податок на додану вартість; ПДВ Official acknowledgement of money received.
подвійне бронювання Pre-paid reservation held until agreed arrival time, or check-out time the next day, whichever occurs first. Guest is responsible for payment if reservation is not cancelled.
подвійний двомісний номер, подвійний дабл Midday meal; sometimes with speeches or presentations during meetings of professional associations.
подія Business-oriented meetings in which the participants represent the same company, corporate group, joint-venture or client/provider relations with an orientation towards improving or achieving business, competing in conditions far from perfect competition.
Подкаст Information Technology is the area of managing technology and encompasses wide variety of areas that include computer software, information systems, computer hardware and programming languages
Подкаст A “Like” is an action that can be made by a Facebook user. Instead of writing a comment for a message or a status update, a Facebook user can click the "Like" button as a quick way to show approval and share the message. 
подовжений день Established principle or mode of action to be followed in order to obtain the accreditation.
позачергове засідання Group with a specific task at which the participants discuss a particular subject, analysing it from all possible angles. It is usually intended to arrive at a common position within the group for the proposal to a higher body of a solution to that problem. Also, group meeting to learn a particular technique by means of the practical application of the methods and techniques in question.
позитив Written transcript given as a result of acceptance of the submitted abstract on a subject chosen by the author.
позиція; посада A financial instrument guaranteeing a specific rate of exchange in a foreign currency for a future transaction.
показ товарів Contains the names and addresses of the persons to whom publicity material or other information is to be sent.
показник заповнення Reserving space for two groups (or persons) for the same dates when only one group (or person) can be accommodated.
покімнатний список Person or firm qualified to arrange for hotel rooms, transportation, cruises, tours, and other travel elements.
покровительство; патронаж Insufficient payment/funds received for items ordered.
полиці Stand at the head of a row.
політика відшкодування Money forwarded by or to a bank.
положення про форс-мажор An item entered on creditor side of an account (oppos. of "debit"). To add one sum to another.
понаднормова робота Fundamental or leading speech made usually at the beginning of a meeting.
попереднє замовлення Exhibition space located on an outside edge of exhibition area.
попереднє оголошення; первинне оголошення; перше оголошення Preprinted document on which facilities can be ordered.
попереднє сервірування One rate for each room in a guest room block.
попередній друк Initial notification of the event, generally outlining the basic framework of a meeting; a widely circulated document, sometimes called a flyer.
попередня реєстрація Supported by… (either financially or otherwise).
попередня участь у конгресі Denotes place of birth (not necessarily nationality).
популяризація A name card which identifies you.
портфель, папка Meeting event not taking place in the country of the originating body.
порядок денний Inspection to assess facilities or location.
посадовці Person who introduces topic of discussion and controls the discussion in the group.
посередник planning for an uncertain event
посиденьки Organized outings taking place before (pre-) or after (post-) the working conference for both accompanying persons and delegates.
посильний the greater number of
посібник з формування цінової пропозиції Button on a computer keyboard.
посібник з формування цінової пропозиції
послідовний переклад A system of controlling multimedia presentations by displaying computer generated images onto a white board. The board copies all information written or taped onto it, and saves, publishes or prints out the notes.
послідовний перекладач A devise that projects from portable computer or desktop PC onto a screen.
Послуги догляду за дітьми Organized performance for entertainment, usually in the evening.
послуги з питань культури A system which ranks dignitaries according to international protocol for purposes of seating, honours or ceremonies.
послуги письмового перекладу The desk from which the technicians operate microphones and audio visual equipment.
послуги та засоби Definite break in meeting for a specific and unprogrammed reason.
Посольство divisions of a book or a membership association
Поставка projector to which a laptop is connected
постер; стендова доповідь Formal proposal to be discussed and voted on in a meeting.
Постерос (Posterous) Link building is an aspect of search engine optimization in which website owners develop strategies to generate links to their site from other websites with the hopes of improving their search engine ranking. Blogging has emerged as a popular method of link building.
постійна посада Group of people who meet with responsibility for budgeting, cashflow, accounting and controlling finance and whose chairman is generally the treasurer of the event.
постійний виставковий майданчик Cost per square metre/foot for exhibition space.
постійний комітет set of imagery et in a power point presentation, formerly a collection of slides
ПостРенк (PostRank) LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site. Founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking. As of June 2010, LinkedIn had more than 70 million registered users, spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.
поступове затемнення Machine designed only for playback of recorded magnetic tapes.
походження учасника Denotes country of parental nationality.
початкове(і) засідання Groups whose members and suppliers work in scientific, research or applied sciences. USA/Canada: Non-medical meetings of professional organizations.
почесний голова; почесний президент Person appointed to handle organizational functions and who is given certain administrative authority and responsibilities.
почесний комітет a specified area in which an indvidual company can exhibit
почесний президент Hotel staff person responsible for selling group and local food and beverage functions.
почесний секретар Permanent head of the general organization.
поштове відділення Premises built specifically for holding meetings and exhibitions.
Пошук у режимі реального часу A content mashup contains multiple types of media drawn from pre-existing sources to create a new work. Digital mashups allow individuals or businesses to create new pieces of content by combining multiple online content sources.
правила акредитації Agency that collects and distributes information to the news media.
прес-аташе Process of fastening pages of books, brochures, magazines, together.
прес-конференція The proposal submitted by a destination or a property inviting a group to meet in their venue.
прес-набір; прес-матеріали Binding process using wire staples.
прес-офіс The complete version of a text
прес-реліз,  прес-комюніке Binding process by which folded sections of book or magazine are laced on top of one another and stiched together from top to bottom.
прибирання сміття Material exhibited by the various exhibitors; such material is usually insured or has its value stated in writing for insurance purposes.
прибирання стендів; послуги прибирання Thin wooden, or metal, boards fixed horizontally on a wall for displaying objects and sales materials.
приблизна програма; намічена програма Document upon which a participant at an event gives all relevant information about him/herself and his/her intended participation in the conference and associated activities.
привітальне слово; вітальна промова; вступне слово That which happens, an occurrence.
призупинка зустрічі Outline of an event or a speech highlighting relevant items, sometimes showing different types of outcome.
приймач Technique of superimposing two images on a screen at the same time.
приймаюча країна Speaker, specifically requested to speak to the audience on a given topic.
приймаюча сторона Someone who delivers a speech or talks at a meeting. The term "lecturer" is restricted to academic contexts.
прийом Each food item is served by waiter from platter to individual.
Прикладний програмний інтерфейс (ППІ, англ. API) Stands for User Generated Content and referes to a range of Media Content available in a range of communication technologies; mobile, web that enable the individual to create the content
прилавок Dimensions of assigned space.
Примусовий recording of votes
припинення зустрічі Card, placed on the table, inscribed with the name of the person designated to sit at that place.
Пристрій запису DVD A service for iPhone and iPad users which allows them to browse and download mobile applications as well as music or video files
приховані витрати In the context of meetings and the like, ‘patronage" primarily means endorsement by eminent individuals (e.g. Royalty or ambassadors) or bodies.
Прізвище An examination, by qualified persons, of accounts of a business.
пробковий збір; корковий збір Guest room that is guaranteed by credit card or advance payment if arrival is later than a specified time, usually 6.00 p.m.
програма Identification card to enable exhibitors to gain access to an exhibition.
програма конференції; брошура з програмою Form requesting authorization to give a demonstration.
продюсер виставки Day and hour ( deadline) by which stands must be dismantled and exhibition area empty.
проект рішення; рамкове рішення Printed timetable of events at a meeting, including working sessions with locations and the names of speakers, and social events.
проектор A system for communications between the speaker and the projectionist or between the chairman and the speaker.
Проекція на будівлю Procedure for guest arrival and registration.
прожектор Seating location for honoured guests and/or meeting presenters.
проживання зі сніданком;  Officially designated airline that handles meeting transportation at preferential prices.
прокат автомобілів A service concerned with arranging sports activities or activities involving physical exertion and skill.
промислова виставка Person
промова Separately issued reprint of a part of a publication or document.
промоутер Leaflet or brochure with essentials on forthcoming event.
пропозиція Timetable of meeting content.
пропуск; пропуск експонента A group of people responsible for interpreting simultaneously, usually utilising equipment.
Пропускна здатність  Yelp is a social network and local search website that provides users with a platform to review, rate, and discuss local businesses.
пропущений номер Equipment for sending and receiving facsimiles of printed or pictorial matter by analog or digital transmission either over a telephone line or via a telecommunications network.
проспект виставки Event at which products and services are displayed.
протипожежне страхування Vehicle with a power-operated pronged platform for lifting and carrying loads.
протокол Document sent out in advance of the meeting containing details of the provisional programme of the event, together with information about registration and a registration form. For a scientific meeting the call for papers will often be sent out with this document.
протокол Organized outing to a local place of interest.
протокол FTP wireless technology for exchanging data over short distances using fixed or mobile devices
професійна сфера 1. Certified Meeting Professional: accredited designation offered by the US Convention Liaison Council.  This designation certifies competency in 2areas of meeting management through application and examination. 2. Complete Meeting Package: an all-inclusive plan offered by conference centers: includes lodging, all meals and support services
професійний відвідувач; відвідувач-покупець Publicizing and supporting an event.
професійний організатор конференцій; PCO (ПіСіО); організатор зустрічей; Компанія з організації заходів в місці призначення; DMC (ДіЕмСі) Usually an honorary body which does not meet frequently (if at all) and can be called upon for advice as necessary.
прохід між рядами Contractor appointed by show or building management as the sole agent to provide services.
пульт дистанційного управління Microphone that picks up sound from all directions.
п’ятнична рекомендація; Фолоу Фрайдей; Фоллоу-п’ятниця (Follow Friday; #ff) Compete is a web-based application that offers users and businesses web analytics and enables people to compare and contrast the statistics for different websites over time.
радіомікрофон Device that converts electrical energy into sound waves and is worn over or inserted into the ear.
радіосистема Horizontally or vertically separated video pictures shown simultaneously.
радник Group of people meeting specifically to discuss, supervise and co-ordinate the scientific content of the programme, and who, where appropriate, would select papers from submitted abstracts.
разовий стенд; одноразовий стенд Height of the ceiling of the exhibition hall.
райдер Money received by way of a loan to be refunded in due course and not subject to any interest charges.
Рандеву by way of breaking into someone else’s computer programme
раннє прибуття Evening meal for a group; not usually ceremonial.
рання реєстрація Submitting an application/booking and/or payment to attend a meeting made prior to the opening day.
рахунок-фактура Clause in a contract whereby a party explicitly refuses to accept responsibility for something.
Рація; вокі-токі a device that allows delegates to find other delegates while at the same event.
Реддіт (Reddit) A meme on the internet is used to describe a thought, idea, joke, or concept to be shared online. It is typically an image with text above and below it, but can also come in video and link form. A popular example is the "I Can Has Cheezburger?" cat meme that turned into an entire site of memes.
реєстраційна форма Simultaneous interpreting using telecommunications facilities, e.g. via satellite.
реєстраційний внесок Outline of accounting and banking systems.
Реєстрація The carrying out of financial operations.
реєстрація на місці; A draft which matures either a certain number of days after acceptance or a certain number of days after the date of draft.
резервування приміщення, номеру A service concerned with the organization of free or unoccupied time.
резолюція Normally pocket size, a small book containing useful information and instructions relating to an event and the locality in which it is to be held.
резюме List of delegates and accompanying persons registered to attend an event.
резюме дискусії Update information sheet, generally used for promotional purposes.
рейкове освітлення A system which enables the audience to respond to prepared questions by means of a multifunction keypad. Responses are fed to a computer which tabulates them and displays the results graphically on a projection screen.
реклама у ЗМІ Official authorization to cover an event. The process of granting such authorization.
рекламна кампанія Written short version of speech or paper.
Рекламне турне ribbon or string around the neck holding a badge or identification
рекламні матеріали A phrase at the top of the newspaper, magazine article, indicating the subject of the article.
рекомендація Document containing the definitive meeting and social programme, circulated immediately prior to a meeting or distributed at the commencement of an event.
реостат; диммер; регулятор освітлення Armless chair.
репетиція Membership or meeting participation available to organizations or individuals from all nations that meet worldwide. The term most commonly applied to this definition is International.
ресепшеніст Group of those qualified to teach
ресепшн Departure of individual passenger from established group itinerary.
Ретвіт MySpace is a social networking website owned by News Corporation. MySpace became the most popular social networking site in the United States in June 200and was overtaken internationally by its main competitor, Facebook, in April 2008.
речник Person in charge of planning and managing transportation arrangements for participants.
ризик someone acting between parties
Рівня belonging to a different race from your own
робоча група Informal meeting for the purpose of discussion; usually of an academic or research nature and aimed at ascertaining areas of mutual interest through exchanges of ideas. Frequency: as and when appropriate, but with little regularity.
робоча мова Regeneration of sound from audio speakers back through a microphone causing a dissonant sound.
робоча програма; робочий графік Form for submission of an abstract to support an application to present a paper; for assessment and screening by a selection committee, often referred to as an "abstract form".
робоча сесія; робоче засідання Telephone conversation involving a number of subscribers simultaneously.
робочий візит Reception/party where welcome drinks are served.
робочий ланч Block reservation of rooms specifically for a group.
робочій сцени Executive responsible for day-to-day operations of an organization.
розваги Booth constructed with plywood or similar material (as opposed to booth formed by drapery only).
розважальна програма Area on premises where goods are received.
розділений екран Equipment for playing back video and audio signals on magnetic tape.
розібраний стенд Usually a temporary construction with a small internal space where products are shown; specially built, assembled and equipped for shows, exhibitions and fairs.
розігрів Date(s) for installation/setting up of event.
розмітка території Material that is flame resistant.
розміщення в готелі A service concerned with the organization of excursions which are purely pleasure (cf sightseeing tour).
розміщення публікацій See media player
розмноження документів Oral translation whereby an interpreter does not translate directly, but interprets the translation of a colleague, usually because he is not qualified to work directly from the original language.
розповсюдження документів Only interpreter in the team assigned to a meeting who is able to translate out of a lesser used language and functions as a "relay" for the rest of the team in relation to that language.
розподіл площ; розподіл стендів Evening on which the exhibition will remain open later than usual.
Розсадка "лекційна аудиторія"/"театральна зала" Emergency care or treatment given to an ill or injured person before a doctor arrives.
розсадка; план розсадки; порядок розсадки OST is an approach to meeting facilitation which enables groups from 5- 1,000 to efficiently deal with complex issues in creating self-managed task groups. No pre-planning is required for agenda preparation and only one facilitator is needed.
розсадка-кабаре joining in pursuit of common interest
розстановка "класна кімната" Action required to dismantle a function setup.
розстановка "перпендикулярна класна  кімната" Action required to break down and reset a room.
розстановка "шеврон"; розстановка "риб’яча спина"; розстановка "V-образна шкільна кімната" Area adjacent to main event area for set up, dismantling and temporary storage.
розстановка буквою "U"; розстановка латинською "Ю" Door, clear of obstructions, designed for egress in the event of fire or panic.
розстановка буквою "Е" Samtory convenience.
розстановка буквою "Т" Layout of tables, chairs, other furniture, and equipment for functions.
розстановка півколом Stand where lost items may be recovered.
розстановка півмісяцем Same as auditorium or theatre style except chairs are in a semicircle.
розстановка підковою Room in which outer garments may be left temporarily.
розстановка-каре; розстановка "порожній квадрат" Floor plan with specific requirements (dais, tables, chairs, etc.) drawn to scale.
розшифровка Full and exact transcript in writing of all speeches, debates and discussions.
розщеплення to postpone proceedings
Ролл-ап; скручене в рулон the art of moving people and/or resources from one place to another
рухомий екран Items provided by or available from the organizer to enable the customer, delegate or committee to get maximum benefits from an event, such as the provision of secretarial services, cleaning, power, transportation, catering, etc.
рухомий рядок Equipment used to project a video image on a large screen.
ручний мікрофон Lighting which can be coloured and creates a flood of light up/on the wall
рядкова літера Materials ready for photographic reproduction.
саміт the obtaining of quotations and proposals
самостійний експонат Total amount of space in exhibition hall or meeting room.
санкція на витрати; доручення на купівлю The services which accompany a meeting (stewards, technicians, interpreters, etc).
сателітна зустріч; супутникова зустріч Every prearranged session of a meeting.
сателітний/супутниковий семінар Meetings comprised of people employed or working within the education industry.
сателітний/супутниковий симпозіум Method to increase audience participation by dividing all participants in discussion groups each of which reports the group’s findings and opinions during a following plenary session.
світлодиод; LED Wireless microphone, to allow the speaker free movement around the stage during his/her presentation
сегментація мережі interpretation booths/cabin for the interpreters for multi-language events
сегменти ринку Duration of the time accorded to speakers.
секретаріат конференції Delegate to an assembly who observes and reports but does not participate officially in its activities.
секційне засідання Meeting or part of a meeting set aside for an open discussion by recognized participants on subjects of mutual interest.
семінар The attendance of a participant to previous meetings undertaken by the same organization and by other organizations.
сервісний збір Rate inclusive of breakfast and any other meal, usually dinner, in addition to room.
серія слайдів list of people, registrations, or items
Сесійний таймер зворотнього відліку Is a type of video projector for displaying video, images or computer data on a screen or other flat surface.
сигнал Microphone fixed on a support-stand.
сигнальна лампочка камери Equipment for projecting cine film.
симпозіум The residence of the participant (town, region, country). If residence and nationality do not coincide, they may be registered separately.
сингл; номер для одного In the context of air transport, hotels, restaurants, tours: situation where number of confirmed reservations exceeds number of seats, rooms, places available.
синхронний переклад A compact instrument consisting of a visible light laser, used for pointing out features on a projected visual display.
Система голосування The use of a dedicated website to communicate informally with other members of the site, by posting messages, photographs, etc
система загального оповіщення; система публічних виступів; трансляційна мережа; трансляційне обладнання Slide technique which creates an illusion of movement when used in rapid sequence.
система зв’язку High-intensity light source for large screens or long projection distances.
система ранжування пріоритетів individual room within an exhibition venue.
Система реагування аудиторії Distance between rows of seats on an aircraft.
Сізмік (Seesmic) A permalink is an address or URL of a particular post within a blog or website.
сімейний тариф; сімейний тарифний план Short interval between sessions during the morning or afternoon at which coffee is served.
Скайп (Skype) Is a type of flat panel display
Скайп (Skype) PostRank monitors and collects social engagement related to content around the web. Essentially it helps publishers understand which type of content promotes sharing on the social web.
скарбник The individual who plans a trade show, reserves the space, markets to exhibitors and promotes attendance by buyers.
склянобісерний екран Area in meeting venue for telephone, fax, telex or teleconferencing facilities.
Скрібд (Scribd) Opera is an open-source web browser. While not as popular as Firefox, Opera is used as the default browser on some gaming systems and mobile devices.
слайд Audio and visual support for meeting, us. ally taking the form of film, slides, overhead projection, flip charts and blackboards.
СлайдШер (SlideShare) Light Emitting Diode – Flat panel display which uses LED as a video display
СлайдШер (SlideShare) Posterous is a blogging and content syndication platform that allows users to post content from any computer or mobile device by sending an e-mail.
служба безпеки Spaces or areas where meetings, banquets, exhibitions or other group events are held.
служба з питань спорту Reservation of seats at a theatre.
смартфон A business orientated Social Networking site
СМС-взаємодія з аудиторією The transmission over the Internet of video of an event as it happens – real time
соціальна вечеря Conference Terminology
соціальна програма; соціальні заходи Management providing furniture and/or services to exhibitors for a single fee.
соціальні зустрічі Arrangements for care of children during a short absence of the parents.
Соціальні медіа Media library application for playing audio, video and viewing files
Соціальні медіа Qik is an online video streaming service that lets users stream video live from their mobile phones to the web.
спеціальний секретар Person accompanying a tour and giving detailed knowledge of places of interest.
спеціальний тариф; корпоративний тариф; груповий тариф; комерційний тариф Roster of individuals requiring guest room accommodations including type of accommodation and arrival and departure dates.
список попередньої реєстрації Name given to identify individual family members.
список розсилки Space reserved for media representatives.
спів-голова; спів-президент Group which decides on the order of the procedures.
співекспонент Meeting held to communicate information to media representatives.
спілкування в соцмережах Splitting a computer network into subnetworks ie: Organisers, Speakers, Delegates, etc either to boost performance or to  improve security.
спонсорство Government tax levied on goods and services.
спонсуючі установи, спонсори Method of settling a bill/account.
спостерігач Person selected to preside over a session or lead a committee.
срібний сервіс Expenses other than room and tax, billed to a guest’s account.
Ставлення A podcast, or non-streamed webcast, is a series of digital media files, either audio or video, that are released episodically and often downloaded through an RSS feed.
сталість a front of house welcoming representative
СтамблАпон (StumbleUpon) Real-time search is the method of indexing content being published online into search engine results with virtually no delay.
стандартний тариф; тариф "від стійки" Oral or written agreement by a facility to accept a request for accommodation; to be binding the agreement must state the intent of the parties, the particular date, the rate, type of accommodations, and the number to be accommodated; oral agreement may require guest credit card number.
стаціонарна система All informational and directional signs required for an event.
стаціонарні сидіння Place where emergency care is provided.
стенд Company which provides services to exhibition management and exhibitors.
стенд з жорсткої конструкції Maximum amount of weight per unit of area which a floor can support.
стенд з жорсткої конструкції 1. Space which is reserved but not yet contracted for. The right of refusal to confirm a tentative space reservation if there is demand from another group. Same as: Tentative Hold.
стенд посеред ряду; Form for official request to utilize a particular space.
стендове засідання; стендова сесія Group session in which all participants contribute creative ideas which are not initially judged for merit.
стендовий підрядник Exhibition open to the public, usually subject to payment of an entrance fee.
стендовий простір; розмір стенду Contract stating terms and conditions for rental of exhibition venue or for individual stand/booth within a venue.
стенд-півострів System used to determine priorities in the assignment of booth space.
стенографічний запис The content of the meeting described in chronological order and generally including the full list of speakers and the titles of their papers.
стислий звіт Official summary of meeting events.
стіл довідок Guidelines for those presenting a poster.
стіл президії Conference seating where chairs are arranged in rows facing head table, stage or speaker.
стіл реєстрації Temporary break in meeting for a specific and unprogrammed reason.
стілець Series of tables set up in the shape of a U with chairs set all around.
стільці з підставкою для писання Tables set up in the shape of an E with chairs on the outside of the closed end and on both sides of each leg.
страхове свідоцтво Type larger than that used in body of page.
страховка пасажирів Non-working evening function at which a meal is served.
стрижневий перекладач; перекладач проміжної ланки Language in which the various aspects of a meeting are conducted in practice.
стрім у прямому ефірі; Інтернет-трансляція наживо A device commonly used for closed communication
стрічка новин Instagram is a photo sharing application that lets users take photos, apply filters to their images, and share the photos instantly on the Instagram network and other social networks like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Foursquare. The app is targeted toward mobile social sharing, and in just over one year, it has gained almost 1million users. Currently, it is only available for iPhone devices.
строковий вексель A demand for money detailing goods, with prices, sold or consigned to a purchaser.
Структурована мережева платформа Ping is a computer network administration utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network and to measure the round-trip time for connectivity
субпідряд those persons of the same status as yourself
субпідрядник Day of an exhibition restricted to attendance by professional or trade visitors.
сувеніри/компліменти Room containing one bed for two persons.
Суміжні кімнати/приміщення Facility to hire a car.
суміжні номери Bedroom(s) at a hotel and rooming arrangements; usually specifying the hotel classification in terms of its amenities, facilities, level of service and cost.
суфлер Part of the stage farthest from the audience or camera, as opposed to downstage
сцена; подіум Room where an assembly meets.
сценарій Hosted trip to assess facilities, locations or services.
таблички для позначення проходів Attachment of devices to the frame work of an exhibition hall.
табло з поточним графіком Actual number of people attending a function.
табльдот; бізнес-ланч; комплексний обід Complimentary items in sleeping rooms such as special toiletries, morning newspaper, flowers, fruit, sweets or small gifts provided for guests.
ТайпПед (TypePad) Skype is a free program that allows for text, audio, and video chats between users. Additionally, users can purchase plans to receive phone calls through their Skype account.
Тамблр (Tumblr) Scribd turns document formats such as PDF, Word, and PowerPoint into a web document for viewing and sharing online.
тариф за квадратний метр Book of instructions and information for exhibitors regarding the exhibition venue and services offered by the organizing body.
тарифікація "час+матеріали" Money obtained from bodies or authorities to underwrite expenditure.
Тач-скрін A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) The system has fast readability and large storage capacity. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background.
Твін; Двомісний номер з двома ліжками Process of moving people or equipment from one point to another.
Твіт Return on Investment Methodology used for measuring the effectiveness of meetings and events. A planning and evaluation tool.
Твітап; твітріч Second Life is an online virtual world developed by Linden Lab that was launched on June 23, 2003. Users are called "residents," and they interact with each other through avatars. Residents can explore, meet other residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, create and trade virtual property and services with one another, and travel throughout the world.
ТвітДек (TweetDeck) Search engine optimization is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website from search engines via unpaid or organic search traffic.
Твіттер A technology to control the duration of a presentation
Твіттер Seesmic is a popular desktop and mobile social application. Using APIs, Seesmic allows users to share content on social networks such as Twitter and Google Buzz from the same application.
театральне бронювання Detailed programme of a visit or tour.
тези Strongly suggested course of action; sometimes has binding force.
тези доповіді Published volume containing papers presented at a meeting. May or may not include details of discussion.
текстовий процесор Visual presentation of a paper often displayed on a board and supported (for a limited time) by an author in attendance to discuss the work.
телеконференція 1. General and formal meeting of a legislative body, social or economic group in order to provide information on a particular situation and in order to deliberate and, consequently, establish consent on policies among the participants. Usually of limited duration with set objectives, but no determined frequency.
телепроектор Photographic transparency on a small plate or film arranged for projection.
телефакс; факс; факсимільний пристрій; телекопір The action of sending by mail; specifically a number of items posted at one time, especially as a part of a publicity campain, a survey, etc.
телефонна розетка Exhibit or display built for one use only.
тема зустрічі Official acknowledgement of receipt of registration and fees.
тематична вечірка Business or lounge suits and short day dresses; can include informal forms of national dress.
термінолог конференції Lights attached along a track mounted on a ceiling or wall permitting flexible spotlighting and other effects.
термінологія індустрії зустрічей; термінологія ринку організації конгресів; someone who runs, often between two points, eg a messenger
технічна зустріч Workshop-type educational experience where students learn by doing.
технічна репетиція A speaker’s prompt
технічний директор With two or more communication bands (e.g. receiver).
Технократі (Technorati) A retweet is when someone on Twitter sees your message and decides to re-share it with his/her followers. A retweet button allows them to quickly resend the message with attribution to the original sharer’s name.
технології відкритого простору A small or secondary meeting of a number of experts in a particular field (see "symposium’).
тимчасовий комітет; спеціальній комітет small branch, generally used in congress terms to depict a formal dinner table layout whereby rows of tables are set at rightangles to a long top table, each row representing a sprig
тимчасові площі Signs, usually suspended, indicating aisle numbers or letters.
тираж Speech submitted on a specific topic at the request of a committee.
титул Accounts receivable mailed to individuals or firms with established credit.
тімбілдинг; командостворюючі заходи meeting point
той,що не з’явився Two or more rooms with private connecting doors permitting access between them.
торговий день Media campaign, normally consisting of a series of publicity and advertising activities, aimed at ensuring optimal attendance by focussing attention on an event.
транзитне та виставкове страхування Motorized rotating platform.
транспорт Gatherings for social purposes.
Транспорт a narrative of events, year by year
транспортний координатор; транспортний менеджер Person who presides over an organization or meeting. Chairman can also be used to describe the person presiding over a committee or meeting session.
трансфер Stand-up social function with drinks and snacks.
тренд An RSS reader allows users to aggregate articles from multiple websites into one place using RSS feeds. The purpose of these aggregators is to allow for a faster and more efficient consumption of information. An example of an RSS Reader is Google Reader.
трибуна; подіум Meeting room set up with a permanent conference table and suitable seating.
тривалість зустрічі Function or job description within an organization.
туалет; вбиральня Area at a meeting to which delegates and others report for registration on arrival.
туризм theatrical performance, or small exhibition, or promotional activity on tour
туристична агент; туристичне агентство A formal and dignified public discourse.
Туристичний офіс Outing to landmarks. Note that a "city tour" will necessarily be confined to a given city, whereas a "sightseeing tour" may range more widely.
туристичні послуги Organization which exists to promote a town or country to groups or individuals as a tourist destination.
управлінський комітет technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless LAN (WLAN) network,
управляючий виставкою; координатор виставки; розпорядник виставки Person attending an exhibition to view the exhibits.
управляючий директор Representatives of a particular country or organization at a meeting.
урочиста вечеря Three or four-legged stand with a rack used to hold a blackboard, corkboard, magnetic board, sign, chart, etc.
Урочиста промова Educational visit to a workplace or manufacturing plant of interest to meeting participants.
урядова конференція Membership or meeting participation available to organizations or individual from one nation, but able to meet in another nation.
усний виступ Presentation given by two or more experts in a certain field who must sustain their points of view.
усний переклад Use of two or more audiovisual media in one presentation.
усний перекладач конференції Area at sides or rear of stage not seen by the audience.
утриматися Viddler is a popular video sharing site similar to YouTube and Vimeo in which users can upload videos to be hosted online and shared and watched by others.
учасник Administrative staff appointed to process all aspects of the scientific programme of a meeting.
учасник, що виступає з місця; учасник дискусії Staff providing secretarial services in connection with the organization of a meeting or the like.
Фаєрфокс, Мозіла (Firefox) Circles are clusters of a user’s friends on Google+, meaning you can group certain people you choose to connect with on your Google+ into a certain Circle–such as colleagues, college connections, family, etc. When you want to share content with only these individuals, you include that specific Circle in your post’s sharing options.
фактична завантаженість; фактична кількість A fixed price covering all consumption within a given time frame; sometimes includes snacks or hors d’oeuvres.
фактична явка; фактична кількість
факультативна екскурсія Outstanding social event of the conference, usually in the evening with entertainment or speeches during or after a formal meal. Usually formal dress requested.
факультативні позиції Meeting(s) of a predetermined duration which begin an event and in which the principal items on the agenda are usually introduced.
фандрайзинг; залучення коштів Money received on account for payment.
Фейсбук (Facebook) See smartphone
Фейсбук (Facebook) Chat can refer to any kind of communication over the internet but traditionally refers to one-to-one communication through a text-based chat application commonly referred to as instant messaging applications.
фінальна верстка Written summary of a speech or paper, generally between 33and 500 words, often submitted in advance in support of an application to present an oral or poster contribution.
Фінансовий директор (C.F.O.) A group enabler (a person who maintains awareness of the group’s relationships, process, time and space without being a contributor to the group’s work).
фінансовий звіт Relating to groups whose members work in common fields.
фінансовий комітет
фінансовий регламент A business which handles export shipments.
флагманський авіаперевізник Ticket valid for transportation, indicating no minuted or specific travel details.
флаєр Written authority for a supplier to proceed or for an exhibitor: acceptance of order.
Флеш моб  Collecta is a real-time search engine that includes results from blogs, microblogs, news feeds, and photo sharing services as they are published.
Флікр (Flickr) Collective intelligence is a shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and competition of many individuals and appears in consensus decision-making in social networks.
фліпчарт; перекидний альбом Variant of schoolroom setup in which tables are perpendicular to the head table, and chairs are placed on both sides of the tables.
флуоресцентне світло; флуоресцентне освітлення;  Reading stand with slanted top. Can be a tabletop lectern or one which stands on the floor.
фокусування Circular holder used for projecting 35mm slides.
форвардна угода Offered at no cost.
форма замовлення оснащення System for the transmission of interpreting by cable or wire.
форма резервування площі Venue at which exhibitions are held.
Форсквер (Foursquare) The LinkedIn equivalent of a Facebook ‘friend’ is a ‘connection.’ Because LinkedIn is a social networking site, the people you are connecting with are not necessarily people you are friends with, but rather you met in brief, heard speak, or know through another connection.
форум The periodicity with which the same kind of meeting takes place.
Форуми A comment is a response that is often provided as an answer or reaction to a blog post or message on a social network. Comments are a primary form of two-way communication on the social web.
форумні дискусії Session in which all the members of the meeting participate or have the right and, sometimes, the duty to participate, with no other sessions taking place at the same time.
фронтальна проекція Display area provided, particularly at scientific meetings, for presentation of work to participants.
функціональні кімнати; кімнати для заходів Additional services/tours, etc. which may be booked or not according to preference.
фуршет Floor manager or head waiter at a restaurant or catered function.
ХайФайв; Дай П’ять (hi5) A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse. The term flash mob is generally applied only to gatherings organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails.
Хак one who provides specialist advice
Хенгаут (Hangout) Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study, and live around them. Facebook is the largest social network in the world with more than 800 million users.
хештег Firefox is an open-source web browser. It has emerged as one of the most popular web browsers on the internet and allows users to customize their browser through the use of third-party extensions.
Хмара (Клауд) Travel programme with special fare and specific requirements such as a minimum number of persons traveling as a group throughout the tour.
Хмара тегів Reddit is similar to Digg. It is a social news site that is built upon a community of users who share and comment on stories.
хол; фойє; вестибюль Requirements of many professional groups by which members must certify participation in formal educational programmes designed to maintain their level of ability beyond their original certification date.
хостес Committee formed to verify that individuals have the necessary qualifications to attend a meeting or become a member of an association.
Хроніки A widget is an element of a graphical user interface that displays an information arrangement changeable by the user, such as a window or text box.
Хроніки; Таймлай (Тimeline) RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a family of  web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blogs and videos in a standardized format. Content publishers can syndicate a feed, which allows users to subscribe to the content and read it when they please, and from a location other than the website (such as reader services like Google Reader).
центр зв’язку; вузол зв’язку A city, area or country which can be marketed to groups or individuals as a place to visit or hold a meeting.
центр повідомлень та кореспонденції Large pad of paper placed on an easel and used by a speaker for illustrative purposes.
центральна консоль Portable microphone operating on its own power source.
церемонія відкриття; офіційне відкриття Groups whose members are involved in research or applied sciences and suppliers to those groups.
церемонія закриття Technical or political meetings between governments with the aim of discussing national or international topics.
Цифрова кафедра Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.
Цифрова система покажчиків A service for Smartphone users operating on the Android platform which allows them to browse and download mobile applications
цінова пропозиція The set or row of keys in a keyed machine/instrument.
чайові Room containing one bed for one person.
час виселення A discount price offered by hotels and resorts to second and successive members of families who travel together.
час заселення Breakfast usually consisting of juice, cereal, eggs, bacon, toasts and preserves, and hot beverages.
часткове перевидання; окремий відтиск Single-sheet printed announcement or advertisement.
частота зустрічі Date by which all those intending to apply to attend an event, submit a paper or request any form of subsidy or grant, must submit their application.
Чат A wireless internet connection
Чат у Твіттері Sentiment is normally referred to as the attitude of user comments related to a brand online. Some social media monitoring tools measure sentiment.
черговий адміністратор Process of setting up exhibit booth and materials according to instructions and drawings.
чисельність присутніх;  Time given to a particular speaker to make his presentation.
чиста вартість An additional clause in a contract stipulating special requirements, coverage or conditions.
чистий метраж Method of marking booth/stand space.
шаттл A special reception or banquet designed around a central motif.
ширина проходу The classification of a hotel in terms of its amenities, facilities, level of service and cost. Qualifications and terms may vary by country.
ширма; переносна перегородка Table set up in rectangle or oval shape with chairs on both sides and at both ends.
Широкий екран A screen that can be controlled by the touch of the screen.
шоу The full weight of a shipment, including goods and packaging.
штабельовані сільці Horse-shoe shaped table.
щоденний бюлетень Final copy for approval before printing.
ЮСТРІМ (USTREAM) Social media monitoring is a process of monitoring and responding to mentions related to a business that occur in social media.
Ю-Т’юб (YouTube) USTREAM is a live interactive broadcast platform that enables anyone with an internet connection and a camera to engage and stream video online.
Яммер (Yammer) TypePad is a free and paid blogging platform similar to Blogger. It allows users to host and publish their own blogs.
ярмарок The ultimate reason impelling a person to turn up for the meeting called together by the organizer.
ярус hazard or exposure to potential danger