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Investing in your professional development is key to driving success in the ever-evolving meetings industry. IAPCO’s online platforms are there to help you with upskilling, staying informed and forging valuable connections.

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webEDGE online education platform

webEDGE: Comprehensive E-Learning for the Meetings Industry

IAPCO’s webEDGE E-Learning platform offers a high-quality, peer-reviewed online learning program covering all aspects of the meetings industry. This e-learning platform provides information on a range of subjects pertinent to those working in the field, ensuring that professionals stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices.

Job Board: Connecting Talent with Opportunity

IAPCO’s Job Board serves as a hub for promoting new vacancies in various positions across the meetings industry, from entry-level to executive roles. By connecting job seekers with potential employers, this platform helps ensure that the industry remains vibrant and well-staffed.

IAPCO Job Board supported by Fáilte Ireland

IAPCO Member Hub

Member Hub: Networking and Collaboration Made Easy

The online IAPCO Member Hub allows IAPCO members to connect with fellow PCOs and industry professionals from around the globe. This platform fosters collaboration and networking, enabling members to share ideas, experiences, and insights with one another.

Knowledge Hub: The Source for IAPCO Community News and Information

Staying informed is crucial in today’s fast-paced meetings landscape. Our Knowledge Hub provides IAPCO members and partners with a platform to share their updates and wider public to access news, articles, white papers, and other resources on a wide range of industry topics. This valuable resource keeps professionals abreast of the latest developments and innovations shaping the sector.

Knowledge Hub

Connect and Collaborate with a Global Network

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