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Helping Exhibition and Events Industry Professionals Embrace Sustainable Practices

In response to the escalating demand for sustainable practices within the Exhibition and Events industry, the International Federation of Exhibition and Events Services (IFES) and the Federal Association of the Event Industry (fwd:) have announced the launch of a 3rd ISO 20121 Training Convoy, an extension of their convoy-consulting concept for ISO 20121 released in 2022.

Initial Training Convoys 1 and 2 saw the first twenty companies from the associations successfully on their way to certification in collaboration with 2bdifferent as a partner. IFES and fwd: have now acquired sufficient internal expertise to continue the convoy principle under the leadership of the associations themselves, with 2bdifferent remaining close at hand for intensive consulting topics.

The newly launched ISO 20121 Training Program 3 was crafted by IFES and fwd: in-house in collaboration with GUTcert from the AFNOR Group and the consultants from 2bdifferent.  Training is led by ISO 20121 Internal Auditors and sustainability advocates, Dominique Bohler (IFES) and Marko Roscher (fwd:), providing  a comprehensive understanding of the ISO 20121 process and close guidance across the implementation phases. Notably, the training is designed to be easily understandable, catering to professionals at various expertise levels within the Exhibition and Events industry as well as an affordable solution for industry practitioners wanting to embrace sustainable practices.

Dominique Bohler - Project Manager Assistant

Dominique Bohler – Project Manager Assistant

Not only do participants gain a unique competitive advantage by reaching a level of sustainability practice that meets the stringent requirements of state and financial institutions, but they also align their  services with the growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible practices.

ISO 20121 Training Convoy  3 is a year-long program which commences with two three-day workshops. It continues to support its participants with five additional information and exchange sessions spread across the year, during which participants earn a recognised “Representative for sustainable event management according to ISO 20121” certification. Towards the end of the program, an optional internal audit is available to assess company processes and capacity in preparation for an external third-party audit certifying the event or company ISO 20121 compliant.

Those eager to be part of this transformative journey, can get in touch with Dominique Bohler at  for more details. Together, we can drive positive change in our industry, fostering a sustainable legacy for future generations.

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About IFES:

The International Federation of Exhibition & Event Services (IFES) is the worldwide trade association dedicated to the specific needs of exposition designers and providers of tradeshow and events services. Over 280 companies representing more than 40 countries are proud network members. The purpose of IFES is to promote the commercial, professional, and socio-political interests of its members on an international level and generate and promote a business and knowledge exchange platform for its members who are active in the global market.

The IFES mission is to create partner unity and generate a stronger understanding of exhibition and event marketing on a world scale through networking and sharing knowledge.

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About fwd:

The former FAMAB, a trade association for trade fair and event marketing, which existed until 2021, forms the strong foundation of today’s fwd: Bundesvereinigung Veranstaltungswirtschaft eV 

The name “fwd:” stands for Forward, the unstoppable progress that we strive for in the entire German event industry. This is an association with a strong network that is committed to political and social recognition and the future security of our key industry.

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Robyn D’Alessandro, PR and Communications Manager, IFES