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AFEA turns the page, opening a new chapter in the company’s long history. Recently, its corporate transformation was completed, through which two new corporate entities were established.

As a result of the above structural changes, the establishment “AFEA CONGRESS SOCIETE ANONYME COMMERCIAL HOTEL TOURISM AND CONFERENCE COMPANY” (“AFEA CONGRESS”,, will continue its operation as a development force of the Meetings industry in Greece. The following sectors contributed to AFEA Congress are a) Congress – Professional Congress Organizer/Event Planner/Association Management; and b) Groups & Incentives. The sectors remaining under AFEA TRAVEL S.A. are a) Travel and Corporate Travel Services; and b) Destination Management Company (DMC) – Luxury Travel.

This corporate transformation was decided upon agreement between all shareholders as the most ideal way to enhance each sector’s development by focusing on further specialization of the provided services.

Given the above, AFEA CONGRESS S.A. will manage all aspects of the Congress – Professional Congress Organizer, Events and Groups & Incentives, assuming all related rights and obligations. Meanwhile, AFEA TRAVEL S.A. will continue to lead the operation of the services for Travel, Corporate Travel Services, and Destination Management Company (DMC) – Luxury Travel.

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As the founder of AFEA Travel & Congress Services, Andreas Lignos and the CEOs of AFEA Congress, Sissy Lignou and Dimitra Lignou, point out: “Throughout the course of our activity in the industry, we have developed strong relationships with a wide network of clients, partners and suppliers, which enables us to detect and fully meet all the multifaceted market needs. As a result of the above, the quality of our work, as well as our commitment to providing specialized services while adhering to our principles and vision, have led us to become a leader in our sector, which is acknowledged both by our clients and our partners.”

Moreover, they also observe that: “With absolute respect for our legacy and all that it entails, AFEA Congress S.A. embarks on a new and exciting journey, entering a new era, with a new brand and visual identity – but with the same passion, love and dedication for all that we do!”