At IAPCO, we believe in the power of collaboration and dedication to drive excellence in professional congress organization. Our committees are the heart of our organization, each serving a unique purpose and contributing to our shared mission. Each committee plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and growth of the association and consists of volunteers who are dedicated to driving our organization’s mission and values. 

Committee of Ethics 

Upholding the Highest Standards 

The Committee of Ethics is committed to ensuring the highest ethical standards within the congress organization industry. Through continuous monitoring, guidance, and the development of best practices, this committee plays a pivotal role in maintaining integrity and professionalism.

Quality Committee 

Excellence as Standard 

The pursuit of excellence is at the core of the congress organization profession. The Quality Committee focuses on defining and promoting quality standards, sharing insights, and facilitating continuous improvement. By setting the bar high, we elevate the entire industry. 

Next Gen Committee 

Empowering the Future Leaders 

The Next Gen Committee is where fresh and forward-thinking voices of the next generation within the industry come together. We empower young professionals, encourage innovation, and foster leadership development. This committee is shaping the future of the meetings and events industry.