Partner News - Jerusalem Conventions & Visitors Bureau

Jerusalem is celebrating the welcome addition of several new cultural venues that are perfect for hosting events. These venues are certain to enhance any visit to the city regardless if one is a first-timer or a frequent visitor to the city.

The Museum of Tolerance, scheduled to open in May 2023, is a three-acre campus on the edge of Independence Park in the center of Jerusalem. The imposing museum, culture center and international conference facility includes an outdoor amphitheater, theaters, cafes and a multi-use hall which overlooks the park. Even without being fully operational, the museum is quickly becoming a popular site for cultural activities. There are seven interactive pavilions within the museum which will guide visitors through an interactive journey of the history of the Jewish people.

The National Library, founded in 1892, is moving to a new ultra-modern venue, opposite the Knesset Israel’s Parliament from its home on the campus of the Hebrew University at Givat Ram.

The library is one of the country’s most respected and venerated institutions housing ancient priceless manuscripts and texts as well as serving as the largest research library. The modernistic new facility, designed by Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron, promises to be an impressive landmark in Jerusalem.

And inside, cutting-edge technologies are being used to digitize many of the library’s collections of books, historical press, manuscripts, music, ephemera, maps and more.

The official website for the library notes that in addition to world class collections, the library’s surrounding gardens and plazas promise to draw visitors from Israel and around the world, coming to enjoy the magnificent structure, inviting gardens, exhibitions and cultural programs.

Officials say the new National Library of Israel is scheduled to open this year and will stand as ‘an iconic architectural complex of aesthetic beauty, intellect, heritage and culture.’

How about an evening spent in a cave underneath the city? Zedekiah’s Cave is breathtaking in size and beauty, located east of the Damascus gate under the houses of the old city. An ancient quarry in the days of the First Temple many legends and traditions are linked with the cave’s name, including that it’s origin may be traced to the account of the escape of Zedekiah, the last king of Judah, from the Chaldeans who conquered Jerusalem through the cave. Today cultural and musical performances are held there, giving the audience an unusual and exciting audio and visual experience.

Recent renovations will make it an even more exciting and unexpected destination for an event of up to 500 participants.