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Tastes of Jerusalem– Authentic, Ethnic and Eclectic

Jerusalem’s historic Mahane Yehuda open market celebrates its centennial this year with plenty of food tours, workshops and cultural events. Produce and spice market by day; bistro and bar scene by night, the ‘shuk’ is one of the many culinary adventures awaiting visitors to the city.

Vendors and merchants as well as restauranteurs in the ‘shuk’ can be three-generation businesses opened by the grandparents who immigrated to Israel from Middle Eastern and Northern African countries, recreating the traditional dishes of their communities, passing them down to the younger generations who are serving them today.

Indeed, enjoying the cuisine of Jerusalem begins when conference delegates sit down to Israel’s well-known hotel breakfasts and continues through the day with the delicious fresh catered meals provided at the event venue.

But a whole world of tastes from street food to sophisticated dining awaits you beyond the halls of your conference. The authentic, ethnic and eclectic dishes of a multicultural, multi-ethnic Jerusalem will surely leave a taste for more.

Beyond Mahane Yehuda, venture into the Old City for some of the best humous in town or sample authentic Armenian and Arab cuisine while meandering among the fresh food markets and aromatic spice shops of the four quarters within the ancient walls.

Wander the streets of downtown Jerusalem and environs, where an exciting mix of ethnic and contemporary flavours are served up at street level bistros or elegant rooftop restaurants offering spectacular views of Jerusalem by night. In addition to delicious Israeli cuisine, there are eateries offering authentic Ethiopian, Thai, Indian and Mediterranean fare as well as many vegetarian and vegan options.

The flavours of the city brought here by immigrants from East and West, together with the creativity shown by local chefs have really put Jerusalem on the global culinary map. Many of the local chefs have opened restaurants abroad to great acclaim, building legacies whose roots began in Jerusalem, often in the kitchens of their mothers and grandmothers.

To paraphrase a food critic visiting Jerusalem – After biting into an Iraqi sabich eggplant and tehina stuffed into a warm pita filled with pickles and amba, she proclaimed that every taste in the world was in that sandwich.

Jerusalem is a world of flavours waiting for you to discover.