Welcome to the home of quality

The approach of our founding fathers certainly has paid off, considering the fact that IAPCO embraces 114 members from 40 countries at the moment. All these companies have made the effort to apply for membership that is provided only upon passing very stringent criteria, which is unique in the global meetings industry. As for many other celebrated achievements today relating to business events services, IAPCO has set the benchmark in education and quality standards on a global scale, and continues to do so.

I invite you to visit our dedicated education website www.iapcoeducation.org to review the current offering of our educational events around the world. Training has been at the core of IAPCO’s activities ever since its creation back in 1968, and we show, year after year, that we still believe in providing training to anyone who wants to take advantage of it. In addition to our Annual Seminar at Wolfsberg (a classic in the PCO world!) we have been running The Meetings MasterClass since 2011, focused on high management of PCOs and other stakeholders in the conference world. And, since we understand we have to be proactive, we also organize regional and national seminars, usually in locations further away from Europe.

Professional Congress Organisers operate in an ever-changing environment and require a platform to exchange their knowledge as much as most of their clients.. We invite all PCOs around the world to come and join IAPCO by applying for membership today. You will join an association that is based on the following core values: our members are proud of their profession, they get involved, they are extra-ordinary, they uphold the trust and they set the benchmark, because learning matters!

IAPCO promises you access to learning that drives your business, global credibility and visibility, and an intimate, inspiring environment. We are very proud of our association and its activities, and we are convinced that with this unique standard we keep our association at the highest level in the meetings industry.

IAPCO is managed by a group of its members, who make up the Council elected by their peers. This Council dedicates long hours to the various administrative, political and educational aspects of the Association. I am very proud of serving as President of IAPCO during this current period and I would like you all to know that, together with my fellow Council members and those of the Training Academy, we want to serve and help our members, and also the conference community at large, with the passion, commitment and love we feel for our activity: professional congress organisation.