AIM Group International, a diversified company working in the meeting industry released its financial results for the year 2016 and generated revenue of 107 million euro and an EBITDA of over 3 million euro.

The increase of more than 7 million euro in revenues compared to 2015 is due mainly to the growth in assets reported by all of the Group’s companies and offices.

Gianluca Buongiorno, President of AIM Group International, stated, “All key indicators are positive and we continue to see improvements across the board. We will continue to leverage this growth into smart investments, acquisition and growth.”

Gianluca Scavo, the Group’s Managing Director added, “We are very satisfied with the 2016 results and are exploring new opportunities to expand our portfolio and services to develop strong partnerships with our clients.”

AIM Group continues to see profitability from each of its operating segments. The asset base continues to grow as the company expands operations and creates more services throughout all sectors.

The 2016 growth shows stable development in the two leading product areas: Professional Congress Organisation (PCO) and Meetings, experiencing strong advancement in the healthcare sector and a client portfolio made up of association and corporate clients. The Group has managed more than 2.000 projects and more than 20 as Core PCO. It has seen a stable increase of global accounts and has confirmed congresses until 2025.

2016 saw also the accomplishment of a winning strategy, moving from “service provider” to “strategic partner” providing a consultancy approach to clients. This sector has been involved in different projects among which was the launch of the Hotel Mice Academy which is comprised of tailor-made educational programs addressed to MICE operators.

Encouraging a continuous training philosophy for its 350 employees has been another important focus for 2016. AIM Group invested in the AIM E- Library, a e-learning platform that promotes internal expertise. Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees, to build confidence, a stronger understanding of the industry and the changing industry standards.

These excellent results show the value we provide to our clients and how our internal investments have improved productivity. This winning strategy has allowed the Company to hold a position as leader and strong competitor within the industry. Congratulations to our team members and our wonderful clients for making this advancement possible. Looking forward to the numbers for 2017 with a renewed commitment to excellence.