ZURICH, SWITZERLAND: JUNE 13 2019 – Blue Jeans Network, Inc. today announced a new partnership with Interprefy, the world’s leading remote simultaneous interpreting platform. The partnership will allow BlueJeans customers to arrange for their online conferencing to run in multiple languages without the cost or administration associated with traditional interpreting.

Interprefy revolutionizes simultaneous interpreting by replacing old hardware with a cloud-based solution so that interpreters can deliver their services remotely, while online conferencing participants can simply listen to the language of their choice through their smart phones, laptops or desktops. Because Interprefy partners with leading language service providers, the best conference-level interpreters can be identified for any mix of languages in any area of specialization at short notice.

Interprefy’s gateway solution was built specifically to integrate seamlessly with online conferencing platforms and features an array of tools to optimize the user experience. In a standard set-up, all speakers have exactly same rights and can mute and unmute their streams at any time. Interpreters work remotely and there is no limit to the number of languages that can be provided.

“A growing portion of our customers are turning to online conferencing, as organizations with increasingly international workforces seek to cut costs, time, administration and carbon emissions by avoiding flying colleagues and customers around the planet. Interprefy increases engagement and inclusivity for participants, and we are delighted to partner with BlueJeans,” said Oddmund Braaten, COO at Interprefy.