Urban air traffic and sustainable mobility become focal points of congress in Hamburg

The host city of Hamburg and the World Congress organiser ERTICO have solidified their co-operation after Senator Michael Westhagemann, President of the Hamburg Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation, and Jacob Bangsgaard and Didier Gortmann, both ERTICO, signed a further “Declaration of Intent”. The latest document builds on a previous declaration concluded in 2017 at the ITS World Congress in Montreal and adds two thematic areas. Hamburg is the venue of the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress in 2021.

Focus on urban air transport and mobility

The newly added topics of urban air transport and sustainable mobility complement the existing focal points of automated and networked driving, mobility services, digital port and logistics solutions and intelligent infrastructure. Scenarios for developing civil uses of drones and other urban air transport technologies will be dealt with as part of urban air transport. Sustainable mobility focuses on the role of low-emission and zero-emission modes of transport.

“Traffic is currently experiencing the most dramatic change since the invention of the car. We want to set standards with the ITS World Congress 2021 and beyond that and make urban mobility safe, quiet, efficient and reliable. That includes networking, environmental friendliness, shared mobility offers and many other solutions for which Hamburg is the ideal platform,” said Westhagemann.

15, 000 delegates expected

Hamburg will co-operate with the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and host the congress from October 11-15, 2021 in the refurbished Congress Center Hamburg (CCH), and on select streets. ITS regularly attracts over 15,000 delegates at the congress, the accompanying exhibitions, live demonstrations and talks on the latest developments in the intelligent transport sector. The congress is a catalyst of the senate’s ITS strategy to position Hamburg as a model of intelligent transport and laboratory for logistics solutions. Last year, Hamburg founded the ITS Hamburg 2021 GmbH to implement the ITS World Congress. ERTICO is a partnership of around 100 companies and institutions involved in the production of transport systems.

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