In 2018, for IAPCO’s 50th Anniversary, the ‘Not Just a Drop in the Ocean Campaign’ was launched with the mascot ‘Ticky the Turtle’ whose purpose was to promote the adverse effects that single-use plastics were having on the oceans and seas around the world.

IAPCO felt that the meetings and events industry was, at that time, not as aware of this global issue as it should have been, so felt that a campaign to raise awareness to our membership of over 133 companies with combined workforce of over 9200 employees was important to do. Our members delivered over 18,660 total meetings around the world that year so the potential of single-use plastics being used and then discarded to enter into the oceans and onto beaches was massive.

The objective was quite simple: to inspire 50 organisations to take the IAPCO Plastics Pledge, and commit to making real measurable change to their use of single-use plastic at their event and their organisations by the IAPCO Annual Meeting in Vancouver in February 2020.

Ticky the Turtle has inspired an incredible number of organisations, including government funded convention and visitor bureax, events agencies, events venues and hotels and, of course, our professional congress organisers members to join our IAPCO Pledge to consciously reduce the use of single-use plastics at conferences, meetings and events and their offices. The link between Ticky and the UN Strategic Development Goals, specifically UN SDG14 – ‘Life Below Water’ is obvious.

Therefore, IAPCO is proud to leverage Ticky’s popularity to support and promote the UNSDG’s objectives. Together, with your pledges, we can all do our part to support the United Nations Strategic Development Goal (UN SDG) #14 – Life Below Water.

The next steps for Ticky the Turtle is to further develop this campaign in the near future to include measurement tools for IAPCO members and to also extend our support to other UN SDG’s.

JMIC Initiative

In addition to IAPCO doing our part to support UNSDG 14 – Life Below Water, IAPCO is supporting our Strategic Partner, the Joint Meetings Industry Council (JMIC) in collecting valuable submissions  that highlight the meeting industry’s UNSDG activities.  Working in support and alongside JMIC, we are inviting you, our members, to take the initiative to select those UNSDG programs, events or operating principles that best demonstrate your commitment to a sustainable future.

By documenting your achievements and contribution to the UNSDGs, you will be adding to the collective industry voice in showing how our work supports economic, professional, social and academic achievement around the globe.

JMIC has designed three templates that help to capture the range of SDG-related benefits of our industry activity.  All initiatives will be acknowledged and endorsed by the Joint Meetings Industry Council—and form part of a report that will be shared with both global authorities and local communities to show our leadership as an industry.  Please take some time to complete the relevant on-line reporting tool, provided by JMIC.

The templates for you to choose from are:

Type I  |  Event Theme and Content: How the theme of the event contributes to the SDGs

Type II  |  Event Execution and Operation: How the approach taken to the operation of the event contributes to the SDGs

Type III  |  Company’s Operations: How an organizer/supplier’s own operations contribute to the SDGs


  1. Download the form
  2. Open the form within an application that can re-save the filled document ie. Acrobat Pro
  3. Email as an attachment to

Full details of the JMIC UNSDG Reporting initiative can be found at:

Ticky and IAPCO HQ team thank you for your support in making our collective voices heard!

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