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COVID-19 – Accelerator of Digital Transformation

COVID-19 Pandemic caused an acceleration of Digital Transformation all over the world, forcing countries and organisations around the world to make big changes in their business models, and their education. The world changed, hospitals reached maximum capacity, business activity slowed, and restrictions were enforced on people movement.




The covid-19 crisis accelerated the digitalization of customer interactions globally from 20% to 58%. The share of digital services increased to 30%.

People had to accept this change, acknowledge this rapid shift to the new digital world in their education, work, medical services or even their daily needs. Digital Transformation is expected to add $100 trillion to the world economy by 2025. So, this is the future!




ICOM responds with a new Learning Management System (LMS)

Over the years ICOM Group has always taken the market needs and trends in consideration, especially after COVID-19 forcing Digital Transformation into the market.  Thus, as a leading education provider, ICOM created and implemented multiple e-learning units and products to serve all kinds of educators in all times.

Learning Management System – LMS – is one of ICOM significant projects.  An integrated learning digital platform with well-established materials and handouts in multiple formats. All materials serve all types of knowledge seekers, pre-graduates or post graduates will enjoy their educational experience through LMS different projects on their easing platform.  Each platform has its own advanced and automated software, educational material, quizzes and high-quality visuals.

Under this umbrella, ICOM created several products such as Full Mark, Fellowship Programs Platform and the Universal Experts Studio.

For the pre-graduates,” Fullmark” can be a turning point. It is a digital platform that provide school students recorded videos for their curriculums from well trusted sources.  Consequently, helping the students and their parents to learn in a safe, secured and effortless methods.

As a further move from ICOM’s side to adapt to the market demands, “The Fellowship program in Clinical Transplantation” is the first educational interactive platform in the middle east that delivers up-to-date knowledge and evidence-based Clinical Kidney Transplantation experience through online, recorded, and easily accessible lectures.

One more interactive online platform is the “Universal Expert Studio”.  It is designed to promote the Global Education through live webcasting and facilitate online learning to follow any conference highlights even the hands-on training right from any place, smoothly and efficiently. All audience were fully involved in their wanted conference details and received the recent updates from eminent experts, even meet with the speakers for a thorough experience.

Digital Transformation forced itself into any business. And ICOM adapted this change and worked upon it, creating LMS in a bold step to take yet effective and required actions through those 3 projects.


“Fellowship Program in Clinical Kidney Transplantation”


As ICOM responds to the market updates and the digital transformation in all education journeys.  The Learning Management System – LMS – provided nephrologists a chance for better learning, the Fellowship Program in Clinical Kidney Transplantation is the first educational interactive platform in the middle east that delivers up-to-date knowledge and evidence-based clinical experience, with a plenty of learning experiences with an epic board.

It’s on behalf of the “Arab Society of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation (ASNRT)” in collaboration with ICOM Group gathering more than 35 international and national doctors presenting rich scientific content through online, recorded, and easily accessible lectures that are divided into 6 modules over a 12 weeks period with asynchronous audio-lectures, recorded synchronous tutorials, student-led teaching, reflective practice on the national and international guidelines, group discussions and real-life scenarios.

It is the first of its kind to deliver up-to-date knowledge using an interactive digital platform producing a high-quality interface for learning and teaching through keynote lectures, a multitude of interactive discussion boards and a series of parallel journal clubs.  Emphasizing the practical implementation of clinical transplantation and fosters analysis, questioning and reasoning of the current practice, and comparing it with the recent best available scientific evidence.

The whole program is supported with a massive investment to improve the resources to deliver a well-established curriculum, evidence-based and research connected. To leave the candidate with a satisfying trial and maximize their learning experience and improve their employability chances.

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Universal Expert Studio

ICOM had and always been supporting the Global Education through multiple integrated platforms, never failing to correctly fill in the market needs.  On that account, ICOM designed the “Universal Expert Studio” to facilitate online learning to all regional knowledge seekers.  It’s an on ground recorded studio for vibrant discussions from epic speakers about major medical topics, shared in live web casting too.

Through this project, conference highlights, sessions and hands-on trainings can be closely followed right from home, followers can get exposed to the featured updates and trends from eminent doctors and professors just by following the life broadcast shared.

Professors Testimonials

Professor Mohamed Sobhy – Professor of Cardiology Alexandria University – quoted “The hit of Covid-19 limited all types of gatherings. But ICOM, one of the biggest PCOs in the middle east, created a well-established digital platform named the “Universal Expert Studio” to discuss the recent updates in the cardiology field & apply topics for analysis and goal-oriented interactive debates”. 

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic hard circumstances, it was very hard to gather or to create any physical arrangements, therefore we decided to move into the virtual world and ICOM, was leading this revolution and created the “Universal Expert Studio” in which we discussed many topics and shared experiences in a safe way” said, Prof. Hany Aref – Professor of Neurology, Ain Shams University.

By participating in this program, attendees can become fully involved in the episode details, it’s perfectly designed for knowledge seekers to enjoy a life time experience by receiving the most recent updates from prominent experts joining the program from different countries.

The studio premiered more than 70+ physicians in 10+ different specialty and reached more than 7k+ followers ranging from cardiovascular, nephrology, diabetes, pediatric or chest, and many others. So, whatever the follower desires in a certain field or specialty, it is presented in an ideal way, to maximize their room for information and knowledge.





The COVID-19 pandemic created the largest disruption of education systems in history, affecting nearly 1.6 billion learners in more than 190 countries in all continents. Closures of schools and other learning spaces have impacted 94% of the world’s student population, up to 99% in low and lower-middle income countries.


Schools & Universities were not prepared for such a huge transition from classroom‐based education to completely online education. Most of them lacked infrastructure and strategies, it was a challenge for schools to map their educational activities in an online space.  Additionally, professors, students and parents faced a wide range of logistic, technical, financial, and social problems


With “Full Mark”, teachers and students was able to focus on each other and the lesson at hand without the distraction of dropped videos or sluggish audios. Teachers can use voice, video, real-time messaging, whiteboards, and other interactive tools to match the student’s learning style

“Full Mark” online educational platform, provides effective one-on-one tutoring environments where many students learn best with personal, one-on-one interaction, whether the subject is, Math, Science, French or English.  The educational materials are featured by renowned instructors with the experience and skill to take education understanding to the next level. Memorable illustrations, education scenarios, and quizzes reinforcing key points for lasting knowledge. We’ve reached to launch more than 200 episodes to make 250+ students educational experience easier.






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