In June, Hamburg took on the prestigious role of being the global hub of sports medicine and science for a remarkable three days. The renowned harbour city nestled along the banks of the River Elbe played host to an assembly of 1,650 experts hailing from 32 nations, all congregating for the momentous Sports, Medicine, and Health Summit (SMHS). Moreover, the local community of Hamburg was graciously welcomed to engage in a range of activities, thought-provoking panel discussions, and the captivating “SMHS Arena.”

In the freshly renovated Hall H of the CCH (Congress Center Hamburg) and its surrounding outdoor spaces, an array of engaging activities were available for all attendees to enjoy. Some of the offerings included morning, noon, evening and even night yoga sessions, the thrill of bobsledding on 30-meter tracks, the invigorating Hyrox challenge focusing on strength and endurance, speed training, fitness tests, and even a specially tailored skating experience for wheelchair users. In total, 30 hours of diverse physical activities were accessible to participants.

Photos from the event:

The city of Hamburg, a distinguished member of the esteemed “Global Active City” cohort, fully supported the SMHS. Generous additional funding allowed the summit to be effectively promoted through various channels, including social media campaigns, citywide posters, and an array of strategic marketing efforts.

Inge Hanser, Managing Director CPO HANSER SERVICE, as co-organizer of the summit: “Taking place every two years, the SMHS aims to inspire physical activity, enhanced by insights from scientists around the world. Science isn’t a one-way street. “

The SMHS is a prestigious event that brings together experts, professionals, researchers and interested parties from various fields of sport, medicine and health. It serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, discussion of cutting-edge research and exploration of innovative approaches to improve sports performance, athlete health and well-being, and promote overall public health through physical activity and exercise.

This year, the public was also encouraged to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity for a healthier society.

The summit is organized by SportMed Service GmbH and CPO HANSER SERVICE, in collaboration with the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention.

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Steffi Zierke, Project Manager Congresses

Author: Steffi Zierke, Project Manager Congresses