Jordan member to uphold the trust

IAPCO is delighted to welcome their most recent new member, and a new country, into membership, bringing the total members to 120 from now 41 countries.

IAPCO quality education delivered straight to your desk: web-EDGE

A new virtual education programme – convenient, accessible and affordable – IAPCO web-EDGE virtual education delivers on all 3! IAPCO launches web-EDGE with a competitively priced starter pack containing seven webinars presented by leading IAPCO experts on a variety of introductory topics.

First EDGE Seminar resounding success

“It was with some trepidation that I agreed to host the first EDGE Seminar” commented Jan Tonkin, MD of The Conference Company, “as New Zealand is often perceived to be a faraway destination, possibly even on the edge of the world

IAPCO at the cutting EDGE

The new educational offering “EDGE from IAPCO” was recently launched at IMEX. No longer will the Annual Seminar be limited to Switzerland, the dynamic educational seminar will now be offered worldwide with three seminars per year in different regions.

Continual Growth for IAPCO members and the meetings they organise – key facts

…………… And what does this all add up to: an economic impact to the local economy of meetings organised by IAPCO of 4.63 billion euros!