Sharp EDGE Seminars at IMEX

Five Trends: Shaping the Future of Meetings and Events
Date: Tuesday 21 May
Time: 09:00 – 09.50
Room: Dialog 9.2

Session Description
PCMA & Marriott International conducted future of events research and uncovered some intriguing trends. Focused on five key areas: emotional intelligence, orchestrated serendipity, multi-modal design, making a meaningful impact and leveraging your surroundings, the study reveals how they will usher in a new era of experiences. This will be a collaborative session, allowing participants to work through each trend and determine steps they can take to enhance their meetings and events.

Learning Outcomes
Describe five key trends and how they can be brought to life
Recognize the importance of embracing these trends and the implications for organizers, attendees and suppliers
Identify ways to infuse these elements into events to propel your association forward

Nicola Testai, CEO, OIC Group (IAPCO)
Martin Jensen, Co-President, IPCAA (Int. Pharmaceutical Congress Advisory Association) Head of Global Congress and Event Management, LUNDBECK.

Ori Lahav, IAPCO Vice-President & VP Client & Operations, Kenes Group, Israel

The art of creating incompetence
Date: Wednesday 22 May 2019
Time: 09:00 – 09.50
Room: Esprit, 9.1

Session Description
While we try to foster talent and reward top performers, we may end up promoting the wrong people. Discuss the problems all of us are struggling with, such as creating unsatisfied employees and frustrated leaders. Examine the traps that we fall into and how to avoid them.

Learning Outcomes
Find out how to analyse successful promotion
Learn to avoid the traps of promoting beyond an employees comfort zone
Discover how to create an engaged and motivated leadership team

Mathias Posch, IAPCO President & President, International Conference Services
Barbara Calderwood, Divisional Director Associations, MCI UK

Martin Boyle, CEO, IAPCO

Sharp EDGE Seminars at IBTM LATAM

Think outside the box or die: Creativity for events in no longer optional
Date: Thursday 30 May 2019
Time: 16:30-17:30
Room: IBTM Americas Stage

Session Description
The industry of events demands every day to generate a creative discipline that proposes new ways of connecting with audiences. This seminar reviews and suggests global alternatives and trends to create new thinking on the path of conceiving and producing an event.

Learning Outcomes
We will identify the value that ideas add to business today and the event industry is no exception.
Practical approaches to generate new creative processes and propose events that create value to their clients.

Gerardo Matienzo, Chief Creative Officer, Business Travel Consulting
Gerardo Matienzo is Creative and Communication Director of Business Travel Consulting and Director of Big Fish, the creative arm of the company for more than two years. He has worked in the meetings industry for more than 20 years, always betting on new ways to generate events and communication. He was General Manager of Comitiva and Tierra de Ideas founder. Currently, he also serves as secretary of PCO Meetings Mexico. He has a Communications Degree.