Yaletown business improvement association (BIA) holds an Anniversary Celebration party at Brix & Mortar for long-standing Vancouver businesses.

We are still reeling in from the excitement of receiving the Cornerstone Yaletown Award from Yaletown BIA for 50 years of business. Earlier this year Yaletown was honored with the “Award of Recognition” by Heritage BC for their brick restoration project, “Bring Back the Bricks”. Bring Back the Bricks recognizes the cultural and environmental significance of preserving the brick inventory in Yaletown and re-using existing resources. Yaletown BIA also created anniversary banners for Yaletown business depicting the past and the future and where technology meets heritage district. Hence the 8-bit brick design. Thank you again Yaletown! #iHeartYaletown

“Venue West is delighted to receive this award and congratulates all of the 2019 Yaletown Business recipients on their achievement!” Sue Daugulis, President of Venue West

Venue West, founded in 1970, has been instrumental in attracting to Vancouver and managing some of the most prestigious international congresses held in Western Canada. Venue West is one of the longest standing members of the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers (IAPCO) and is only 1 of 5 companies in Canada to be certified by IAPCO to manage international congresses. This certification is a stamp of quality congress management and provides Venue West with the credentials to organize world congresses locally, nationally and internationally. Sustainability in conference planning and internal policy is on the forefront for the next year for Venue West. “We are part of the problem and need to be part of the solution” says John Daugulis, VP, Sales and Marketing. We are excited and proud to be a member of the 1% for the Planet and Bullfrog Power and to continue to be a pro-active partner in reducing the environmental impact of our conference and improving our local environment through activities such as hosting clean-up parties on the local beaches and streets of Vancouver.

Sue Daugulis, President of Venue West Conference Services, was the recipient of the award and couldn’t be prouder on how far Venue West has come in our 50 year history. She is honored by the Yaletown BIA and the Vancouver business community for
this award and congratulates all 2019 Yaletown Business recipients! With that said, we are excited to be planning our big 50th birthday with our long-standing partners and clients, along with our new and old friends in 2020. Stay tuned!