The 9th (MICE) Innovation Study Meeting, was held physically for the first time on 18 March, at the new conference facility “Congrès Square Haneda”. The facility was opened July 2020, produced by Congrès Inc., and is conveniently accessible from Tokyo’s central international gateway, Haneda Airport. Seven companies and attendees appreciated the opportunity to actually see the innovations at work at this exciting venue.

Congrès Inc. and the Institute of Creative Industries & Culture (ICIC; Headquarters: Chiyoda City, Tokyo) serve jointly as the Secretariat for the “MICE Innovation Society” established in July 2020, with the objective of taking on the challenges of the transformations occurring in meetings & events industry. The study meetings provide a forum for identifying issues in the industry and demonstrations of concrete solutions through new technologies and seeds for developing new business, based on collaboration between diverse fields and industries.

The event was also covered by a major Tokyo T.V. channel, TV Tokyo Corporation.




avatarin Inc. introduced its remotely operable robot “newme” and reported on the outcomes of field operation tests on a new style of meeting/event that anyone from anywhere in the world can attend, nicknamed “avatar MICE.”



Portable yummy snacks for online networking /Happy Hours, pre-delivered to the attendees’ homes in Japan or safely packaged for hybrid venues: Proposed by CORDON BLEU INC., Tokyo.