Driving Excellence Awards

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IAPCO’s programme of Driving Excellence Awards was celebrated in style in Dubai at the General Assembly of the Association.

At IBTM World Summit Leaders, the IAPCO Driving Excellence Collaboration Award, as supported by IBTM Events, recognising an outstanding partnership, was presented to AIM Group International and SIAARTI who were voted the winner.

The IAPCO Driving Excellence International Client Award was announced: Vicky Rosin of EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) was the recipient, in acknowledgement of her enthusiasm to deliver the vision and ambition of the congress and for inspiring others. Working in partnership with all the key stakeholders of the City of Manchester, utilising individual talents and pushing boundaries, you produced an exceptional educational congress; and through innovative delivery, the event showcased Manchester as a world leading City of Science. Sarah Fitzpatrick of Conference Partners was recognised as the nominating IAPCO member.

The third IAPCO Driving Excellence Award, the Recognition Award, was announced for ESTENSIS GmBH. The nomination by CPO HANSER SERVICE, with whom the company has worked for over 15 years as an IT provider for presentation technologies at their congresses, was based on the consistent high quality service leaving nothing to chance, a 100% reliable partner offering a personal and unique service. Furthermore ESTENSIS, by giving valuable consultancy in all fields of conference technology and by offering the highest standard, with state-of-the-art new and innovative presentation technology, is an inspiring example for other companies in the field. CPO HANSER received recognition as the nominating IAPCO member.

During IMEX, at the IMEX gala evening, the winner of the final IAPCO Driving Excellence Award, the Innovation Award, created to commend the most creative and high achieving young member of staff of an IAPCO member company will be announced. Video presentations of the three shortlisted innovators were shown at the General Assembly and voted on by those present. Those shortlisted were:

• Elizabeth Winter, African Agenda, for The Standing Discussion
• Susan Kilcoyn, Conference Partners, for Connect16
• Ziv Izackov, Kenes Group, for ESPID 2016 technological innovation

This Award is supported by IMEX.