A new brand identity for AIM Group International

A new logo, website, and corporate identity, are a milestone in the regeneration and development of the Group, which specialises in events, communication and consultancy


Milan, 20th September 2022 – Effective change starts from within. It is this belief that underpins the new brand identity that AIM Group International, a market leader in meetings, events and communication, presents today. The business events market has changed structurally, as have clients and event attendees. Crises follow one another in quick succession, demanding constant adaptation. AIM Group, an acknowledged innovator in the sector, has chosen to redefine its market position, relaunch its role and redesign its brand image.

The new brand identity better corresponds to our corporate personality and the image we now want to project,” explains Gianluca Buongiorno, president of AIM Group International. “The rebranding is an important part of the Group’s development and regeneration strategy, coming as it does after a period of significant disruption, which required considerable agility and resilience, and a commitment to defining and achieving new strategic goals”.

From today, the group presents a new logo, a new website (at the same URL www.aimgroupinternational.com) and a new coordinated image for all communication materials.

The logo is based upon the iconic shape of the triangle and plays upon the interaction between its three sides. “These represent the three fundamental pillars on which the Group’s business is structured, the key specialist areas of events, communication and consultancy” explains Gianluca Scavo, CEO of AIM Group International. “Our three teams interact, creating synergies and complementing each other.  Like the sides of the triangle, they come together to form an integrated figure, signifying both strength and movement”.

The new brand identity was designed and managed by AIM Communication, the group’s communication hub.  It is the result of comprehensive, collective process, during which stakeholders of the Group were asked to describe the positive and negative features they associated with to the brand.  These were used to define key characteristics of AIM’s corporate identity, while another group participated in a workshop to identify medium and long-term objectives.

The future of events and communication is challenging.  If we are really wanting to innovate, we must closely work all together with a strong team spirit between agencies, clients and specialist providers” explains Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno, Vice President of AIM Group International. “Our new tagline Let’s__together! says it perfectly.  It illustrates our desire to work as a team, both internally, creating collaborative engagement between our various companies and business divisions, and also externally, with clients and stakeholders, planning and delivering experiences and solutions together”.

The new brand also expresses the business model that AIM Group wants to share with clients. “We need to adopt a new bolder approach, actively seeking collaboration between different sectors, cultures and activities. Creativity feeds on diversity. We want to guide our clients through a process of transformation and positive ‘cross-fertilisation’, using the consolidated experience and the specialist skills of our teams to offer comprehensive, integrated consultancy services that facilitate business excellence. Let’s do it together!” adds Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno.


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