IAPCO Education is open to everyone, not just members

 25 September  2019 IAPCO Seminar at IT&CMA – Keeping International association meetings relevant Bangkok, Thailand
 3-6 October  2019 Bespoke EDGE Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
 9-11 October  2019  Bespoke EDGE Durban Durban, South Africa
 26 October  2019 IAPCO – ICCA – IPCAA Medical Compliance Half-Day Workshop at ICCA Houston, USA
 29 October  2019 IAPCO Seminar at ICCA – Every Bid Has a Story Houston, USA
 13-15 November  2019 IAPCO EDGE Advanced Seminar Prague Prague, Czech Republic
 21-23 January  2020 IAPCO EDGE Seminar Munich Munich, Germany
 24-26 August  2020 IAPCO EDGE Seminar Mexico City Mexico City, Mexico

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IAPCO Education Information

EDGE Seminar developed in collaboration with an IAPCO member company who is responsible for delivering all aspects of the seminar with the exception of the programme which is compiled by IAPCO

IAPCO Bespoke Seminar:
Seminar developed in collaboration with local stakeholder organisation i.e. CVB, Convention Centre. Programme content would be tailored to the destinations educational requirements. Stakeholder organisation is responsible for delivering all aspects of the seminar including marketing.

Short education seminar delivered as part of a trade show/association meeting with content compiled by IAPCO in consultation with any other party involved

IAPCO’s virtual education platform