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Collaboration is key to everything IAPCO believe in. Behind each successful event is a solid and dependable partnership that seeks to deliver excellence. The IAPCO Collaboration Award celebrates these partnerships by giving them the global recognition that they deserve. Why not make a nomination for the award?

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Rules of entry
Deadline for nominations: 12 September 2019
Previous recipients of the Award


Current Winner

Arinex and The Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society (IMC) were the celebrated winners of the IAPCO Driving Excellence Collaboration Award announced at the IBTM Leaders Summit on Monday, who also support the Award.

The award entry emphasized the importance of a collaborative approach between the PCO, client and all the sponsors and stakeholders that had excellent results.
Simon Ringer, Chair of IMC19 said “This meeting is a highly technical meeting and the technical performance is up there with anything we care to mention. The industry has shown up in droves. We’ve had record breaking [sponsorship and exhibition] numbers and of course the collaboration has been deeply impactful.”
“We are delighted to present the Collaboration award to Arinex and The Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society. Their application highlighted one of the many benefits of working with a PCO – the 360 approach to solving challenges using solid expertise and going above and beyond congress delivery” said Mathias Posch, President of IAPCO

The IAPCO Driving Excellence Awards are in there fourth year, which attracted exceptional submissions. Three finalists each created a video outlining their collaboration that were presented to IAPCO’s Destination Partners for the final vote.

The results were close, and both runners-up deserve recognition for their collaborative efforts, OIC Group, Italy & Firenze Convention Bureau and MCI Group Brazil & ABDID, Brazilian Association of Infrastructure and Base Industries.

Rules of Entry

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1. Entries must be nominated by an IAPCO Member (Company member or Registered Office Member)

2. The collaboration can be between:
• Destination
• Association/client
• Convention centre
• Supplier
• Other stakeholder

3. The collaboration can relate to:
• A bid
• A congress
• A long-term working relationship


How to submit your nomination

Using the online form

Your submission needs to include:
• Biographical details of the PCO
• Biographical details of the partner
• A 500 word abstract of the collaboration
within the following categories:
– The reason for the collaboration – The case study
– The solution
– The outcomes


Each nomination will be judged based on:
• Degree of collaboration
• Complexity of collaboration/degree of results
• Potential long-term impact/legacy

Those shortlisted will be invited to attend the IBTM leaders’ Summit where the winner will be announced

Prizes & Recognition

IAPCO Member
• IAPCO EDGE-ucation Voucher
• Glass Trophy
• Optional speaking slot at Annual Meeting for the winning IAPCO Member

Collaborating Partner
• IAPCO EDGE-ucation Voucher
• Glass Trophy

IAPCO will ensure maximum recognition for the award-winning collaboration via official press releases, social media coverage on all platforms and much more.

All finalists will receive tickets to the IBTM Leaders’ Summit where the winner will be announced.

IAPCO Driving Excellence – Collaboration Award supported by IBTM Events


AIM Group International and SIAARTI

Winner of 2017 Collaboration Award

Finalist – 2017 Collaboration Award

Finalist – 2017 Collaboration Award

International Conference Services Ltd., Tourism Vancouver & Vancouver Convention Centre

Winner of 2016 Collaboration Award

Finalist – 2016 Collaboration Award

Finalist – 2016 Collaboration Award