Collaboration is key in our industry, we will dive in and take a close look at collaboration between PCOs and Convention Bureaus. Centre stage will be given to Florence Visitor & Convention Bureau & IAPCO Faculty to unravel the secrets of ‘good collaboration’.

Bid Case Study & Site Inspection

We start off by looking at a Bid Case study, is there an art to tackling a bid?

I’m sure there is an art to working on ‘bids’ and if there is, you’re in the right place to find out more. This is taken to a whole new level by working in groups and discussing the bid in a group. How do you usually proceed? What do you do? How could you improve? Boom, that’s a ‘learning experience’!

The Changing role of the PCO

The role of the PCO is changing, the market is changing, client requests are changing, can you keep up? What do you need to know to stay in the loop of all the upcoming trends and techniques?

Boosting Delegate Numbers

This key ‘take away’ goes hand in hand with the Changing Role of the PCO and the need to be aware and informed of market changes and act upon new trends out there! During this session we will be taking a close look at how to boost delegate numbers in the new digital era, with a particular focus on event marketing trends..

Engaging the Delegate

Keeping the delegate in mind from the previous session, how do we go about engaging the delegate, how is this changing and what are you doing about it?.

Meeting Formats across the Spectrum

We’ll be wrapping up the day by having a look at different kinds of Meeting Formats, which Meeting Formats do you use? How could you improve?.

Medical Sponsorship

Which are the challenges we face, and how can we go about solving them?.

Financial Models

The financial nitty gritty; how has the meeting industry changed with regard to Financial models over the years, and how do Associations work with the PCOs?


Edition #2 – July 2017