When you invest in a woman, change happens.  Because when a woman thrives, a family thrives, a community prospers, an entire nation creates the foundations for peace and prosperity.


We are not alone. Companies all over the world are focusing on the power of women to create big and lasting change.  Recently ICOM Group created a campaign called “Where there is a Woman, there is Magic!” aiming at recognizing women in leading roles who are shaping the present and future of communities & business worldwide.  Shedding lights on extraordinary women who are helping to change the lives of girls & women around the world.


Parallel to this campaign, our sister company “Expand” hosted its “2nd International Women Summit” last March 24th.  A summit offering, “inspiration, motivation, networking, personal & professional development, and community” for women.  Where we focused on empowering and elevating women lives by tackling different topics in business & beauty.  The event featured several eminent figures discussing their success stories in several industries.


The summit aimed at recognizing women achievements and share lessons about building community, celebrating ambition, and being a female leader. This year’s summit was entirely virtual, free and accessible to all!  We hosted over 18 speakers from various fields ranging from government to healthcare to entrepreneurship with a valuable program full of interactive & networking sessions.


The program was divided on three parts:

  1. Session 1: My Journey, My Pride 

We had a whole host of excellent female inspirational speakers. Each of their stories are infused with resilience, bravery and need to rise above societal limitations initiatives. From business to health to politics, each speaker was well versed in entertaining and informing audiences, with a range of fascinating stories from their various career backgrounds:

  • Marwa El Selehdar: Chief officer onboard, First Female Maritime Officer
  • Nancy Naem: Member of Egyptian Parliament
  • Logina Salah: Social Media Influencer & Founder of WW Production
  • Sara El Chayeb: CEO of George Sara Brand
  • Noureen Wael: Youngest Female Pilot
  • Nour Ali Shokry: Founder of “Together We CANcerCommunity”
  • Hager Gamil: Program Director & Radio Presenter.


  1. Session 2: Career with No Fear

This session focused on boosting the skills and networks of women in business.  How can they develop their career and grow their technical knowledge, how to have a positive impact among their colleagues in the workplace, coming across the basics of starting private business.


This session was featured by the following eminent speakers:

  • Ghada El-Kot: Deputy President for Strategic Affairs, Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior AASTMT – Session Moderator
  • Mahmoud Mansi: Human Capital Advisor & Lecturer
  • Nadia Gamal Eldin: CEO & Founder of RahetBally Website: Bringing Peace to Egyptian Mothers
  • Dina Abdelkerim: Egyptian Parliament Member & Lead Host in the National TV
  • Aly Osman: CEO & Co-founder of the influencer’s Social Media & PR Agency
  • Dalia Darwish: Head of Training Department at AVON Egypt


  1. Session 3: Me, myself and I 

Every successful woman had to make certain sacrifices to be where she is now. There are things, however, that are non-negotiable in life. Self-care is one of these.  But what is it exactly and why is it important to learn? What is Self-Care?


Self-care is a deliberate activity that is performed to ensure self-confidence.  Self-care covers many topics, like; beauty, fashion, nutrition and mental health from a woman perspective.


The stars of this session had a significant role on women’s beauty & health life:

  • Dalia Darwish: Makeup artist
  • Habiba Rahouma: Fashion & Styling enthusiast
  • Rana Amer: Nutritionist – Lean Queen clinics
  • Nada Reda: Psychologist


One of the biggest challenges we faced was to reach our target audience effectively. In fact, the main goal was to convey the right message to the right people, and not only meet their expectations, but to exceed them.

Event Overview:

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Type: Virtual Event
  • Sessions: 3 Main Topics
  • Attendance: +5K
  • Countries: 16
  • Speakers: 18 Speakers & Moderators




The proof of any event value & success lies in their speakers’ testimonials and audience comments. We invite you to read these genuine responses received from some of our eminent speakers: 


“There is nothing like the inspiration I got from a conference full of powerful women determined to rise”, said Marwa El Selehdar – Chief officer onboard, First Female Maritime Officer


“The International Women Summit is about diversity in experiences, ideas and stories, and what is actually interesting is the synergy that exists within this diversity. The International Women Summit empowers women and influences men towards achieving a successful community”, said Mahmoud Mansi – Human Capital Advisor & Lecturer 


“I would like to thank EXPAND for their great efforts to organize the event with such high quality from all team members. They are dedicated, organized, cooperative and above all, I feel they all love their jobs because they share a positive team spirit.  It is my first time to join their events, but defiantly, will never be the last one”, said Prof. Ghada El-Kot Deputy President for Strategic Affairs, Professor of HR and OB, AAST


The “2nd International Women Summit” featured keynote speakers from successful business women entrepreneurs, doctors, influencers…etc.  Attendees also had the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women and foster powerful collaborations.  From all of us at ICOM Group & EPAND, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to those who participated in the success of the “2nd International Women Summit” and the “Where there is a Woman, there is Magic” online campaign.


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