IAPCO member Abbey Conference & Events, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, has been awarded the OnAIR Virtual Event Pioneer Award for Americas/Europe by Events Air.

Upon receiving this award, Abbey Director Patricia McColgan commented: “Like everyone around the globe, in March 2020 we were shell-shocked. However, our team responded in their usual positive way, reviewed the situation and immersed ourselves almost 24/7 into the world of Virtual Events. Their knowledge and expertise in Virtual Events has given our clients the confidence to continue meeting virtually until the time comes again that we can meet face to face.

Events Air have been fantastic partners throughout the whole process and it has certainly been a very positive experience in what is an incredibly difficult time worldwide. We are truly honoured to receive this award and are so proud of our wonderful team who made this possible”

Alec Sonenthal, Global Director of Education with Events Air added: “This award recognies Abbey as the best of our earliest adopters of OnAIR – who attended our initial boot camps, completed their online Fast Track training, and were among the very first to receive their OnAIR Virtual Event Planner Certifications.

“Abbey has embraced the world of Virtual Events starting from the very first days of the initial release of OnAIR. They have sent their team to our opening OnAIR Boot Camps, completed all relevant Fast Track Trainings, and have their team receive certifications in OnAIR. Abbey Conference & Events are a true pioneer in the world of virtual events.”