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In the world of Events Management and Medical Awareness Campaigns, every initiative carries a unique story, a testament to the collaborative efforts of dedicated individuals and organisations. The recent celebration of the ‘World Heart Day’ on 28 September, organised by the CVREP Foundation, is no exception. Under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population and in collaboration with ‘Africa Health ExCon’ managed by the ‘Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement, Medical Supply and the Management of Medical Technology – UPA’, this year’s gathering transcended the traditional boundaries of a conference and embraced the vibrant spirit of a Public Forum. It brought together leaders and innovators from Egypt and the whole region to address the most pressing challenges in global cardiovascular health.

Professor Mohamed Sobhy, Professor of Cardiology and CVREP Foundation President, emphasised that the Public Forum was a comprehensive platform. It covered discussions between health policy experts, dialogues addressing the challenges facing the medical training sector and potential solutions. Additionally, it involved a review of the outcomes of various health initiatives and a forward-looking exploration of Egypt’s future in collaboration with Africa, with a particular focus on the innovations needed in the field of heart and vascular diseases.

Professor Sobhy shared a crucial message with the citizens, emphasising the importance of preserving one’s health as their true wealth. He urged everyone to take proactive steps in preventing the leading causes of heart diseases, which include smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and stress. Notably, he highlighted that high blood pressure accounts for 50% of cases, diabetes for 35% and excess weight for 40%.


Nihal Maharrem, Business Development Director at Expand, sheds light on the inception of this groundbreaking initiative: ‘Expand’s vision was to create a platform that would foster transformational conversations about cardiovascular health. We wanted to gather KOLs and eminent figures in the cardiovascular field to share insights and innovations. This was no small feat, but it was driven by our belief in the power of collaboration.’

The execution of this ambitious forum was masterfully handled by Rana Gamil, Operation Director at Expand. She and her team played a pivotal role in managing the forum program, ensuring it was enriched with valuable scientific content. Rana extends her gratitude to her colleagues, Nada and Marwa, acknowledging their tireless work and undoubtful devotion throughout the execution phase.

Dalia El Tohamy, heading the Commercial and Partnership Division at Expand, reflects on the involvement of pharmaceutical and corporate companies: ‘The enthusiasm from pharma and corporate companies towards participating in this magnificent event was truly remarkable. Companies like Organon, Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim and Menarini recognised the importance of our cause and joined hands with us.’

El Tohamy goes on to express her gratitude, saying, ‘I must recognize the exceptional dedication of Nermine and Nagham from the commercial team, whose relentless efforts ensured the success of our collaborations with these companies.’

The participation of these esteemed companies underscores the significance of the event in advancing global cardiovascular health. Their support and involvement are evidence to their commitment to the cause.

Walid Menessi, Chief Operating Officer, ICOM Group also added, ‘As we celebrate this achievement, let it be known that teamwork was the unsung hero in this success story. The dedication, hard work, and collaboration displayed by all who were involved served as an inspiring example for future endeavours in the field of cardiovascular health and medical awareness organisation at large.’

In the end, what truly made the ‘World Heart Day’ Public Forum a resounding success was the spirit of teamwork that prevailed throughout the whole event. The cohesive performance and synergy between team players were nothing short of outstanding. This event showcased that CVREP Foundation, Ministry of Health and Population, Africa Health ExCon and Expand fear no challenges and are unrelenting in their pursuit of better cardiovascular health for everyone.

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