If you cannot come to IAPCO, IAPCO will come to you.

IAPCO Hosted Edge is a programme designed for organisations wishing to tailor an Edge Seminar for a specific audience (limited to an organisation, country, or specific topic).

Hosted EDGE

Hosting an EDGE Seminar

IAPCO caters for groups or organisations who wish to stage a hosted IAPCO Seminar in their own country or a particular geographical area on a specific topic/theme. Seminars can be linked to other industry functions/trade shows, or be stand-alone seminars, specially structured to suit the participants’ needs and the local conference climate.

The programme is prepared in consultation with the IAPCO Training Academy and the local host. IAPCO will send a team of experts as appropriate to the seminar.

if you are interested in hosting a Seminar.

Past Seminars

2021 Hangzhou
2021 Malaysia x 3 (Virtual)
2021 Thailand (Hybrid)
2021 Durban, South Africa (virtual)
2021 Japan (virtual)
2019 Suzhou, China
2019 Sri Lanka
2019 Durban, South Africa
2019 Tokyo, Japan
2019 Xiamen
2018 Durban, South Africa
2018 ADB, Manilla
2018 Macau
2018 Tokyo, Japan
2018 Suzhou, China
2017 Suzhou, China
2016 Suzhou, China
2016 Johannesburg, South Africa
2015 Bangkok, Thailand
2015 Doha, Qatar
2014 Moscow, Russia
2014 Sri Lanka
2014 Bangkok, Thailand
2013 Bangkok,Thailand
2013 Macau
2013 Mendoza, Argentina
2012 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2012 Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 Macau
2010 Tallinn, Estonia
2010 Lavasa, India
2010 Macau
2009 Istanbul, Turkey
2009 Manila, Philippines
2009 Macau
2009 Tokyo, Japan
2009 Dubai, UAE (basic and advanced seminars)
2008 Manila, Philippines
2007 Manila, Philippines
2007 Taipei, Taiwan
2007 Dubai, UAE
2006 Nairobi, Kenya
2006 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2006 Jakarta, Indonesia
2005 Bangkok, Thailand
2004 Taipei, Taiwan
2001 Bangkok, Thailand
2000 Singapore
1996 Hong Kong
1995 Jakarta, Indonesia
1990 Manila, Philippines
1989 Jakarta, Indonesia
1988 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia