What is SMF 2019

Where Dreamers & Disruptors Build the Future Together

SMF 2019 is THE event for next generation visionaries, disruptors and leaders. This year’s theme is “Wired for the Future” and we invite you to be part of this very exciting journey to discover what it would take to be wired to the future through AUTHENTICITY, ASPIRATIONS & ACTIONS. This is also an invitation to be wired to the right community and tap into the power of relationships and partnerships.

SMF 2019 is the platform for dreamers and builders of the future to be wired to growth by going beyond limits in order to dream, act and grow. This important conference will feature many exciting case studies showcasing real life stories and process of organizational growth and success through building authenticity, having aspirations and taking the right actions. Attend SMF 2019 and together, let’s discover what it will take to attain these.

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