Why become an IAPCO Accredited Member?

To be recognised as one of the best qualified Professional Congress Organiser in the world.

To be a member of IAPCO ensures your quality standing as one of the highest in the world in the Meetings Industry.

Membership Benefits

  • International brand recognition – IAPCO is known for the strict quality criteria required of its membership. This gives IAPCO Accredited PCOs a competitive advantage when bidding for congresses and events.
  • Excellent opportunities to network and exchange – IAPCO members have access to a global network of PCOs and meeting professionals. This provides them with opportunities to share knowledge, best practices, and business leads.
  • Continued excellence monitored by annual assessment programmes – IAPCO members are subject to annual quality checks and reviews by the IAPCO Quality Committee. This ensures that they maintain the high standards required for IAPCO accreditation.
  • Business promotion through the Knowledge Hub and The PCO – IAPCO members can promote their businesses through the Knowledge Hub, a searchable online database of IAPCO members and their services. They can also promote their businesses through The PCO, a quarterly magazine for IAPCO members.
  • Reduced rates for staff to attend IAPCO EDGE Seminars – IAPCO members can send their staff to IAPCO EDGE Seminars at a discounted rate. These seminars provide valuable training and development opportunities for PCO professionals.
  • Complimentary access to webEDGE – IAPCO members have complimentary access to webEDGE, IAPCO’s online learning platform. webEDGE offers a wide range of e-learning courses on topics relevant to PCO professionals.
  • Preferential insurance rates for your event – IAPCO members can access preferential insurance rates for their events. This can help them to save money on the cost of insuring their events.
  • Use of the IAPCO Accredited logo on business card, website and stationery – IAPCO Accredited PCOs can use the IAPCO Accredited logo on their business cards, websites, and stationery. This helps to demonstrate their commitment to quality and their professional standing.
  • Reduced rates at Strategic Partner events and education – Get discounted entry and participation rates seminars, exhibitions and events at leading industry institutions, associations and commercial organisations that IAPCO has partnered with.