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Florence, feb 06, 2024 – OIC Group, the International Professional Congress Organizer operating in the healthcare sector, announces the achievement of ISO 20121 certification as an integral part of a broader and more ambitious strategy to attain 360-degree sustainability. This milestone marks a crucial chapter in OIC Group’s established history, as a company that has consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to environmental, social, and economic sustainability in the organization of its events.

The journey towards obtaining ISO 20121 seamlessly integrates into a radical corporate transformation, where OIC has demonstrated unparalleled commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles, a philosophy that today permeates every aspect of the organization.

Simona Giuliani, HR Director of OIC Group, reflects on the steps taken to obtain the certification: “Our journey towards ISO 20121 has been a true testament to our commitment. We engaged all stakeholders in the management and organization of events, implemented specific actions to reduce environmental impacts, and optimize positive outcomes for the community. It is a significant step towards an increasingly sustainable and responsible industry”.

Simona Giuliani, HR Director OIC Group

Simona Giuliani, HR Director OIC Group

A tangible manifesto of commitment and innovation: OIC Group has adopted a specific action plan for its sustainable development, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the core values of the ISO 20121 standard. This commitment translates into a radical shift in corporate objectives, as demonstrated, for instance, by the recent strategic decision to change headquarters.

The inauguration of the new headquarters stands as a tangible manifesto of the group’s significant commitment to sustainability. Conceived with the clear objective of drastically reducing waste and environmental impact, the new headquarters symbolize the beating heart of a sustainable revolution emanating from within the organization. From optimized and collaborative spaces to a more flexible work organization, OIC Group aims to be an example not only in terms of business success but also as a pioneer in the field of environmental and social responsibility, both internally and externally.

Furthermore, the company has initiated a partnership with Up2You, the greentech B Corp that guides companies through personalized journeys of emission calculation and reduction. This collaboration aims to conduct a thorough analysis of its carbon footprint. Results, based on the standards defined by the GHG Protocol, reveal that in the old headquarters in 2022, the company emitted a total of 188 tons of CO2 through electricity consumption, refrigerant gases, and heating.

In January 2023, OIC Group embraced a long-term vision by developing a carbon offsetting plan. This plan, an integral part of the sustainability strategy, involved both waste reduction and the promotion of green mobility within the organization, as well as the offsetting of unavoidable emissions by financing certified environmental and social protection projects at the international level (Verra Registry and Gold Standard Registry). This initiative officially transformed OIC Group into a “Carbon Neutral Company”, placing it among the rare 1% of Italian companies that have achieved carbon neutrality in the fight against climate change.

“Obtaining ISO 20121 certification is a concrete demonstration of our commitment to environmental and social sustainability. Simultaneously, achieving carbon neutrality stands as a fundamental pillar of our integrated sustainability vision. We want to be an example of excellence, actively contributing to the construction of an industry capable of generating an increasingly tangible positive impact” Concludes Nicola Testai, CEO of OIC Group.

Nicola Testai, CEO OIC Group

Nicola Testai, CEO OIC Group



Founded in 1975 in Florence, with over four decades of experience, knowledge, and expertise, OIC Group is one of the first Professional Congress Organizers (PCO) in Italy. The core business of the OIC Group is the organization and management of events and congresses of all sizes worldwide. Over the years, OIC Group has established itself as a key player in the Meeting Industry, supporting the growth of Healthcare Companies, Scientific Societies, Patient Associations, and Healthcare Companies through the conceptualization and production of events, digital and residential conventions, communication campaigns, and e-learning platforms. This has been the result of careful strategic planning, investments in human capital and technologies, as well as an unwavering desire to provide clients and stakeholders with the highest quality and standards in the range of services offered.


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