K.I.T. Group + KW Conferences = IAPCO Collaboration Award Success

Eureka! Elvire de Chalus of Colloquium wins the IAPCO Driving Excellence Innovation Award

First ever IAPCO Edge Seminar in Xiamen, China leads to bidding taskforce

The Vice-Mayor of the city of Xiamen and the Head of Xiamen CVB have announced the formation of a Xiamen Bidding Taskforce, immediately following an IAPCO Edge Seminar delivered in partnership with IME Consulting and attended by over 60 local and regional delegates.

Italy has the IAPCO Factor!

Congratulations to Rome who were informed at the IAPCO 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting that they had won the bid to host the 2021 IAPCO Annual Meeting.

IAPCO 50th Anniversary Celebrations conclude in record-breaking style in Basel