A Strategic Blueprint for Member Engagement

In her article in the Boardroom magazine Jimena Ruiz, IAPCO’s new council member and Chief of Staff at BTC Americas explores effective strategies for professional associations like IAPCO to enhance member engagement. Key approaches include creating a community-centric environment through specialized interest groups, tailoring communications to diverse member segments, offering unique benefits like industry insights and discounts, leveraging AI for personalisation, enhancing event experiences through interactive formats and hybrid models, and continuously seeking and acting on member feedback. By fostering a strong sense of community, providing tangible value and continuously adapting to member needs, associations can strengthen member loyalty, attract new members and ensure ongoing relevance in the dynamic business events landscape.

Legacy: A Driving Advocacy for Association Events

In her article for the HQ magazine, IAPCO President-Elect and President and CEO of AFEA Congress, Sissi Lygnou highlights the importance of advocacy for the meetings industry, emphasizing the significant economic impact and legacy creation of association events, with the research showing the industry's $1.6 trillion contribution to global GDP. Sissi argues that association events foster collaboration, innovation, sustainable development and community enrichment by gathering expertise and rotating among destinations. Sissi leads the advocacy initiative launched recently by IAPCO to raise the profile of accredited PCOs and calls for a unified global advocacy strategy to gain recognition and support from policymakers, leveraging the powerful legacy creation of association events as a driving force for advocacy efforts.

Exploring the Evolution of Association Meetings and Events: A Global and Middle Eastern Outlook

The article by Dr Ahmed El Shal, Chairman of ICOM Group and Head of the company’s executive board, for the Spanish edition of the Congresos magazine explores the transformative changes in the association meetings and events management industry, highlighting global trends and regional dynamics, particularly in the Middle East. It discusses key trends such as hybrid event formats, sustainability efforts, technology-driven personalization and health and safety protocols. In the Middle East, innovation and cultural fusion play a significant role, with a focus on embracing technology, cultural integration, sector-specific trends, and regional collaboration. Looking ahead, the industry anticipates a harmonious balance between global appeal and local significance, sustainability as a foundation, a focus on community and well-being and ongoing technological advancements.


A good time to meet here

IAPCO President Sarah Markey-Hamm shares insights on Asia-Pacific's strengths, talent retention, and the crucial need for a consistent global message. In an interview with TTG Asia discussing the future of the meetings industry at the link, Sarah discussed the continued allure of Asia-Pacific and Australia for meetings. She highlighted the regional strengths, emphasizing the need to "sexy up" the industry to attract the next generation. Sarah advocated for a consistent global message about the sector's impact, innovation, and economic benefits to instil pride and attract talent. She also stressed the importance of referring to the sector as "Business Events" instead of MICE and called for a unified industry message to the outside world. The interview explores Australia's intelligence advantage and the impact of factors like sustainability and diversity on host city selection.

The Future of Events: The Power of Personal Connection in a Digital Era

Leonie Trogus, Sales & Marketing Coordinator at IAPCO Member Congrex Switzerland explores the shifting landscape of event formats. While virtual and hybrid formats were once seen as the future, it's now clear that the true potential of events lies in blending digital technology with face-to-face interaction. The article highlights the importance of combining digital technology with face-to-face interaction to create fulfilling event experiences. Hybrid conferences offer access to global expertise, but personal exchange remains essential. The article offers tips for enhancing event experiences and emphasizes the enduring significance of human connections at conferences.

The Promise & Perils of Association Globalization

With the explosion of digital events during the pandemic, most associations have already gone global and expanded their reach. However, it is essential to understand that going global is a long-term strategy that requires rigorous research and review. The Promise & Perils of Association Globalization In the pursuit of association growth, going global emerges as a promising avenue. Dermot Ryan, Director of Marketing, Communications and Engagement at K.I.T. Group, explores the dynamics of this strategic evolution and the factors driving it.

Op-Ed: ‘Business events are far than an adjunct to the tourism industry’ – Sarah Markey-Hamm

In her Op-Ed, IAPCO President Sarah Markey-Hamm discusses the path to a sustainable recovery for the events industry amid the pandemic's impact. She emphasizes the need to understand regional nuances and individual challenges, which vary across IAPCO's extensive global membership. The article highlights the sector's substantial economic impact, exceeding 13.5 billion euros, and the role of sustainability in the industry's future. Sarah envisions rebranding the industry from MICE to Business Events to reflect its true economic significance and hopes for global recognition of its achievements beyond the sector.

Understanding and alleviating environmental-related global issues

Not-for-profit associations can and should remain at the forefront of the fight against environmental-related global issues through their own organisations’ actions. From climate change to deforestation, such organizations have been instrumental in creating awareness, shaping policies, and mobilizing public action. But such associations must, importantly, encourage and support their individual members to take personal ownership and responsibility in order to achieve mass adoption. One of the ways in which they do this is by creating knowledge and educational materials that help people understand the issues and identify solutions. IAPCO CEO, Martin Boyle in his article for HQ magazine looks at the role of the not-for-profit vs. the role of the individual.

From Live to Bite-Sized Programmes in Emerging Markets

For IAPCO, Marcel Ewals, MCI's Director of Association Solutions in APAC, discusses the challenges that associations face as they emerge from the pandemic and the need to diversify their revenue streams, emphasizing the importance of digital engagement.

A driving force - IAPCO President Sarah Markey-Hamm's interview in TTGmice

IAPCO President Sarah Markey-Hamm's interview published in TTGmice. In the interview, Sarah talks about her new appointment as IAPCO President and the immediate and long-term objectives for the association. She gives her views on the future of APAC’s business events industry and how IAPCO can help PCOs.

Farewell 2022, Hello 2023: Thriving in the Midst of a Changing Economy!

Our new president Sarah Markey-Hamm was invited by Headquarters magazine to talk about the challenges and struggles for the association shrouded in an unstable economy but with new assets on the table. In the interview at the link, Sarah delves into the challenges and opportunities faced by associations in an evolving economy. As the world grapples with an uncertain environment, she emphasizes the need to ensure the growth and sustainability of revenue streams. This includes understanding customers' evolving business goals and demonstrating how an association's expertise and execution are indispensable. Sarah also highlights the importance of hybrid events, shared business services for members, and maintaining strong stakeholder relationships.

The Benefits of Working with Fully Inclusive Boards

Good governance ensures the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision, and accountability of an organisation. It demonstrates a willingness and ability to act in the best interests of the association, ensuring the operation of effective, open and ethical processes which adhere to the law and stand up to scrutiny. But what does that mean practically speaking? In her article for Boardroom magazine, Jennifer Jenkins, IAPCO member & director of Worldspan, explores The Benefits of Working with Fully Inclusive Boards.


Farewell 2022: Thriving in the Midst of a Changing Economy!

In 2022, we saw the flourishing of people gathering again, and with this trauma of unbeknown certainty, time was our customers’ most precious commodity. Our challenge for 2023 and beyond, is how we can not only ensure this survivability of our growth and revenue streams, but enhance its sustainability. IAPCO President-Elect, Sarah Markey-Hamm looks at how to pursue and confront the previous conventions and processes and write a new playbook that sustains the new environment your organisation now lives in, and how it can adapt in the future.

Striking a Balance Between a Digital-First & Customer-First Philosophy

Martin Boyle, CEO of IAPCO, the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers, advocates for a digital-first approach when managing an organization… but only if members are put in the centre of everything.

Empowering Association CEOs & Staff for Future Success - The Zone of Genius, Excellence & Leadership

Great leadership is about understanding and activating the strengths of the people you lead. Consistently seeking, giving and incorporating excellence at every level of your organization will direct everyone towards common goals. In this special feature of Boardroom, Estefanía Zárate Angarita, Marketing Communication Manager at Kenes Group and IAPCO member, explores the ways leaders can recognize and set the strengths of their team in motion.

Long-term Strategy for Associations - New Circular Economies

In the slow shift to a post-covid era, stable steps are done towards a new normality. Countries, cities, communities, organisations and individuals are investing in the design of a different future. In this process, priority and focus shift is given to new perspectives and developments, which will be key to moving forward, such as those linked to Sustainability. An article by Sissi Lygnou, CEO of AFEA and IAPCO Council Member and President of HAPCO & DES

How to Position Your Association to the Next Level

For the International Association of Congress Organizers (IAPCO), Barbara Calderwood, Divisional Director Associations & Communities, MCI UK, identifies a few ways that will allow professional societies, non-profits and trade associations to perform better.

CEOs: Leadership Planning Through Lockdown Isolation

IAPCO CEO Martin Boyle advocates for a special program specifically targeted at association CEOs. It is designed to help them be problem solvers and targeted at the association’s Member CEOs. Read the full article from the Q1 2022 Edition of Boardroom



Ajay Bhojwani, Managing Director, MCI Middle East, argues that only organisations that are able to adapt to the new world’s order and fast-changing environments will survive as we grapple with the new reality where there are far more “unknown-unknowns” than “known-knowns”. Two case studies provide some solutions.

New Paths to Sustainability, not just Survive, but Thrive

Sustainability of an association has been at the core of its management strategies. The persisting topic proves, admitting unwillingly, the lack of it or unsuccessful efforts to reach it. Even the best performing associations may still face a plethora of challenges in times of change, and recognise the need for adaptation. Author: Meg Hsieh, Marketing Specialist of GIS Group, Taiwan

Associations in LATAM – Game Over or Renaissance?

Let us not keep blaming COVID-19 for what happens to us. If today we are suffering and in great pain, it is, to a large extent, because we did not know how to see what our communities understood as value and we could not or did not want to adapt, comments Mariano Castex, Managing Director MCI LATAM Region.

How to design the future of work

Work as we know has changed. Human progress is inevitable and there cannot be progress without change. The meeting industry requires new digital tools as most of them are no longer sufficient to thrive in the current situation of our industry. By: Ariadna Sánchez Padilla, Marketing Manager of Business Travel Consulting (BTC)

Mind the Gap!

Bridging the virtual communications gap for members and volunteers.

Begin Again Associations Going Digital

According to Louise Gorringe, Director Association Management, Kenes Group, the events of the past twelve months have forced associations from viewing digitalization as a trend to recognizing it is as a necessity and enforcing it within a very short timeframe.

We are Stronger Together: Why Businesses Need Each Other

In today's fast-paced environment, a ‘do-it-alone’ approach is not the best strategy for growth. Companies that initially grew organically need to look for new ways to drive collaborative innovation that delivers on what their customers need today and in the future, writes the chairman of ICOM Group, Ahmed El Shal.

Pandemic Leadership - What I learned from a crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed extraordinary demands on leaders of associations and beyond: no university or academic institution could have prepared us for this challenge.


Creating Member-Focused Structures

Open, accessible boards and secretariats that are there to serve (and not to rule)

Interview with Martin Boyle for Eventos LatinAmericanos

In the same way, we have witnessed the creativity and adaptability of many of the links that make up our industry. With flexibility and resorting to innovation, new alternatives have been considered while new horizons of possibilities are emerging

How to develop your leadership style

For IAPCO, Annalisa Ponchia Baccara analyzes the entire ecosystem of capabilities that association leaders need to make sure their organization is both sustainable and future-proof.

How to Design the Future of Work

Work as we know has changed. Human progress is inevitable, and there cannot be progress without change. The meeting industry requires new digital tools, as most of them are no longer sufficient to thrive in the current situation of our industry.

Seismic Shifts for Associations: the Acceleration of Innovation

In a world where technology and social media allow individuals to gather information and network online, professional associations are already evolving their offering to members in order to stay relevant. And now with the current pandemic impacting all of us, it has further accelerated associations to fast track their move in the space of technology to ensure their offering is even more relevant, available and allowing their members to have access to all resources.

How to Respond to Disruption

For IAPCO, Alain Pittet, from Ega worldwide congresses & events, Italy and Switzerland, reflects on how to manage business continuity, communication and collaboration, HR through change.

What is the Future role of PCO decision makers in the Business Events Industry?

A Strong Strategic Brand Identity Means a Strong Impact

Thanks to Monica Freire, director of the congress department at AIM Group International Lisbon, we delve into the benefits of a smart association brand in times of crisis.

Opinion: Diversity and Inclusion in Asia

Jason Yeh, CEO of GIS Group Global Co. Ltd, shares with BEA the realities of social inclusivity in Asia and the role that the business events industry in Taiwan plays.

New Challenges Going Virtual

Nils Molly, Digital Business & Innovation, INTERPLAN Congress, Meeting & Event Management AG, reflects on how virtual meetings can help boost learning and engagement, perhaps before the next best thing; hybrid events.

Staying Relevant in these Unprecedented Times

Frances Hulme asks how, in these unprecedented circumstances, associations can continue to add value for their members and maintain sustainable sponsorship and revenue streams.

A Solution for Long Term Strategy

Thanks to Yukari Ikeda, senior producer at the Conference Management Department of Japan Convention Services (JCS), a glance at the world of physicians. And a precious lesson.

IAPCO and the Latin American Region

IAPCO, like most other international organisations and not for profit associations, is doing all we can to navigate through these rough waters while not losing focus on our objectives, our purpose and our vision.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

A vision of the future, MBA Students from UBC Saunder School of Business

Evolution of Corporate Culture

A vision of the future, MBA Students from UBC Saunder School of Business

People Analytics Driving Diversity

A vision of the future, MBA Students from UBC Saunder School of Business

Sustainability and Wellness

Sissi Lygnou, CEO, Congress & Events, AFEA Travel & Congress Services looks at how Sustainability can be intertwined with Wellness for the greater good... and that of associations. In fact, she argues that they can help the players of our industry coming out stronger of the current crisis.

How to create a sense of belonging

Let’s not Forget Half of the World’s Population

How to get the next generation of association leaders to join the board and how to ensure a diverse member representation - according to Michael Kern, executive director of Dekon Group in Istanbul.

A Search for Unity & Cohesion

It is not an easy task to add additional insight to the wealth of articles already existing on the topic of legacies. Yet, there are not many or nearly enough indicators out there, and a recent study carried by the UTS Business School entitled Business Event Legacies showed that clearly.


The Power of Accessible Education for Economic Growth

At the heart of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development lie 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set to create a better world. The fourth sustainability goal is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all – a principle IAPCO is very much aligned with in achieving its own mission: ‘to raise the standards of service amongst its members and other sectors of the meetings industry by means of continuing education and interaction with other professionals.’

Thriving in the digital age

While the digital economy will be the new normal going forward, associations can strategically innovate, accelerate growth and provide great value to their audiences and, in some cases, even the world. Building new markets or reinvigorating existing ones requires re- visiting the fundamentals. Here are four recommendations:

The Digitalisation of Interconnectedness - Communicating with members through technology

It is truly amazing that the first iPhone was launched only 11 years ago. This started a revolution of data and communication we have never seen before. Not only in our personal lives, but also in the business sector. The use of smartphones turned us to the always-on generation with different expectations when it comes to flow of information. Communication strategies that worked before no longer cut it. This article will explore how technology can help associations, PCOs and other event industry experts to accommodate the always-on need.

Managing an association – trends and dilemmas for non-profit manager

The world of work is changing. New shifts and megatrends (Naisbitt, 1983) in the way we see, look at and are influenced by, technological developments, social shifts and cultural changes appear to become more pronounced by the minute. Researchers both, in academia (see also Ashford et al., 2018; Vogel et al., 2018) and in practice, agree to disagree on the details but are united in their perception that fast-paced change and agile adaptation are bringing about a new equilibrium in the way we look at work and our free time. Lines are blurring, social and societal purpose move to the foreground, the concept of the ‘alpha-leader’ is largely disappearing and hierarchies are flattening. What does this mean for associations, their managers and leaders at board level?

Don't Just Tick the Box! Clear Goals will help rally support for Green Meeting Initiatives

There are many articles about sustainable events and how to create them utilising various checklists. While such lists provide a handy onsite tool, if you want to achieve a long-term impact, you must consider several other factors that may not readily appear on your checklist. At Kuoni, we started our sustainability journey back in 2016, aligning ourselves with ISO 20121 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In doing so, we've identified five key steps to ensure green meeting efforts go well beyond simply ticking a box: .......

A Brief Guide to Association Digitlization

Digitilzation is already underway, so embracing it is not a matter of if, but instead of when and how. In this article, Frank M. Waechter takes a look at the most effective strategies and solutions that associations can use to achieve this.

From conference concept to design to delivery - PCOs do it all

Jan Tonkin is the Managing Director of The Conference Company. She will be speaking on the topic of PCOs at the upcoming UIA Associations Round Table Asia-Pacific in Pattaya, Thailand taking place 19 & 20 September 2019.

How can knowledge exchange benefit your association?

How to Appeal to the Next Generation

With Millennials entering the market and baby boomers exiting, it is more and more crucial for scientific associations to involve young physicians and facilitate an easy handover. Associations have to think about younger generations increasingly and to take action in a way that will deliver value to them. Association congresses are, for example, a great time to promote it.

Avoid, Intercept, Redesign How to manage sustainability

Did you know that every piece of plastic with which you have ever had contact is still on our planet? Take a moment, and really absorb that fact...every piece of plastic that you have ever used: food packaging, childhood toys, stationery, water bottles....so many water bottles!! Those items are still here in one form or another, most probably as tiny microplastics in our oceans.

Changing the association thinking to engage members

Do associations exist for the same reasons as they did 20 years ago? Are their members looking for the same benefits?

Digital Disruption or Distraction? New tech tools may seduce, but customer experience remains key

Do we need to spend more on technology to achieve growth? With so many digital tools in play - from the web and social media, to mobile apps, chat bots, and wearable tech - it is easy to lose focus on the real benefit such tools provide, making the term 'going digital' in itself a distraction rather than a solution.

Age of Adaptation The Quest for New Association Business Models

Associations are now driven to rethink their mission, purpose, values, and the means and speed with which they interact with their members, partners and benefactors. These organisations are compelled to find new ways to be sustainable and resilient in a world where everything is fast, and nothing is ever unique. Words Gergana Tzvetova

Association Trends to Watch

ICS director of associations Christoph Raudonat says flexible, authentic leadership will drive business success and engage members.

The Secret Recipe of Agile Association Business Models from traditional to flexible to agile

Most organisations have a business model. Beyond its strategic framework, the business model must answer fundamental questions such as how is the organisation creating value, to whom, and if the value created is aligned with the organisation's mission and vision. Is this traditional model still viable?

Legacy is cemented in Relationships - Relationships underpin Success

Legacy is cemented in relationships. The way we learn from each other, relate to different experiences and viewpoints and interchange our philosophies, form the basis of humanity. Our position in the world becomes defined by our association to others, to our ancestors, our present circle and our imagined future selves. These connections, and their power to shape who we are, leave a significant indent in our life's course - in our legacies.

Event Design & Risk Management

Successful event design is based on critical elements of sound business practice. Effective and disciplined approaches to managing an event do not necessarily involve following trends blindly. Without understanding the core goals and objectives defined at the commencement of the event planning process and agreed to by all key event stakeholders, no matter how inviting a particular trend or fad is, the event success may not be realised.

The continuous challenge of fundraising for associations


Association Models: Evolve or Die

In today's fast-changing economic environment, prime challenges faced by Asian associations are no different from their regional and international peers. Most associations are concerned with their ability to continue to meet members' needs in a meaningful way, and to ensure their own financial stability and sustainabiltiy through tough times. The way forward is to explore building an open community of professional participation.

Attracting Membership from different Geographies and Cultures

How Associations can broaden their Educational Offering - a Knowledge Article form IAPCO

Most medical associations exist to advance the body of knowledge in their field. Surveys and feedback from members of different organisations confirm that education and development is a key motivator to become a part of a professional society.

The changing landscape of medical meetings

Over the last decade the world has experienced major political, economic and cultural upheavals. And these upheavals have had significant socio-economic impact. The way businesses operate today is very different to what it used to be a decade back.Since the global economic crash in 2007-2008, disruption has been the main stay for businesses. A number of industries have not recovered and, if anything, they have changed the way they do business today. This has had a direct impact on the meetings industry.

Producing Less Waste Is Quickly Becoming a Priority for Events Worldwide

What really makes the Generation of Millennial Association Activists tick?

It all starts with values Faced with a shrinking pool of funds and increased competition, associations have understood the importance of rationalization and have been slowly but surely becoming more and more business-like. The use of managerial tools, techniques and modes of thinking is no longer the exception in the world of associations. Author: Jwana Ribeiro da Silva, Team Member of Association Management Division, K.I.T. Group.

Why the attendee experience matters

Congress Planning and Executive Strategy

Designing The Future of Association Events

Attracting & Retaining Young Talent

Making room for the younger generation Author: Sissi Lygnou, AFEA Travel & Congress Service

How #Millennials are #Slaying the Business Events Industry

Opinion: The art of creating incompetence

Case Study - Stronger Together The Sum of the Whole is Greater than its Individual Parts

10 ways to cut down on plastic waste

Education and Capacity Building of the Association Executive

With often limited budgets, associations struggle to recruit specialised talent For many years, the profession of the association executive was perceived as standing in the shadow of the corporate world. Associations, still today, are often regarded as the scaled-down version of the more nimble and ever-changing private sector.

SOS on Lampedusa

A tiny island at the epicenter of the European global migration crisis served as training ground for a small medical event making a big impact.

The often-feared Issues of Compliance & Regulation

Technology, Looking Outside of the Events Industry

Seek inspiration outside of the Events Industry to remain Cutting Edge Featured in HQ Magazine. Author: Andrew Dergousoff, Chief Technology Officer and Partner, International Conference Services Ltd.

Creating and Growing Premier Diabetes Congress

World Forum raises awareness on water related issues

IAPCO Focus on Brazil

Mathias Posch, President of International Conference Services Ltd, was elected IAPCO President at the largest-ever IAPCO Annual General Assembly in Tokyo in February and takes over from outgoing President Jan Tonkin for a two-year term. His presidency, and his commitment to focus on the Latin American PCO sector, ties in with the recent signing of a collaboration partnership agreement between IAPCO and the Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau.

PCMA Column (The PCO) Keynoters: Should you choose Humility Over Celebrity

A well-known personality can pull in a crowd, but a humble storyteller can add purpose and credibility to your event.

The perfect equation for a successful Annual Meeting

High quality education + networking x cultural understanding = a memorable IAPCO gathering

From Local to Global. The Asian Association Market (HQ Magazine)

Today we hear about Asian powerhouses emerging everywhere. Businesses are being bought and consolidation and rebranding takes places. Even Asian brands emerge more often, HuaWai and Mi are now household brands, MG cars re-emerged being a Chinese owned brand, back from the past. It would seem that Asia is slowly taking its fair share on the global market. But in comparison to this, we see very few societies emerge.

A Deep Dive in the European Bubble (HQ Magazine)

What's in it for your Association? Forget about Belgian Beer: Why Brussels is a top hub for Associations Main changes in 2018 and opportunities for International Associations


Innovation in Knowledge Exchange - Hackathons - co-creating the future. Feature article in The PCO, by IAPCO Member MCI Brazil

Creating a Sense of Belonging, Engaging Members

As individuals, we are craving to be part of a wider community. Some want to lead, some want to be led but we all thrive in an environment where there is a sense of belonging, in a place where we can share our knowledge and form positive, lasting relationships.

The Added Value of PCOs (Boardroom)

The Annual Meeting of the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers in Tokyo last February was the occasion for Boardroom to gain deeper insights into what PCOs in general could offer associations. In order for you to understand in turn, we asked four of them, all located in four different corners of the world, the following questions: 1 ) What is, according to you, the added value for an association to work with a PCO? 2) What are the latest trends you have experienced regarding association conferences/meetings? 3) What does it mean to you and to your clients to be IAPCO certified? Here are their answers.

New president commits to furthering IAPCO in Asia

Expanding global outreach is more than just a ‘tick’ on the map, it is the responsibility of all to make this their future goal.

No need for tricks in magical organisations! (Eventos Latinoamericanos)

A Broader Perspective (Boardroom)

Keeping Learning at the Leading EDGE (Convention Source)

Opportunity for associations in the Middle East

Leadership in the association world


Understanding ‘Cultural Intelligence’ (CIM)

Competition Among Associations (HQ)

Beyond Business Card Etiquette (HQ)

India: an obvious choice for international associations (meetme)

Doctor’s Prescriptions for Medical Congresses in Europe (Boardroom)

Membership Frameworks for Today’s Associations (HQ)

Maximising the “Value” from Business Events (Eventos Latinoamericanos)

Meet the Buyers – Dubai (AMI)

Can a Regional Association Go Global (Headquarters)

A Culinary Experience and a Lasting Legacy (Headquarters)

Becoming Mindfeeders (Boardroom)

Challenges & Opportunities for 21st Century Associations (Headquarters)

Tripartite Economic Summit opens up trade doors for Auckland (Headquarters)

Nuevo Media Partner para IAPCO (Eventos Latinoamericanos)

How Do You Give Back To A Destination? (Convene)

Volunteering & Governance Psychological Contracts in Action (Headquarters)

5 Innovative Meeting Formats (Convene)

Diversifying Your Revenues Creative Membership and Sponsorship Structures (Boardroom)

Understanding Regulations and Cultural Differences in a Global World (Boardroom)

Meet Jan Tonkin (Convene)

Innovations for Associations (Headquarters)

Experts in Dynamic Global Education: The EDGE programme in Taipei (Headquarters Asia)

Three Legacy Opportunities for Associations in Global Destinations (Boardroom)

Unprecedented IAPCO AM&GA Attendance in Dubai (Headquarters Asia)

EDGE Goes to Taiwan (Boardroom)

How One Annual Meeting Session Shook up the Panel Format (Convene)

Global Strategies for Associations (Headquarters)


Cultural differences: Training the next generation

Raising Money & Generating Income in an Interconnected World


Global Alliances:why cross-sector partnerships can take associations and corporates to the next level

Compliance in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors


New Association Frontiers from IMEA to N-11

JUMP to it – Is Sustainability at top of your list

What is Reputation and Why is it Important?


Sustainability: Lessons learnt from the Great Earthquake of 2011

Emerging Countries in the Association World

Communication and Collaborative Communication

IAPCO partners with PCMA – Interview with President


Association Executives – Management Skills are the Key

Compli… Complimentary… Compliance … Complicated!

Sustainability: not only the Planet, but also the People


Tools & Technology for connecting Conference Participants