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IFES Education Committee Leads the Charge in Cultivating International Exhibition Excellence with MasterClass 2024 - North America

IFES Education Committee Leads the Charge in Cultivating International Exhibition Excellence with MasterClass 2024 – North America

Brussels, Belgium – February 2024

The International Federation of Exhibition Services (IFES) is dedicated to advancing excellence and innovation in the exhibition industry through a series of educational initiatives. Under the leadership of the IFES Education Committee, these initiatives aim to empower members with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the global marketplace.

Following the resounding success of MasterClass 23 – Frankfurt: “Futureproof your career in Exhibitions” in November 2023, MasterClass 24 – North America, “Invest in International Exhibition Excellence,” is set to take place on May 16-17, 2024, in partnership with The Experiential Designers and Producers Association (EDPA).

“We are excited to continue our educational drive with MasterClass 2024,” said Steve Riches, Chair of the IFES Education Committee. “Our commitment to enhancing the industry through shared knowledge and idea exchange remains unwavering. This MasterClass underscores our dedication to empowering our members, particularly the younger generation of exhibition players, with the skills and insights necessary for success in the international arena.”

This action-packed 2-day event hosted at Nth Degree, Atlanta, GA, aims to foster international collaboration and partnerships within the exhibition industry. Led by seasoned professionals, including  Lee Ali (Expo Star – UK), Martijn Besaris (The Inside – NL), Paco Collazo (Happy Projects – US), Han Leenhouts (Sales & Pepper – NL), John Pavek (Willwork – US), Jason Popp (Moss – US + EU), Steve Riches (Laguna Display – US)  and Steven Ross (Access TCA – US), the focus is on practical learning opportunities designed to deepen participants’ understanding of global exhibition practices. All these Industry experts demonstrate their support to the industry through sponsored participation.

Attendees can expect to:

  • Unlock International Exhibition Insights: Gain valuable insights into exhibiting nuances between Europe and the USA, understanding cultural, logistical, and strategic differences.
  • Decode and Master Communication Styles: Equip participants with tools to maximize connectivity and performance through effective communication.
  • Navigate International Logistics Challenges: Learn to manage international transport and customs processes efficiently, overcoming common hurdles for smooth operations.
  • Hands-On Sustainability Practices: Explore practical applications of sustainability in exhibitions, integrating innovative approaches to minimize environmental impact.
  • Foster International Collaborations: Cultivate cross-boundary collaborations, networking with industry professionals to drive international industry advancement.

Just ahead of this MasterClass and in the same spirit of collaborative advancement, IFES together with IAPCO: The International Association of Professional Congress Organisers, AMC Institute, and AIPC – the International Association of Convention Centres will bring members on 13th May 2024 to participate in the IMEX Joint Association Partners Next Gen Workshop. This collaborative workshop unites ambitious young professionals from all corners of the Meetings Industry to create a next-generation business events network. Attendees at the IMEX Frankfurt workshop will have the opportunity to enhance their skills and foster collaboration in the meetings industry.

“The IMEX Joint Association Partners Next Gen Workshop is an excellent opportunity for Project Managers to gain valuable insights and network with industry professionals,” adds Uta Goretzky, IFES executive Director. “Topics include strategic collaboration, value chain optimisation, industry advancement, growth through partnerships, reputation building, and networking for long-term development. IFES will continue to work with other stakeholders in the industry to prioritise providing educational resources and opportunities for members to excel in the exhibition and events industry. We recognise the need to work across the value chain of the Exhibition and Events Industry to foster international partnerships, and collectively shape a future where global synergy drives excellence and innovation.”

IFES Masterclass 2024 – North America

Next Generation education workshop at IMEX  Next Generation education workshop at IMEX  – Survey (



About IFES:

The International Federation of Exhibition & Event Services (IFES) is the worldwide trade association dedicated to the specific needs of exposition designers and providers of tradeshow and events services. Over 280 companies representing more than 42 countries are proud network members. The purpose of IFES is to promote the commercial, professional and socio-political interests of its members on an international level and generate and promote a business and knowledge exchange platform for its active members in the global market.

The IFES mission is to create partner unity and generate a stronger understanding of exhibition and event marketing on a worldwide scale through networking and knowledge sharing.

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