The global Investor Summit of OurCrowd’s Investment Fund took place at ICC Jerusalem last week.

Over 8,000 guests from 150 countries arrived at the conference, including business people, investors, high-tech and industry professionals, and many more. The media demonstrated strong attendance too with over 200 local and international media outlets.

The event featured an extensive array of professional presentations by 200 speakers, including open mic discussions. Advanced technologies were on display, accompanied by a varied selection of refreshments and beverages.

The OurCrowd positions ICC Jerusalem as the venue of choice for business, technological, and cultural conventions under a single roof that provides all the necessary amenities.
Produced by Orly Rachamim’s THINK Content Events, the event concluded with a mega-party for the guests. Jon Medved, OurCrowd’s founder and CEO, announced at the party that next year’s conference would take place on March 4, 2021, also at ICC Jerusalem.

Photographer: Noam Preisman