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CONVIN are excited to introduce you to NROBOGEN, a robotics team from Amfilochia. Comprised of five talented individuals – Vasilis, Theodoris, Maria, Christos, and their coach Charalambos – NROBOGEN has consistently ranked among the top five teams in Greece at the FIRST LEGO League Robotics and Innovation Competition, organized annually by Eduact.

Every year, children aged 9 to 16 from all over the world are invited to find innovative solutions to global challenges. This year’s theme focuses on hobbies and the arts.

After conducting research within their community, NROBOGEN discovered a significant interest in hiking and found ancient trails in Amfilochia that were previously unexplored.

Their initiative began by meeting with locals familiar with these trails, cleaning them up, and mapping them out. They then designed signage using Canva and marked the trails on Google for easy accessibility by visitors. Currently, they are in the process of creating the “City Trails” website, which will host not only Amfilochia’s trails but potentially those of the entire municipality in the future. All of this has been accomplished through their hard work and personal funds.

ONVIN Stands with NROBOGEN's Robotics Initiative

This year, NROBOGEN’s third-place win has earned them a ticket to the World Finals, where they will represent Greece in Bodo, Norway, from May 13th to 18th.

Their innovative project for the Bodo competition is the “City Trail Tap” – a 3D-printed device, costing only €1.5, equipped with an NFC sensor. Placed along the trails, it aims to make the experience interactive, dividing information into five categories: Orange Tap – Route Information, Yellow Tap – Trail History, Blue Tap – Local Animals, Green Tap – Local Flora, and Pink Tap – Ideal Photo Spot. Visitors can simply tap their mobile phones on the corresponding City Trail Tap to access relevant information.

CONVIN is proud to support NROBOGEN in its endeavours and looks forward to witnessing its success at the World Finals. Let’s rally behind these young innovators and help them achieve their dreams!