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Webinar: Challenging the misconceptions of PCO services

September 26, 2023

Impact Dialogue Postponed

PCOs face various challenges that can impact the success of events. However, by recognising and addressing these issues collaboratively, we can develop strategies to overcome them effectively. This webinar will explore potential solutions to each challenge and provide insights to enhance the capabilities of PCOs and elevate event management to new heights.

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Meet the Panellists

Impact Dialogue Webinar Panellists

> Mia Fredin-Grupper, Executive Director, World Stroke Organisation

> Karina Lance, Deputy Director, Dubai Business Events (IAPCO Destination Partner)

> Chander Mansharamani, ManagingDirector, Alpcord (National Accredited IAPCO members)

> Stephane Talboom, VP Sales and Marketing, K.I.T. Group

> Amaresh Kumar Tiwari, Vice Chairman, India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB)



> Sarah Markey-Hamm, IAPCO President and CEO, ICMS Pty Ltd

Introduction by

> Martin Boyle, CEO, IAPCO