IAPCO is very sad to announce the passing away of a well-loved member of the IAPCO community – Cristina Aru, EGA Congresses & Events.

Cristina has always been a valuable part of the development of IAPCO. Ega became an accredited member of IAPCO in 1972 and became very engaged with the association through the annual meetings. Cristina joined the IAPCO council for four years in the 1990s serving two years as Vice-President, and for the past five years as an IAPCO Ambassador.

“I am so shocked at the news” said long-time friend, Sarah Storie-Pugh, IAPCO HQ, “She’s been a part of my life for the past 40 years and I cannot believe she’s gone. I will miss her greatly, her friendship, her hugs, her love”.

Her irresistible charm, warmth, good-humour and enthusiasm were just some of the many qualities that made Cristina so special and loved by the IAPCO community. We will miss her very much. Our thoughts today are with her family and friends