What is an IAPCO PCO?


An IAPCO PCO is a Professional Congress Organiser or Meeting Planner who administers and brings to fruition the organisation of a congress, meeting, event or convention in a professional manner. Such a professional manner will include timeliness, efficiency, financial responsibility and good management.

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Why do you need an IAPCO PCO?

An IAPCO PCO will bring added value to the organisation of a congress or event providing their clients with the highest quality standards.

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What is the difference…

A non-member PCO may differ from an IAPCO PCO in a number of ways. This does not mean that non-member PCOs are unqualified to do job to the highest level; it means that, when engaging or employing a PCO, careful attention should be paid to the level of expertise and quality assurance to ensure that the right PCO is selected.

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