Recognising Excellence

Awards are an incremental part of recognising excellence.

Innovation Award, supported by IMEX
Finding creative solutions to meet the frequent challenges encountered when organising an international congress is a day-to-day occurrence, however, such initiatives and indeed innovations frequently go unrecognised. This Innovation Award is to recognise those individuals who find the creative solution!
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Hero Award, supported by the IAPCO Destination Partners 
The Destination Partners of IAPCO wish to recognise a team member who has gone above and beyond in current year, and shown an aptitude for advancement in the meetings industry and for making significant contributions out-with their position within the company.
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Collaboration Award, supported by IBTM 
Collaboration is key to all that IAPCO believes. Behind each successful event is a solid and dependable partnership that seeks to deliver excellence. The IAPCO Collaboration Award celebrates these partnerships.
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Recognition Award 
Too often our suppliers go unrecognised, when in fact they are the fundamental foundation of a successful event. Recognising their service, commitment and delivery is what this award is all about.
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Client Award 
Successful relationships and mutual respect between the client and PCO should be celebrated. They lead to efficient, innovative and prosperous meetings and build into long-term relationships. The IAPCO Client Award recognises these relationships acknowledging best practice.
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Recent Winners

2021 IAPCO Driving Excellence Collaboration Award
Supported by IBTM Events
recognising an outstanding partnership
AFEA, Greece and their collaborating partner, CSR Hellas

2020 (awarded in 2021) IAPCO Driving Excellence Innovation Award
Jakel Lin, GIS Group

2020 (awarded in 2021) IAPCO Driving Excellence Hero Award
Kyriaki Digka, AFEA

2020 (awarded in 2021) IAPCO Driving Excellence Recognition Award
VRtualX GmbH nominated by INTERPLAN AG