IAPCO’s 2024 Annual Meeting & General Assembly (AM&GA) in the picturesque city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, concluded on a high note with a symbolic and heartwarming ceremony. The IAPCO AM&GA flag was passed from Cankarjev dom to the host PCOs for the 2025 edition, GIS Group and Elite PCO, based in Taipei, Taiwan, marking the symbolic transition of the event’s hosting responsibilities.

Passing of the IAPCO AM&GA flag from Cankarjev dom - CD Congress Centre Ljubljana to our hosts next year in Taipei, Taiwan GIS Group and Elite PCO.

As the curtains closed on the 54th edition of this prestigious event, the anticipation for the 55th IAPCO AM&GA in Taipei, scheduled for February 20-23, 2025, heightened. The Taiwanese hosts left a lasting impression with a captivating presentation that seamlessly blended the meditative poetry narrated by GIS Group’s CEO, Jason Yeh, with the mesmerizing soundscape of Taiwan playing in the background. The accompanying animation on the big screen further amplified the immersive experience, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry that awaits attendees in Taipei.

The soundscape of Taiwan played in the background and related animation shown on the big screen as Jason yeh read a meditative poem

For those who missed this enchanting preview, the video is available on Vimeo at the link – https://vimeo.com/923389441.

Brimming with enthusiasm, Jason Yeh expressed his excitement, stating, “The Taiwan team and I will do our best to make the 2025 IAPCO AM&GA a thrilling and authentic one.” His words resonated with the attendees, igniting a sense of anticipation for the extraordinary experiences that lie ahead.

Jason Yeh is looking forward to welcoming the IAPCO community in Taiwan

As the IAPCO community bid farewell to Ljubljana and turned its attention to Taipei, a glimpse into the future was unveiled with the announcement of the 2026 host destination. With great excitement, IAPCO revealed that the 2026 AM&GA will take place in the historic city of Athens, Greece, hosted in partnership by esteemed Greek PCOs AFEA Congress, ERA Congresses & Events, ERASMUS Conferences & Events S.A., and CONVIN S.A.

IAPCO AM&GA 2026: Athens to be hosted in partnership by AFEA Congress, ERA Congresses & Events, ERASMUS Conferences & Events S.A. and CONVIN S.A.

IAPCO’s AM&GA serves as a global gathering for the association’s members and partners, fostering networking, idea exchange, knowledge sharing and a celebration of the incredible IAPCO community. To continue this tradition, IAPCO invites member PCOs to submit Expressions of Interest (EoI) to host the 2027 edition, with a submission deadline of May 31, 2024. Interested parties are encouraged to email IAPCO CEO Martin Boyle to receive the Bid Guidelines.

As the IAPCO AM&GA bandwagon embarks on its journey from one captivating destination to another, the association remains committed to bringing the global community together, fostering connections and elevating the meetings and events industry to new heights. Join us in Taipei, Athens and beyond for these must-attend industry events!