• Meeting: 2nd International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Asia Pacific Chapter Summit 2020
  • Dates: 15 – 16 December 2020
  • Format: Hybrid: onsite and online participation
  • Hosts: ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter and ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter Summit 2020 Local Host Committee (City of Yokohama, Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau and PACIFICO Yokohama).
  • Venue: PACIFICO Yokohama North, Yokohama, Kanagawa
  • PCO: Congrès Inc. – PCO for all aspects of registration, speaker invitations/correspondence, website, virtual meeting platform development and operation, onsite operation, broadcasting.
  • Attendance: 300 delegates, including 130 participating online from 15 countries and regions
  • Website:


The 2nd AP Summit had been confirmed for Xiamen, China, when COVID-19 hit. Yokohama, the runner-up, agreed to host the Summit, postponed from summer to December, and the plans went ahead full steam under the limited lead time.  Yokohama was delighted to showcase their newly opened PACIFICO Yokohama North facility, and Congrès Inc. adeptly configured and managed the virtual broadcasting system, having accumulated a great deal of experience through operating other meetings virtually over the previous months due to COVID-19.


The keynote address was given by Juichi Yamagiwa, the former President of Kyoto University, a former President of the Science Council of Japan (both until September 2020), and one of the world’s foremost experts in the study of primatology and human evolution, in particular the biology of gorillas.  Speaking live from Kyoto International Conference Center, streamed live onsite in Yokohama and online, Dr. Yamagiwa began by pointing out that the earth is not “a planet where human beings live,” but is a “planet of micro-organisms, viruses and wild flora & fauna.”  In the evolution of homo sapiens, the biggest change was the size of our brains compared with monkeys and gorillas. And indispensable to that evolution of the brain was the high level of communication between the pupils of the eyes.

It brought home to the attendees that no matter how advanced technology could evolve, Face-to-Face is essential for humankind.

  • Dr. Yamagiwa also stressed that we must not lose the property of cultural diversity, and MICE should save this asset at any event.
  • MICE industry professionals from around Japan gathered in Yokohama and enjoyed the chance to network face-to-face both with fellow on-site participants, as well as virtually with colleagues around the world through the online salons/networking lounges between sessions.