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Update video from Samora Machel

IAPCO members dig deep for Samora Machel

After a busy 3-day IAPCO Annual Meeting, 15 enthusiastic IAPCO members whisked off to take part in the CSR activity. Warmly greeted at Cape Town’s Samora Machel Township, the volunteers were keen to get to work. The task set: to plant 3 wicking garden beds, which would be water-efficient and create a self-sustaining garden for the community.

Immediately, the PCO ‘can-do’ ethos was in full effect; all instantly worked as a team, getting their hands dirty, shovelling rocks, wheel-barrowing and planting in perfect motion. Soon, the local community joined in to help with the efforts, and the children had an amazing time varnishing the finished beds and laughing and playing with the volunteers.

As PCOs, there is nothing like the challenge of surpassing expectations on delivery, so output was doubled and 6 gardens were completed, much to the delight of the organisers.

As a thank you, the local community church choir sang to the volunteers, which was incredibly moving (a few tears were shed), and finished with a rousing rendition of the National Anthem.

As the volunteers departed, the members of the community came out on to the streets to wave them off. Weary, yet invigorated by the sense of achievement and connection with a fantastic project and community, it was a truly grounding, humbling experience that will stay with us all for some time. May the gardens flourish for Samora Machel!

BURUNDI – Update Video – work on the basketball has commenced!


AIM Group International, represented by Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno, is closely linked to the work of the International Foundation of Doctors for Central Africa (FIMAC), a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve the health conditions of people in central Africa through humanitarian co-operative projects. FIMAC’s mission is to improve existing healthcare facilities and to improve life conditions for local communities. FIMAC focuses on health issues in central Africa by supporting hospital institutions, sending medical personnel and equipment, and by supporting local communities, assisting orphaned children and improving their education and activities. Patrizia’s links with FIMAC are particularly focused on Burundi, where she travels at least once a year in support of the project and to monitor developments at Bubanza hospital. IAPCO, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, is endorsing and supporting FIMAC’s work at this hospital – IAPCO members, as part of their membership fee, will voluntarily contribute to the management and care costs of hospital beds for one year, on an annual basis.

40 Trees for IAPCO Copse

Auckland, the location of the IAPCO Annual Meeting & General Assembly in this anniversary year was the highly appropriate setting for IAPCO members to make their mark on the planet. Following on from an intense session on the Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility, 40 IAPCO members, as part of a scrubland rejuvenation programme, created their own ‘IAPCO Copse’ and planted 40 trees to celebrate their 40 years. “The scrubland was ready for replanting and this was an excellent opportunity for IAPCO to do something positive as well as fun” said host Jan Tonkin of The Conference Company.