Country: Switzerland

For 25 days in December 2021, Kenes Group turned their social media platforms into a place of gratitude and stories. The #25DaysOfGratitude hashtag was the link uniting all social media channels into one fun and engaging advent calendar where the company shared the journey of transformation that defined 2021.


Through a series of articles, graphics, pictures, and videos created by Kenes experts and association teammates, the company highlighted their driving values of expertise, excellence, resilience, adaptability, agility, empathy, integrity, and sustainability. The story of how the company, its leaders and employees, sorted out and managed every situation during 2021, was told day by day from December 1st until the 25th.

Below, are some bites of the journey:

  • How to bring together the best of both onsite and online experience at our events:
  • To deliver outstanding events in the new world framework became the compass of the Kenes exploratory steps in the audio-visual field:
  • With new skills acquired and transformational leadership, the company remained united through the adaptation process:
  • Healthcare professionals collaborated with the Kenes research to identify preferences and incorporate new knowledge on the go:
  • The company strengthened their risk assessment capabilities at human and financial levels to ensure remarkable outcomes:
  • People are the greatest asset. Job mobility and re-skilling were essential to the success of both Kenes clients and the company as a whole:
  • How Kenes reached a point of readiness for the sustainability of the future:

Several members of Kenes from different departments collaborated with building up the advent calendar and spreading the gratitude through their social media accounts, which resulted in remarkable engagement throughout December.

The “25 Days of Gratitude” campaign concluded with a video from Kenes CEO, Dan Rivlin, who addressed some of the company plans and his perspective of the industry challenges to come in the year 2022.

The full gratitude calendar can be explored here: