The founders of Congress Care, Rob Zikkenheimer and Jacqueline van der Meer, have transferred part of their shares to Pepijn Klerkx and Roderick Mulder.  

Pepijn Klerkx holds a degree in International Hospitality Management and has been active in the company since April 2009. He started his career as project manager, later being promoted to project director, a position he has held since 2015. Becoming a Partner and Managing Director feels like a natural step for Pepijn and his career development.

Pepijn: “Finally, I took the plunge and seized this opportunity with both hands. Obviously, being a co-owner of this company is a completely different kettle of fish compared to my previous role as a professional congress organiser. However, I feel 100% supported by our current board and in addition to the competences Roderick is bringing to the company, I am happily looking forward to many years of exciting projects and the pleasant cooperation that naturally comes with it.”  

Roderick Mulder is new to Congress Care. He holds a degree in Business Economics and has an extensive track record in controlling and consultancy positions, within rapidly developing enterprises.

By becoming a co-owner and Financial and Operational Officer, he is fulfilling a childhood dream.  

Roderick: “During the meetings I have had with Jacqueline, Rob and Pepijn, I always experienced a pleasant atmosphere and mutual trust. I am confidently looking forward to the future! I am convinced that the four of us hold a valuable combination of competences. Thanks a lot, once more, to Rob and Jacqueline for this unique opportunity!”  

Rob Zikkenheimer and Jacqueline van der Meer will progressively transfer their responsibilities. Needless to say they remain closely involved in the daily operations of the company. The new partners will further work on the development and growth of Congress Care in both online and face-to face-meetings.

Jacqueline and Rob: “We are delighted that Pepijn and Roderick are coming to strengthen our board. They have the expertise and competencies that our existing and new customers need in this rapidly changing world. With the four of us we are building on a strong foundation towards a fruitful future.