With the meetings sector and PCO’s expertise ever-changing and the acceleration of technological adaptation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the next generation of leadership needs representation on the IAPCO Council.

IAPCO wants to address the needs of the next generation of industry leaders: help us shape the future of IAPCO, and the future of our Industry.

Benefits for the successful applicant and its company

  • Be an active part of shaping the future of PCOs and the meetings sector
  • Collaborate and exchange ideas with industry peers
  • Learn and share knowledge and experiences
  • Be part of a group of motivated and engaged individuals


  • The Council Member will be elected to serve on IAPCO’s Council for 2 years
  • The Position will be limited to 1 term (2 years)
  • The Council Member will lead the Connectors/Early Career Members’ Group and serve as their voice on the IAPCO Council
  • As the Position is co-opted, they will not have voting rights on the IAPCO Council
  • The Council Member must receive the approval and recommendation of their company for nomination to the Position
  • The commitment expected of the Council Member will be:
  • Participate in at least 2 Council Meetings per year (c. 3 days per meeting)
  • Participate in IAPCO’s General Assembly/Annual Meeting (c. 5.5 days)
  • Take an active role on two of IAPCO’s Committees and report back to Council (average c. 2 hours per week)

Criteria for nominations

  • Passionate about the meetings industry
  • Innovative and creative
  • Work for an IAPCO Member company for at least 3 years (but not more than 7 years)
  • Represent future generation leadership
  • Be recommended by their company (preference will be given to a candidate whose company is not already represented on the IAPCO Council)
  • Has a thorough understanding of the meeting industry
  • Has previously been engaged with IAPCO (WebEdge, Seminars, Dialogues, Connector, Award-recipient, etc.)
  • Willingness to commit to a 2-year term
  • Previous nomination or shortlisting for IAPCO Hero/Innovation Award advantageous, but not essential


Candidates are required to submit a document (PowerPoint or Word or any other preferred medium) which shall include:

  • Their company approval and recommendation (word limit: 300 words)
  • Short biography (word limit: 300 words)
  • Explanation of why they are interested in sitting on the IAPCO Council (word limit: 300 words)
  • Video/Presentation (3-5 minutes)
  • What can/should IAPCO focus on in the short- and long-term?
  • Their vision for the industry in the coming years
  • Confirmation of availability to join (virtually) the October IAPCO Council Meeting 28-31 October 2021

Application is through email: 


  • 02/09/2021: Nominations open
  • 16/09/2021: Deadline for nominations
  • 23/09/2021: Next Generation Committee nominations review deadline
  • w/c 27/09/2021: Shortlisted candidate interviews conducted by Next Generation Committee
  • First day of October 2021 Council Meeting: Final decision for co-option taken by Council