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Collaboration Award 2016

International Conference Services Ltd., Tourism Vancouver & Vancouver Convention Centre

Innovation Award 2015

Yoshihito Takahashi, Congress IT Director of Congress Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
The IAPCO 2015 Innovation Award submissions were impressive, and highlighted the fantastic calibre of the candidates, who were clearly focused on generating creative and efficient ideas to bring added value to their clients. Yoshihito Takahashi, Congress IT Director of Congress Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, was the proud winner of the 2015 Innovation Award, supported by IMEX, which was presented during the IMEX Gala evening.

Yoshihito’s innovation was an app that streamlined the process of participant attendance for lunch seminars. The app ensured that there were none of the dreaded queues and that delegates could check availability for seminars in real time – and it had the added bonus of being a completely paperless solution. “I am very happy that my innovation was evaluated in this way by IAPCO, which sets the standards for our industry”, said Yoshihito, “This is a great honour and will stimulate me to strive even harder to come up with more beneficial technology in the future for our constantly evolving industry.”

The runners-up for the 2015 Innovation Award were Martin Rasmussen, of Copernicus Meetings, and Gaia Santoro, of AIM Group International. Both deserve a special mention for their innovative concepts: Martin was nominated for PICO, which stands for ‘Presenting Interactive Content’, while Gaia created an event within an event using social media.

International Client Award 2015

Dr. Bob Heile, PhD., representative of the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee:
Described by Arinex as the perfect client, “your dedication to the WiFi standards’ meetings is infectious and your collaborative manner, be it strategic, planning or execution, inspires those around you to want to create the best outcome. You set the benchmark for fantastic meetings, embodying the IAPCO vision as well as your own. And you are driven to continually grow the standards and learning outcomes of the meetings. We understand that you strive for excellence and expect no less from all suppliers. Furthermore, you are committed to providing constructive feedback and work collaboratively to ensure a positive outcome. Your meetings set standards, raise the bar each time and enhance the PCO profession through innovative meeting quality.”
Nominated by IAPCO Member
Arinex pty ltd., Australia

Regional Client Award 2015

European Society for Organ Translation [ESOT]:
Described by AIM Group as “being instrumental in building an advanced and innovative meeting concept, a digitalized conference, interactive, green, and maximising participant engagement and connectivity; concepts that are fundamental to the future of international meetings and ones to which IAPCO thus subscribes. ESOT is very close to IAPCO members, always involving them in the organisation of your conference, as well as the CVBs, even at the Bid stage. We recognise the strong collaboration ESOT has with IAPCO and believe that we share the same vision: fostering education, expanding the network, facilitating exchange with innovation.”
Nominated by IAPCO Member
AIM Group International, Italy

International Supplier Award 2015

Société d’Exploitation de l’ACROPOLIS de NICE :
Described by Kenes, “your relationship as one of great co-operation and a long-term partnership, where, as a venue, you have always supported the Kenes vocation to strive to achieve global accreditation and acknowledgement of true PCOs. Furthermore, Kenes, as a PCO, received all the support and co-operation from you, as the venue, enabling them to raise the standards of service, and to further the recognition of the profession with international clients; and that you undertake research work concerning all the problems confronting professional organisers of international meetings, and thus to seek and promote relevant solutions.”
Nominated by IAPCO Member
Kenes Group, Switzerland