Strategic Partners and Affiliations

IAPCO is closely allied with the leading associations within the meetings industry. Exchange of ideas, concepts and sharing of knowledge is of paramount importance to maintain the meetings industry in the forefront of political and economic thought.



PCMA [Professional Convention Management Association]

PCMA is the multi-channel professional resource and premier educator for leaders in the meetings, conventions, events and trade show industries. PCMA provides their 6,000+ members with a community of likeminded colleagues, innovative education and creative global solutions to enhance both their professional development and their organization’s face-to-face and virtual connections. Headquartered in Chicago, PCMA has 17 chapters throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico with members in more than 35 countries. For additional information, please visit the PCMA Web site at


CIC (Convention Industry Council)

IAPCO has recently joined the ranks of CIC and plans to be closely involved with their aims and objectives and, meeting the continuing commitment of IAPCO to quality, to engage with their educational programme. The Convention Industry Council was founded in 1949 by four organisations to facilitate the exchange of information within the meetings, conventions, and exhibitions industry. Now the organisation has grown to include 34 member organisations of which IAPCO is one. CIC’s membership represent more than 103500 individuals and 19500 firms and properties involved in the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry. CIC offers many tools and programmes designed to support the industry and meet its challenges; facilitate the exchange of information and ideas; and educate the public on its profound economic impact. Some of the ways the CIC achieves these goals are by:

  • The Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) industry certification programme
  • Spearheading the Accepted Practices Exchange (APEX) initiative to develop accepted practices for the industry
  • Recognizing pioneers of the industry through the Hall of Leaders programme
  • Publishing industry reference materials

Joint Meetings Industry Council

JMIC (Joint Meetings Industry Council)

IAPCO is an active member of the Joint Meetings Industry Council. JMIC was established in 1978 as a vehicle for creating a forum for the exchange of information and perspectives amongst international associations engaged in various aspects of the meetings industry. It meets biannually each year and serves as a link between its member organisations as well as a means of reviewing industry conditions and strategies. In 2003, JMIC undertook the development of a global strategy for increasing awareness of the meetings industry and the benefits it creates for communities and organisations all over the world: The Profile & Power Programme

Today, JMIC has three primary objectives:

  1. To create a forum for the exchange of information and expertise amongst organisations that represent the various sectors of the meetings industry;
  2. To formally recognize the achievements of individuals who have successfully advanced the positioning and professionalism of the industry on an international basis;
  3. To support and carry out activities that promote the profile and positioning of the meetings industry as a distinct and important part of the global economy.