IAPCO Member: Arinex, Australia

Whilst the world continues to spin because of COVID-19, event management companies are reinforcing that 2021 will be the year of hybrid events.

Long standing Australian company Arinex in 2020 reengineered to incorporate a Digital Conference Organiser (DCO). It is obvious that the production of a virtual or hybrid event is radically underestimated. Indeed, resources required have doubled, specialist I.T. is essential, sponsor and exhibition concepts have altered, and networking and engagement requires priority consideration.

Arinexperts are committed to digital event technology offering five stand-alone or integrated event technology solutions known as eTechSuite. The suite is made up of eMeeting, eOrganiser, ePresenter, eMobilise and eSpeaker with seamless back-end management and client/delegate facing applications.

To reinforce the strength of eTechSuite products, global technology provider, Globit by CPO Hanser, have integrated one of the eTechSuite products into their quality digital conference solutions suite.

Globit Chief Technology Officer, Sebastian Bernt said there had been increasing client demand around content management and after much research decided the logical solution was to work with eTechsuite. “We have done our research and there are not many quality abstract management systems. The eOrganiser product provides the best option and fully integrates with our system saving us time and money.”

“We hope this is just the beginning of ongoing collaboration and look forward to our companies providing the best event solutions globally for our clients.”

Two PCO’s saw value in collaboration across the globe. Arinex and CPO Hanser discuss their partnership plus information on digital conference solutions and their complexity in the following link: https://vimeo.com/504177627/89b0532323