Press release from PCO Tyrol Congress

Thanks to its constant high-quality work PCO Tyrol Congress has been accredited as a member of IAPCO. For Mathias Posch, president of IAPCO, this is only logical and was just a matter of time. The new member has many regular customers who trustingly rely on the bespoke service of the PCO Tyrol Congress team in managing their conferences.

Innsbruck – There are only a few Professional Congress Organisers (short: PCO), which have been accepted as members of IAPCO, the renowned international association of PCOs. PCO Tyrol Congress is only the fifth Austrian PCO to be IAPCO-accredited. “The PCO Tyrol Congress team have done an excellent job for many years, and it was therefore only a matter of time before it qualified to become accredited by IAPCO. IAPCO is the only accreditation for PCOs, and to date not more than some 130 members from all over the world have been admitted. As IAPCO president and being from the Tyrol myself, I am especially pleased that PCO Tyrol Congress is now also part of the world elite of PCOs”, says Mathias Posch, IAPCO President.

With team spirit and expertise on the road to success
Delivering international conferences according to top-level service standards on a continuous basis was the prerequisite to meet the strict admission criteria. “The PCO Tyrol Congress team have provided superb organisational and logistical support for the series of the London-Innsbruck Colloquia on Status Epilepticus and Acute Seizures, which have taken place biannually in Austria and the UK since 2007. The success of these meetings is not least due to the high level of professionalism and commitment of the PCO Tyrol Congress team, and their good judgment”, states Prof. Simon Shorvon from the University College London (UCL). Prof. Franz Hinterreiter, former president of the Austrian Society for Vascular Surgery and meeting president for the German-Swiss-Austrian Meeting of the Society in Linz in 2013, praises the attention to detail, the solid budget planning and sound advice which always made him feel in safe hands with this important meeting for the society. Prof. Johannes Zschocke and Prof. Daniela Karall from the Innsbruck Medical University were impressed by the personal and tailored co-operation with PCO Tyrol Congress. “The team spirit was excellent and our cooperation marked by mutual trust at all times. The SSIEM Conference on Inborn Errors of Metabolism with more than 2,000 delegates from 73 different nations was an outstanding success thanks to the professional services provided by PCO Tyrol Congress”.

IAPCO Membership as Mission to further strengthen this industry sector
One of the highlights in 2018 was undoubtedly the International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW) with more than 1,000 international delegates. Karl Kleemayr, head of the local organising committee, is convinced that it would simply not have been possible to stage such a hugely successful international conference without the expertise, commitment and enthusiasm of the PCO Tyrol Congress team who provided invaluable support. The European Commission is of the same mind: “Our Annual Forum 2018 in Innsbruck was fantastic and the organisation absolutely professional. Without the many helping hands behind the scenes who took care of the innumerable tasks which have to be handled to deliver such a huge event, this would not have been feasible”, Ann-Jasmin Krabatsch writes on behalf of the EU-Commission in a thank-you note for the conferences which took place during the Tyrolean EUSALP presidency 2018. Ina Kähler, head of PCO Tyrol Congress, is very happy about the positive client feedback and enthusiastic to be now a member IAPCO. “We are proud to be part of IAPCO and to further contribute to strengthening the PCO segment within the MICE industry. IAPCO offers an ideal platform to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas with colleagues from all over the world. PCO Tyrol Congress was founded in 1993 and is part of Congress Messe Innsbruck (CMI). In its three locations CMI hosts some 500 events with 600,000 visitors a year. Christian Mayerhofer, CEO of Congress Messe Innsbruck sees the IAPCO membership as a special recognition: “I am especially pleased that the PCO Tyrol Congress team is now a member of this select group of PCOs. It is a sign of the much-deserved recognition of the outstanding accomplishments and commitment of the entire team and will no doubt further help to corroborate the second rank Innsbruck and the Tyrol occupy behind Vienna as a destination for international conferences”.