Kenes Group, a leading Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) and Association Management Company (AMC), started strong in 2017 with a number of core contracts signed securing a strong future. With major medical and scientific associations continuing to return to Kenes, the company successfully maintains its position as a leader in medical and scientific conferences and events.

European Stroke Organisation (ESO), World Psychiatric Association (WPA), World Federation of Neurology (WFN), European Academy of Paediatric Societies (EAPS), and World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress (WSAVA), are only a few of the large wins that Kenes has signed in Q4 of 2016. With these core PCO agreements, Kenes ensures a sustainable future. Together with each association, Kenes cooperates on improving not only the work of the associations but also making sure that the core messages of each event reaches the audience in the best way possible. This is often done with the smart use of technology and meeting design in order to ensure engagement and extending the life of each event so that conversations and learning opportunities can be available to each community for a longer period of time. Planning for more than 22,000 delegates on average among these five associations, these events present the perfect platform to lead trends in the industry demonstrating that medical meetings are as innovative as any other.

What often makes a difference for these wins is the relationship with the client. Innovation and understanding of the association and the area of its operation are key to winning too, as well as the experience in the destination where the conference will take place. “We have built our reputation throughout the past five decades by being an industry leader. Having these associations continue their partnership with us gives us the confidence that the bold decisions and risks we take together pay off. Only through real partnership and understanding of the association goals can we deliver and continue to surpass the expectations of thousands of attendees at each event, year after year. We are grateful for the trust and we are excited to take medical meetings into the future together with our clients” commented Dan Rivlin, CEO of Kenes Group.

Geneva, Switzerland, February 07, 2017

About Kenes Group

Fifty years of knowledge, experience and market expertise have led Kenes Group to the forefront of global conference management and to becoming one of the world’s leading Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs). Founded in Tel Aviv in 1965, and headquartered in Geneva and Tel Aviv, Kenes has hosted over 3,000 conferences in more than 100 cities around the globe, with over 115,000 participants per year. Recognized as the world leader in meeting planning, Kenes is the only global PCO dedicated to medical and scientific events. The company boasts a team of over 300 professionals, in 23 offices on four continents, and more than 100 long term clients.

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